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  1. My mentor made a kitchen knife set from Damasteel which included a bread knife. Only saw a photo of the set, he didn't tell me how he made the serrations, but he did say "never again" Best bread I've experienced is my Wilkinson Sword version, mentor's had the same serrations. No problem making the serrations, just a bit of file work. What I don't get is how you sharpen them in the end. Generally serrated edges work because the points are sacrificial so the inside edges stay sharp. Apart from an enormous amount of work I can only figure out how to sharpen the points
  2. Took a friend over to my "neighbour" for a forging lesson yesterday afternoon, most of the forge-side chat was about the new forge. We fixed the size of the steel plate so I should get a price for the rolled steel today, but neighbour Mike has an exploded hot water geyser, and the steel tank is about the perfect size. I'm not one to ask advice and not take it, I know the venturi burners are second place, so Mike's going to try bring back more fans from the UK. Plan now is to start building in December, get the forge and ribbon done, then do the plumbing mid-January when he gets back. My current small gas forge is incredibly noisy, it was on for about 6 hours Saturday and it's a relief on the ears when you turn it off. The two monster venturis I planned on using is even louder, so even if the fan import flops for whatever reason, better to build a ribbon burner forge and keep scratching for a fan.
  3. We have a bouncy house blower at work used for some advertising equipment, threatened to steal it more than once! They are very expensive, about 5000 in local monopoly money. Jacuzzi blowers were 3500 last time I checked, expect them to be 4000-4500 now. Thanks for the ideas, NARB is sounds interesting. I should know about the rolled steel plate by the end of the week, I assume 2mm thickness is sufficient?
  4. Thanks Dan, Matt, Kreg & Alan The Kaowool I have was a combined purchase with another maker, he gets welding heat, but that's with the blown ribbon burner. The cement I got is a complete unknown quantity apart from the temperature rating which is in the ball park. Can't find a gas bottle to buy, but I'll know this week about the rolled sheet steel. I hate getting good advice and not being able to follow it, the only blower I could source locally is used on Jacuzzis and very expensive, 3rd world joke I guess....at my expense
  5. I got the two venturi burners from a guy who converted his forge to a blown setup with a ribbon burner, runs better and uses less gas according to him. Problem is I've been unable to find an appropriate blower, would say not for love or money, but actually money is exactly the problem. Everything I found locally was ridiculously expensive, same reason why my neighbour brought one in in his suitcase after a visit to the UK. So round is best? Any use incorporating the fire bricks, or is the kaowool with refractory good enough?
  6. I've decided I have to use part of my December break to build a gas forge that will reach welding temp, and I have a volunteer who is a slightly better welder than myself to assist. Been gathering what I need for several years, and recently got some refractory cement, one of the last outstanding ingredients. My attempt at building burners were a complete flop despite all the advice I got here and from fellow knife makers locally, nobody can understand why they refuse to work, least of all me..... I have two burners, gift from one of the locals, I know they can get a forge up to welding heat, but they are heavy on gas. So I have the following: 8 x fire bricks, the crumbly, white real thing 6m of Kao wool, basically enough for 2 forges I think. 25l refractory cement rated for 1600C 2 x burners. Tried but I can't find old LPG bottles to use for the chassis, maybe not a bad thing. Might be able to get sheet steel rolled (but not yet welded) into tubes. I'm basically starting with a clean slate and no restrictions at this stage, my questions are many...... Firstly, do I incorporate the fire bricks or leave them for something else? I was thinking I could use them along the sides for extra insulation. Do I build a square forge, or round on top with a flat floor? I want to build doors front and back using fireplace bricks. I would really appreciate opinions on the basic design, and especially how to best utilize what I have. No use asking the people working where I purchased the refractory cement, and tips on how to mix that up, what consistency to aim for etc? Thank you all.......
  7. Been busy, and actually getting stuff done. I have equal number of results to share and questions to ask.......as well as two puppies and a horrendous day job. Hopefully maybe this weekend I plug in the phone and work through a few months' photos
  8. NO, No and no You could have mine if it was worth shipping. They are so weak you easily stop it dead in its tracks when the bevel gets wider. I thought I would still use it for handles etc after I got a 2x72, but I don't, just gathering dust.
  9. My main FeCl container somehow got polluted with copper. I was busy finishing off a knife and made some mistakes, had to sand them out and re-etch after the copper/brass sandwich guard was on, so I covered the guard with petroleum jelly and stuck as far as possible only the blade in the FeCl. The copper coated on (or was more visible on) the 15N20 in the damascus, and the effect actually would've gone nicely with the finished knife. It's not 100% durable but good enough, just wanted to find out if this could have any negative effects? Fluffed the original handle and started over last weekend, not sure about the new look of the knife, so depending on that and the feedback here I might find out exactly how durable the copper plating is. Thanks
  10. Sorry for a slight derailing of the thread, but........ There was local shop that sold Wusthof knives, and I know of very few people that were willing to pay the price. I've only compared my knives (no matter the steel) with a Victorinox and feel confident you get better edge retention from mine, and .5% carbon I reckon I could beat Wusthof as well?
  11. Plumb......that's the colour I was looking for in my brain. It really is an outstanding feature
  12. Been watching the progress on this one, and it really pushes/shoves/inspires me to make time for another folder, beautiful piece! Love the backspring, it almost looks like it has a reddish tinge?
  13. Second that, beautiful knives, but that Swordfish bill handle is something special
  14. I never knew this about LPG, so definitely a worthwhile thread. Had a serious incident with a gas geyser several years ago, now I know why.......
  15. Out of the park, seeing that reminds me why I love knives
  16. That part right in front of the guard makes me think its an old file turned into a knife?
  17. That is truly amazing. I wanted to ask, based on my recent noob experiences, if you need some luck to pull something like that off. Feel free to correct me, but I reckon your skills must take luck out of the equation completely.
  18. My dad's isn't, also useless on wood! No knowledge on the matter, but I seriously doubt it. Slightly related topic, don't know who uses lead solder, but the price seems to have gone crazy? I bought a spool recently, at checkout realized something is very wrong with the total, only to find out the solder that felt expensive at 400 had a smeared price tag and it's actually 1400.......
  19. My dad has/had one of those, belonged to al uncle who was a panel beater in the days when they still used lead
  20. Had a stall at a "bush market" Saturday morning, no sales, very little interest, locked my keys in my car and spent too much on food. Friday evening I had an idea about making a dagger, that drove me into the shop for the rest of the day and the whole Sunday apart from washing the puppies and breakfast/lunch at 3pm 9pm last night 5 blades came out of the 2nd temper cycle. Everything turned out great, only possible failure is there might be a crack/delamination on the tip of the little twist damascus knife. Dagger came out okay for a first attempt
  21. Firstly, hope you had a very happy birthday, many happy returns. Secondly, if asked I would've guessed you're much younger, don't know many 70-year old that could keep up with you, proof of that good life
  22. Bjorn, I'll need to start swearing next because I'm running out of nice words to express my amazement! One last try - masterful My favourite part is the tip, horn in the handle a close second. Beautiful!
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