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  1. Blade warping O1

    Unfortunately I have no advice, but I would like to ask if the blade is still at critical after the 10/15 minute soak?
  2. Wootz Damascus

    Glad you enjoyed it, I felt the same and just a little jealous of those guys, I hope to one day understand steel halfway as much as they do.
  3. Wootz Damascus

    Hi Wootz is definitely not a beginner subject, not sure where to put this video but I have to share it. I've watched several videos on the subject, this one can't be missed: The Secrets of Wootz Damascus Steel
  4. O1/K460

    Just for fun, this is the square tube "oven" that I insert in my forge when heat treating........and the holes burnt into it during the last session. Needs a rebuild with a thicker floor.....
  5. O1/K460

    Cottage cheese, you said it Jake! Not too bad, but quickly got something in the garage and that was too much.....freshly forged flat bar literally fell off.... Started again but not sure what I'm making......the steel is yet to talk to me.... As opposed to the Nicholson half round file......see something there
  6. O1/K460

    Decided on impulse to modify my forge at last, just look past the welding, the mod worked
  7. O1/K460

    Typical noob! Thanks
  8. O1/K460

    Secondly a more general question... Few years ago I bought barstock Sandvik 14C28N on impulse, when I googled what the heat treat involved I made a deal with my teacher to heat treat 2 blades made from the 14C28 in exhange for the rest of the barstock. Could I have gotten away with a backyard quench with that and similar steels?
  9. O1/K460

    Thanks guys, I understood roughly half of what you said, so I have homework to do. Jake - I picked up from the specs I got on the Bohler website that it has a narrow working temperature, I'll see how get on with the steel, fortunately not too expensive. Joshua - Funny enough Cashen Blades was the first website my google search took me to, that's where I caught a fright. First question, how do I spot recalescence?
  10. O1/K460

    Hi Everybody I mentioned in another post I found some 20mm K460 round bar for sale, completely by accident. Disclaimer: In about 1.5 hours I knock off, then I'm going to buy 1m and I'll be forging it this weekend......no matter what. Problem is I've been reading up on the heat treat as I always do, and I definitely don't have the equipment to "get the best" out of O1, specifically the soak times at certain temperature etc etc. Do any of you use O1, opinions, tips and tricks? IIRC somewhere during the previous season of FiF they were using O1 and J Nielson raved about the steel, I'm sure he's no idiot and the contestants also didn't have access to temperature controlled kilns etc, so he expected good results with equipment not much better than I have? Cheers Gerhard
  11. Heat treat & thin edge

    Well, you describe it perfectly
  12. Heat treat & thin edge

    Could just as well be gravity, but I'm also more than happy to go with the imparted life theory.......for me a useless piece of steel becoming a knife is just a magic moment.
  13. Heat treat oil

    Small update, got the quote this morning and no surprise the price doubles once imported from South Africa, and that's before sales tax...... Glad to say the choice was made for me..... I was at the same supplier yesterday to buy brass, by happy accident found out he stocks K460 and can get most Bohler steels. They only sell the in 20mmx1m rods, but quite frankly I don't care, I'll be forging O1 this weekend, and I didn't think that day would come for a while still.......very excited!
  14. Heat treat & thin edge

    There I will differ with you, a human does feel a difference, it's just not weight Three of the blades I heat treated came from a leaf spring cut into four sections, didn't have time to finish the 4th in time, which means I have these 4 sibling pieces of steel and the difference is amazing..... Logically I knew it couldn't be weight, I guess HT is where Pinocchio becomes a boy!
  15. Heat treat oil

    Thanks Alan, fascinating to know........I learn something every day here! Sounds like I'm getting things about right, just suspect I need to make another quench tank because they take their time cooling down.