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    Legal To Carry More sarcasm, my banana republic celebrates its birthday today, they recently, without any qualms, dusted off a law from bad old days of 1956 concerning the length of blade you may carry. Believe these miss by 1mm because Up the System O1 tool steel blades, one with green jelly roll micarta, the other black Hessian, sheaths by my dad. These are for a father and son, family friends, and the last knives I'll finish for a while.
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    @Robert D. spot on sir!
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    C1910 American Bowie by LF&C stag horn.

    Family motto: He with the most toys wins.... Mr Easton comes close to winning, great channel
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    Hunter and a Chopper

    I love both of them, well done! Never heard of a bow tie ax before, what's it's use?
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    Well........not really. For the animals you need to protect yourself against a knife probably won't help. In the parts of your country where they occur, you are much more likely to encounter a Coyote than I am a jackal for instance, never mind a lion. The 1956 law was basically implemented to make sure indigenous people don't carry "weapons" like a panga. The people targeted by this law now rule the country and don't mind using it for their purposes. That said, we have a rather serious problem with "knife crime", but that will only be solved by alcohol prohibition. I'm not immune to the law due to my skin colour, but I do feel very strongly that I carry a knife so I don't have to struggle with stuff like (a few minutes ago) opening a new foil pack of filter coffee.....breaking bread is a saying, not an instruction.
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    linseed oil

    Thanks......been trying to get Tung oil, most likely never will.........good to know there's no magic bullet, just good technique & knowledge
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    Life is getting in the way again......

    I used to enjoy my job, finding faults others couldn't, setting up networks back when it was more like tin cans with string compared to what we have today.... The industry did not treat me well, even more so the companies I worked for. I had 4.5 years of semi-stability and now I have to start from scratch again....
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    Life is getting in the way again......

    That is literally the (a lot less than) million dollar question. Probably not, but if I can diversify, maybe. The last few weeks have taught me some tough lessons, firstly that even friends can be funny when their orders don't get filled.....and they don't give a damn about the reasons. Undoubtedly it would set me back, secondly if & when I get permanent accommodation there's no guarantee I'll have a place to work, and almost definitely not neighbors that would be okay listening to me bang on an anvil......
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    Seeking advice

    A very well respected South African maker recently shared his method for finishing Wild Olive: sanding sealer....he did nor specify the brand. I got some Rustoleum because it looked like the best, turned into a complete mess when I buffed it, looks like the fibers of the buff melts into the sealer.
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    What did you do in your shop today?

    I feel like crying, my shop that I just recently spent about two months cleaning out and setting up is looking much worse for wear..... Two weeks of welding and grinding has left a complete mess, and I'm not near done yet. What really kills me is I have to shutter everything, find somewhere to store my belts etc, and there's no time.....
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    3.5" or 8.9mm I believe. I never knew about this before the article, told a friend and he informed me that's the reason why Okapi knives were "illegal" when we were younger. They're taking the attitude "you have no reason to carry a knife". This worries me, if one of these completely and utterly useless servants of the law try to take my very expensive Spyderco Para3 in CruWear we will have a problem.....
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    What did you do in your shop today?

    @Charles du Preez I will have to get a lot better, a lot faster.......but for today it seems I need to choose between this and a J-O-B......got an offer today that would mean pressing pause for the foreseeable future..... Neighbour Mike is the hand model.....needed to catch the last light.....
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    What did you do in your shop today?

    Saturday afternoon was experimentation time, wanted to forge a blacksmith's knife in search of something cheaper I can market. I started with half a large bearing race, flattened I started with 180mm. Drawing out the tang was relatively easy, cheated and user a grinder to fix the plunge a bit, but didn't struggle too much with the rest....took about 2 hours. My neighbor Mike joined about halfway through and started the same process on a halfround file. We had a laugh because while he uses technique, I just use brute force Due to lack of practice I switch from brute force to technique once I start getting tired, and the stupidity of this will probably hit the day I injure myself...... My knife has a few issues.... The handle is too small for me, which means it should be okay for most people. The blade on the other hand is a bit of a monster, probably still around 180mm even after forging out the tang. First lesson learned, start with 1/3 of a bearing race. Secondly, I have a few great ideas for pimping the handle a bit, but the idea is to make something cheaper, so I need to apply the KISS-principle. Which brings me to the blade.........nothing I can't fix and make look very nice on the grinder. Problem with that is do more than grind in a basic bevel and leave the rest, you have to do all the normal F&F...... This is a real struggle for me because my instincts tell me making cheaper knives is not the way to go.....
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    Disc Grinders?

    My big contact wheel is setup to be a disc grinder as well, but I've never used it. A friend pointed out yesterday that it might be the answer to getting some troublesome blades done, but I've never used it. I believe disc grinders can be tricky and dangerous, any basic pointers? Believe it or not I've been unable to find spay contact adhesive in this part of the 3rd world, I have an old can from my dad to try. Any problem with normal contact adhesive if I manage to spread it evenly? Any specific type of sanding paper I should go for? There's not a massive variety available locally, maybe a general characteristic to look out for? Thanks
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    Maybe a Hunter? I dunno you guys tell me ~WIP~

    You need to grab some mild steel flat bar and grind in bevels till they're nice and even and start looking like the knives shown around here. JMO, both statements are incorrect.
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    Fit for a Riverboat Gambler?

    Fit for a King.......
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    What did you do in your shop today?

    Coffee break, will work 2 more hours, then hopefully a nap..... When I wake up, some beer-fueled blacksmith's knife forging is the POA..... ......shop Crocs rule....
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    What did you do in your shop today?

    Should be finishing those cleavers, but yesterday was rough, disappointment followed by anger......time for something else.... @Joshua States Thank you and thank you again......hollow followed by flat, if I had the right glue for my disc this would be a perfect day!
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    Gobabis Toothpick

    Gobabis is my mother's hometown, often referred to as Little Texas because it's the heart of the cattle farming country, so.......sarcasm is my natural state. Enough inches of unmolested 5160 to go all the way through, micarta bolster and pommel, Wild Olive in the middle......too many 4mm brass pins ......but importantly, an uneven number.... Gald I'm not making the sheath, not looking forward to sharpening it!
  20. I'm putting this under Beginners because it's more a warning than a Show & Tell, hopefully others can learn from this. The lessons in this tale are about "the business end", heat treating, and not being an idiot. The back story..... I have a friend who is also my best customer so far, and he wants a cleaver. He watched some cooking shows and I get the impression cleavers are fashionable. Another acquaintance wanted to give me some leaf springs in exchange for a cleaver, and he had a Siberian cleaver in mind. Told him in no uncertain terms that some steel in exchange for a knife won't fly, and I don't have the materials to make something that silly...... Third was the guy that used to make sheaths for me, had debts to pay and he wanted a cleaver as well. First attempt was using a big circular saw blade, found out in time the blade had worked a bit hard and was full of cracks. Next attempt was a 5160 and mild steel combo that also failed. I was discussing this problem with my neighbour (almost) Mike, and he volunteered to forge some leaf springs wider for me.....we exchange work sometimes. He gave up after one attempt, same as me, but we decided to give it a go together...... I'll add some photos later..... Three forging sessions and the best part of 19kg of LPG later I had the three blades. During this process Mike said I was wasting steel, we should be forging out the handle. He's still very much in the learning process and doesn't expect the hobby to pay for itself yet. I explained in no uncertain terms that I need to make money from these, and another hour's forging and the likely clean-up grinding required makes that a complete waste of time...... I should've listened to myself.......... The heat treat lessons are in the correct sub-forum, no need to repeat here......except to thank everybody again for the help and advice. Two perfect blades, one cracked.......the 3rd one that was supposed to pay off a debt. It's been a tough few weeks.....year......and I was upset about the cracked blade. The potential owner dropped by to take a look and discuss alternatives, and right at this point is where I felt like kicking myself..... He wanted a smaller cleaver to start with, and I wasn't willing to do all that forging work again. Comparing the 3 blades to a piece of raw leaf spring I noticed all that work we did gained us max 10mm in width........ The ultimate kick in the family jewels, my grandfather's cleaver is almost exactly the same width as the leaf spring. I didn't measure, I trusted my eye, and my eyes lied to me. We did all that work for 10mm that was not necessary, the time, the gas, and cleaning up all those forge marks........ As for the business end, I now feel about cleavers the way I feel about a Kukri, namely pay me double what I charged for the first ones and I'll consider it. This has been a hard lesson at a bad time......hope the lesson stays with me.
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    Three cleavers and the lessons learnt

    You see what I mean by a carbon balloon? I never had scale like that using the pipe in the forge, and the cleavers went through a complete normalization cycle (3x) I bought foil with the kiln, but it's very expensive and a huge hassle, and I hoped it would only be necessary if I scrounge some super steel from my mentor. The bar stock 5160 I only took to 830C and quenched, no normalization since its virgin steel and stock removal only......it made a very nice carbon balloon as well, how much negative effect on the steel you think?
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    Gobabis Toothpick

    Thanks guys....... One clumsy girl is spreading my home language around the globe.....happened on a sports field literally a across the street from where I live......"My Fok Marilize"
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    Three cleavers and the lessons learnt

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    Three cleavers and the lessons learnt

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    Three cleavers and the lessons learnt