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    Windhoek, Namibia
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    Knife making, blade smithing, fly & general fishing, long distance hikes, bonsai.

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About Me

I was a little knife-nut growing up, until my whole collection was stolen around age 15.

Quarter of a century later I walk past a knife shop in a strange city, and an itch started by survival shows develops into an open obsession.

The knife-nut is back, fueled by YouTube and the WWW.  I modified a Cold Steel GI Tanto, before I knew what was happening I was making Micarta.

In the wink of an eye I had a forge blown by PC fans (powered by a PC power supply) and a counterweight from a washing machine for an anvil.

Two years and about 25 knives later I just wish this could be my day job some day....... 

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