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    water water everywhere rain rain go away

    If only you could send us some, over here animals are dying in the veld....one sub-normal rainfall year following a killer drought. and this year the killer is back.
  2. Gerhard Gerber

    Best frontiersman steel?

    You know how knowing better sometimes spoils a thing for you? I was watching a TV series recently and the hero heats up his knife and seals a wound, and I couldn't get past "man you just messed up your knife" Considering this all plays out in the Canadian wilderness during the 1700's or 1800's, I could help but wonder how good the heat treat would be on the average knife in those days..... Next my thoughts turned to air hardening steels like bloody O1, considering my experiences and another recent thread, I couldn't help but think O1 would be perfect in a situation like this. I don't know if anybody (except Rambo) really ever used a blade to seal a wound, and I wonder how hard O1 can get by accident, and will it make a passable blade in this state? All hypothetical and not serious at all, I was just thinking along the lines of 1095 and 5160 would be pretty much unusable after that.
  3. Gerhard Gerber


    This is my first foray into Stainless, might as well since I got the digital kiln... First heat treat went well, only complaint is both blades have a bow in them. The stock I bought was slightly bent in transport (I guess), but I straightened the two pieces I started with. My problem is the following, while doing my "research" I'm sure I read about plate-quenching 14C28N, so at considerable expense I went and bought two suitable 30mm plates. On the day I went to check the exact temperatures and hold times, and all I can find on the Sandvik site mentions oil quench.....? I might be confused, most likely am, but since I found out that without a cryo cycle I won't get this steel over 60 HRC, so I was wondering if a plate quench might not be sufficient and solve some other problems as well....... If any of you regularly use this alloy, I would appreciate some pointers or advice. Thanks Gerhard PS: going by the hand sanding the two blades are plenty hard.....and I got them straight.
  4. Gerhard Gerber


    @Joël Mercier Thank you for confirming about the plate quench, so I stick to the Sandvik recipe? @Jerrod Miller Well both blades went flying at some point and hit cement tip first, they are plenty tough, so not worth the effort I guess. I've asked that question here before, and from the answers I could only conclude that many of you are lucky to have such educated clients. My mentor is Swiss, lives and makes knives here in deepest darkest Africa, sells to tourists staying at their tented camp as well as regular international customers. He switched exclusively to stainless following too many complaints about rusting knives when the people get back home. He lives in the desert, rust is not an issue. It took a very strange set of circumstances for me to buy a digital kiln, but I have it now and that's opened the door to SS. The two steak knives I made and the kitchen knives I have on order are all headed to people who would not know better.
  5. Gerhard Gerber

    Best frontiersman steel?

    Ask a less than serious question and still learn....what a place! @Geoff Keyes Being Hollywood the knife was glowing red of course. @Alan Longmire Considering the character most likely, were it real, he would have a wrought iron knife then. I assume wrought wouldn't mind being heated? I have very mixed feelings on hazing, one instance was utter tyranny, the next utter necessity........Nietzsche is a bit dark for me, more a Heinlein guy Still I think most of you missed my point: If you are about to step into the time machine knowing you might need to do a Hollywood-style cauterization, what steel on your blade? While unsuccessfully sleeping I thought it might be a great Mythbusters episode, seeing which steel hardens best quenched in flesh! ROFL
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    Glue in file work

    Hi All I wanted to to file work all around the handle of a full tang Bowie I'm busy with, but I couldn't figure out how to keep the epoxy out of the little notches while glueing up, or alternatively how to clean up afterwards.....? Picking out the dry bits of glue sounds like a recipe for disaster.
  7. Gerhard Gerber

    Can hardened O1 be peened?

    I could not get O1 annealed for love or money to drill tang holes......my money is on "no"
  8. Gerhard Gerber

    Glue in file work

    Unfortunately I don't have access to that kind of hardware, but thanks for the idea.... Vaseline.....that sounds like a recipe for disaster in my hands! I use a 24-cure epoxy and glue-up is still a nervous moment for me, almost never enough mixed up to finish the job, at least never enough in the right place and plenty squeezing out elsewhere! I've watched my mentor doing the same job using the same glue, and he doesn't need gloves! Sound more my style, thanks this is the handle with the most pins I've ever attempted, fortunately the blade is HT'ed already so I'll give the file work a spin on the next knife. Thanks Gerhard
  9. Gerhard Gerber

    Japanese Style Work/not a one trick pony

    Wow.....beautiful blades and very skilled work.
  10. Gerhard Gerber


    Indeed. I treated a 5160 blade first so the kiln was at about 830C when they went in, hoping that meets the 600C under 2 minutes requirement......thing blades so..... Worked on a timer exactly on spec, my blade thickness is between their last two options so I soaked for 17 minutes IIRC. @Jerrod Miller I would appreciate even a guess from you..... Would chucking the blades in the deep freeze actually help or are we talking dry ice type situation here? Considering I'm quenching in garden variety Canola oil, do you think the plate quench is worth a try? Unfortunately no easy access to a Rockwell tester....
  11. Gerhard Gerber

    Plattens - Q's on new and existing

    I had no issues after setting up that way except my platten is not very long so when I try to flatten out forged pieces the wheels leave hollows that have cause me huge issues.... I have some factory fresh 6mm 5160 but very little else suitable......?
  12. Gerhard Gerber

    Name Changes?

    Please bring me to full compliance as well Gerhard Gerber
  13. Gerhard Gerber

    Working with Micarta / Phenolic and tool suggestions

    I find micarta much easier to work with than wood, much more forgiving on the tools. That said I rarely use wood. Pin holes I get a drill 0.1mm larger than the pin stock. My micarta is home made, some materials can melt/smudge while working it, and otherwise great for gunking up belts. Enjoy
  14. Gerhard Gerber

    What did you do in your shop today?

    No such luck.......I'll be forced to snort Borax for the 2nd cycle!
  15. Gerhard Gerber

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Monday, 20:20 local time, 26 minutes left of first temper cycle and only 2 beers left
  16. Gerhard Gerber

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Well not exactly in......this was on my porch. HT'ed a motherless big 5160 Bowie and two 14C28N steak knives......my first SS. When the 5160 was at 820C I couldn't resist checking......never seen anything like it, looked like a balloon of scale......but it sure is hard. https://youtu.be/v6iC1jm-9VA
  17. Thanks Jerrod Another question if you don't mind....... How much would tempering the next day negatively affect the end result? I did the tempering in my bachelor oven with the blades buried in sand as per your advice IIRC, with a temp probe in the sand so I'm sure I'm getting nice steady temperature. It would however be more accurate and much more efficient using the kiln for tempering, but it takes too long to cool down.
  18. I HT'ed two small O1 blades last night, following the Cashen recipe using my digital kiln. They came out nice & hard, I did a 1-hour temper at 200-205C. Question: I see no mention of multiple tempering sessions, is 1 enough? The steel was soft as cheese when I started, yesterday one of the last steps before HT was filing in the sharpening notches, and I pretty much ruined 2 round files doing that......work hardening I assume?
  19. Gerhard Gerber

    Super steels....do you partake?

    Looking for the perfect knife for my bug-out bag briefly became knife collecting and very shortly turned into knife making.... While collecting I had a strict fixed-blade-only rule.....maybe because the folding knife rabbit hole is so very deep. When making became a thing the collecting was stopped dead......which gave my twisted mind an excuse.... I'm a huge Spyderco fan, can't say the same about my wallet...... Up to now I've limited myself to two knives from their Salt line with H1 steel.......funny stuff, but I love it and the knives After recent events I needed some retail therapy that's not a knife making machine or related, so I got a Para 3 with CPM-Cruwear blade. When it comes to making knives this is not my interest at all, carbon steel is it for me, but I am a steel nerd and fascinated by CPM-anything almost as much as Wootz...... I was recently also gifted a Spyderco Mule in Maxamet.....complete with chips. Since I'm getting more anti-collecting by the day this could be my last purchase for a long time, they have to be users and arguably Cruwear is close to the top as far as toughness is concerned... Any fellow junkies?
  20. Gerhard Gerber

    Super steels....do you partake?

    OK, first a language warning, don't watch the video if swearing offends you..... https://youtu.be/1Ib46xHqoJ4 The results seems to show that in the real world, HT and grind/edge geometry is what counts...... @Gary Mulkey his tests and conclusion are backing up what you said. This makes me feel much better about the steels I have access to.
  21. Gerhard Gerber

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I saw that......very cool!
  22. Missed this......thanks for digging it up!
  23. Gerhard Gerber

    Hunter for a friend

    Stunning knife and sheath........
  24. Gerhard Gerber

    Hardest Steel I've Ever Worked

    I would suggest getting somebody to hold it for you the beat the snot out of it with a cross peen hammer and flatten/fix up. I made Kukris from the very same Land Cruiser leaf spring, a 40cm length gave me two blades in yin-yang fashion. That half-width leaf spring was easy to work, the belly was mostly grinding.
  25. Gerhard Gerber

    What did you do in your shop today?

    So today N$300 worth of Pherd files and some sweat fixed up what I couldn't do with N$20,000 worth of belt grinders. Not saying don't get the belt grinders, I would be in hospital without those 36 grit ceramics........ Those 3 are the start of a file collection....as soon as one pisses me off it becomes a knife