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  1. Gerhard

    paypal tips??

    ........and if you're in my part of the world they take 30% at that point.....
  2. Gerhard

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Okay I'll stop complaining I'm busy with 3 knives that need to get on a plane to Switzerland soon, made most of the tanto's sheath on Sunday, leather covered kydex, just need to make the dangler this afternoon. Also made my first acceptable (I think) Kukri sheath, thick leather backing with thick kydex front, riveted with 4mm copper. My Dad did leatherwork in school several centuries ago, and he's handy to say the least.....just old and slowing down. He's busy with a sheath for another knife with an owner waiting, made an excellent effort and one small mistake that made it useless.....2nd effort under way. The BIG problem is leather, I literally need to pay the price of a knife for about 1m x 1m of thick, suitable leather......I'm very hesitant and leaning towards junking the 3 sheaths my ex-sheath-guy made and doing kydex for them all.
  3. Gerhard

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Very close to nothing.... It's very hot, hasn't been below 20C for more than a week, and I'm first month into hard, physical work at an engineering shop 2-5pm. I need to learn leatherwork and finish quite a few sheaths so I can try to sell the knives, but I've undertaken to sort out my shop and properly mount my machines before starting any more knives. Between the heat and these two chores I've completely and utterly lost motivation.....
  4. Gerhard

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I was just thinking......that whole cart should get nice & hot........
  5. Gerhard

    Slip Joint Trapper in W2 and Micarta

    Well done! I don't really want to, but it seems the only reliable way to make a living from knives is folders...... You can be proud of that effort!
  6. Gerhard

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Been working every hour I can spare.......except last night, had a fine Indian dinner with great friends. That's the good..............the BAD, VERY BAD is for the first time ever I'll need to re-do a handle....for the 3rd time. Assumption got me, figure the scales moved as I clamped them in the vice, turns out the brass guard is off by the tiniest bit, so the handle ends up kicked off to the side when flush against the guard. I've never made a knife against a deadline, and I don't think I like it.......
  7. Gerhard

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Took me about 9pm-11pm to mill a slot for a tang in a fat old piece of brass. Very neat, need to clearance it a bit and square the ends. Ironic it took more than twice as long as drilling and filing in my own workshop, but a good way to learn the machines at my second job. I'm about a week into this 2 job situation and I'm pretty tired, knife making is coming a bad second The micarta I made on Saturday failed due to not enough hardener......gave it Sunday, made a new block on Monday..... ......and glued the handle on skew yesterday in between Job 1 and job 2 I have 3 knives that need to get on a plane to Switzerland on the 24th and my sheath-guy dropped me.....next two weeks will be interesting.....
  8. Gerhard

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Work was stacked up at my afternoon job waiting for machines, nothing for me to do so I went back to my shop....I have orders to fill and running out of time.... I did rough shaping and sanding to 400 grit on a micarta handle, and it took me two hours. I've never did what you'd call time keeping, figured it would make me cry, but things have changed, income is needed and time is now even more limited due to working an hour longer in the afternoon.....and physically considerably harder. I'm getting noticeably quicker, and more than ever I question my pricing. If the creation process wasn't keeping me level a bit it would not be worthwhile financially by a factor of 10.
  9. Gerhard

    What did you do in your shop today?

    The owner of the machine shop is my friend since school, when we started working he earned 800 a month while I earned 2000. That changed in 2002 with my first retrenchment and I never caught up again. Not quite normal but I had more than my share of bad luck. The market is very small so as you get older you need to specialize or move on......I choose the wrong things to specialize in
  10. Gerhard

    What did you do in your shop today?

    1 year half day contract at the same place that dumped me (because there's nobody to do my work) and unpaid apprenticeship in the afternoons........transitioning to fitter&turner/welder/whatever after 24 years in IT.
  11. Gerhard

    What did you do in your shop today?

    8am-1pm my white collar job.... Did my first 2pm-5pm afternoon in my friend's engineering shop, got to drive the milling machine on the first day! Went home, sealed and sanded a handle, drilled and fitted a brass guard to a blade.
  12. Gerhard

    The company of like-minded people

    Just got home yesterday......in a foul mood thanks to the latest episode in my redundancy mess, and my phone rings.....number I don't know. Turns out it's a guy I met almost a year ago, lives right around the corner from me, not into knives, more blacksmithing and tool making. He gifted me a pair of tongs made to hold the leafsprings I have and use, and I ordered another one from him Showed him my home-built gas forge in action and managed to kill 3 hours before his wife phoned.... Always a pleasure to spend time with like-minded people, good end to a bad day......
  13. Gerhard

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Something for the anti-reclaimed steel brigade.... I got a message 9pm last night, I couldn't figure out the text but the photos were clear - snapped blade! The knife is from a big old circular saw blade that hard a very hard life cutting local hardwoods.....I was gifted one half of it and it's extremely pitted and cracked in several places. I heat treated the blade for a friend on Saturday, so of course I immediately phoned because for me there was just one question....grain size. Turns out it was very fine. I didn't have time to post the photo this morning, but the crack in the spine of the blade is very obvious in the break. He was spitting mad, I was chuffed with the grain size How I intend to use that half a blade, if ever, has also changed.
  14. Gerhard

    What did you do in your shop today?

    At least we're not in South Africa.....considerably more deadly. I live in a nation of thieves, and drunken stabbing with anything from broken bottles, screwdrivers to Okapis is like a national sport.
  15. Gerhard

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Razor wire, electric fencing, high walls, alarms and armed response. Two different southern african countries, same prisons we have to build to try and stay safe.