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  1. Gerhard

    Came a bit too soon.......

    @Ross Vosloo my patriotism is at an all time low, reading your post I had the following thought: Gerber Knives, Narnia My new'ish phone fell over the weekend and the speaker now sounds like it's from the 60's.......but it has more than enough space so I'll get back on IG thanks. They guys I know of or heard about are less than 10, as mentioned we've been trying to get them together for maybe group buys and at least to help the local suppliers trying to support us..... My mentor and most likely the best in the country is Swiss, a lot of his orders are from overseas and most of his sales to tourists......because he prices in Euro and is not shy.....doesn't need to be. International payments are not a problem for him obviously. But, in all things thankfulness.....I can just imagine the challenge in Zim..... Where I'm shooting myself in the foot is my love of micarta, should be doing the wood/bone/horn thing to cash in on the romance of the african safari Well........off for an interview with very mixed feelings and a quarter tonne of butterflies in my stomach
  2. Gerhard

    Came a bit too soon.......

    Hi Wes Thanks for taking the time to reply, appreciated. Both.......should've seen that obvious answer, target both generations I'm glad you mentioned IG. I was on there up until my previous phone ran out of space, no jokes, from what I've heard IG sells more knives than FB..... I update my FB page with WIP's on a regular basis, and I'm active on 3 worthwhile FB groups, one international and two South African. I don't like excuses, but my reality is day job, any cooking, (very little) cleaning, laundry and knife making are all handled by the same person........some days I feel IG would be the straw that breaks the camel's back! Thanks, I'll have a look at the Paypal alternatives, a brief scan seems to tell me the only way is to raise my prices to cover those costs. I make less per hour on my knives than a person digging ditches, 50% due to what locals are willing and able to pay and 50% due to the speed I work at. Two hour flight or a day's drive. I hope to visit and meet Neels some day, I really appreciate the way he freely shares his knowledge in his videos. What I appreciate even more is he actually went and liked our sad little attempt of a FB page trying to get the Namibian makers and smiths together..... And in your understatement lies part of my problem - South Africa has more than it's fair share of knife makers, they have the suppliers and facilities, and they can source everything at least 15% cheaper than I can, and I basically have to share a market with them. I have my opinions on what a knife should be......have my opinions on N690 , but if I rewind myself a few years and look at these knives with a buyers eyes, I'm facing a tough sell.....
  3. Gerhard

    Raffle to help a fellow maker

    Worthy knife and worthy cause
  4. Gerhard

    HT chamber in gas forge?

    Ja.......and I was wearing my garage Crocs...... It's happened once or twice, aware of the danger and hate the damage to a blade at that stage......3 in a row almost feels like the universe sending a message :-P
  5. Gerhard

    HT chamber in gas forge?

    Thanks guys, I should be fine then on these little blades. I'm getting a bit smarter, remembered to do the final grind followed by etch before soldering on the brass bolsters. I've got a hamon on all three, one very nice and two just there, but it seems I got the heat treat good.... Did some inadvertent testing, don't know what was going on but all three blades got caught by the polisher and flung tip first into the cement floor....
  6. No use starting a new thread..... I was on the farm with my cousin the past weekend, there used to be a school on the farm and they used coal in the hot water donkeys. The stuff has been lying in the wind and weather from the 60's or 70's, I managed to gather about half a feed bags worth, which was about all I could carry! Will it still be good?
  7. Gerhard

    HT chamber in gas forge?

    Last time I had the forge lit I struggled a bit, does it make sense that the steel will get hotter quicker if the forge is running oxidizing? All the tubes I've used were sealed at one end, and I chuck in a few bits of charcoal. I'm busy with 3 smaller knives so a smaller diameter pipe could've and might work, will give it a try. I don't worry about 5160 since it's deep hardening, my personal experience taught me the better steel comes out after a few sharpenings. Problem is these last blades were all old files......I've turned into a bit of a hamon-whore .......not sure how deep 1095 hardens.....?
  8. @Steve Nowacki if this stunning knife is anything to go by I hope you find the time. Your knife inspired me, I tried that keyhole notch on a recent knife and people ask if I made a mistake ....... I'm sure that thought won't cross their minds looking at your knife, just beautiful!
  9. Gerhard

    HT chamber in gas forge?

    Small tube but also a small forge.....takes up more than 2/3 so that's probably the problem.
  10. Gerhard

    HT chamber in gas forge?

    Howdy I made a chamber from rectangle tube to use in my gas forge for heat treat, same as I do in the coal forge. I can't get welding heat in my gas forge but it's hunky-dory for just forging, but I couldn't get the chamber, nevermind the blades, nearly hot enough. My suspicion is the roof gets all the heat, so the floor of the forge and the chamber never gets hot enough. Has anybody tried this? Will more heat work? How much performance do you loose due to lost carbon going straight in the forge? Measurable?
  11. Gerhard

    My first Kydex sheath

    Get yourself a heat gun, vastly improved my results compared to using an oven.
  12. Gerhard

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Homebrew micarta, the dark green is wool cloth, the neon green is a synthetic......and the blue is denim thickness but not denim....no real idea
  13. Gerhard

    Came a bit too soon.......

    Thanks guys, onwards and upwards hey...... Knives have been supplying beer money and the hobby is at least paying for the running expenses.... My "production" is picking up speed, nowhere near enough to replace the missing income, but obviously it will be even more help in the future. Unfortunately in a country of 2.5 million people with 900K economically active I have a very small market, most of you likely live in or close to cities with more people. So I have to start selling overseas sooner rather than later.....make use of the fact I'm sitting at the wrong end of an exchange rate.... So I have two questions, all opinions welcome and any shered experience appreciated. 1. Facebook page vs. website I made a FB page for my knives, works great, it's free, but I was recently told that a separate website is always recommended. I've seen the wisdom of that due to so many people being anti-FB, and a large part of the target audience most like don't do the FB-thing to begin with...... Flip side is the cost and the maintenance hassle....... What say you? 2. Receiving payment from overseas. I'm just done doing some research and I have some concerns about Paypal, first and foremost due to my location I'll loose quite a bit to transfer and withdraw the money locally. Are there alternatives, and what's the general feeling about Paypal for those that use it? Thanks Gerhard
  14. Gerhard

    Knives Illustrated article

    Well done James! But.....this really gets up my nose, used to find scans of the mag I could download, but that dried up. I know I know.......but if I could buy them here on the arse-end of the world I would.....