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  1. O1/K460

    I feel a bit like a 3-year old with all these questions..... Something very strange....... I clamped this blade to a piece of wood to clean it up a bit with a flap disc, and the tang broke in half.... Since it's probably useless now I used free time while normalising blades to try again to anneal this blades, and to reduce its grain size, same with a broken 52100 blade that had grain size like sugar..... What really puzzles me is the spark of the K460, it's orange, and instead of the sparklies you'd expect, it's just a long orange spark with a bend off to the side right at the end..... Any ideas? Did I somehow mess up the steel?
  2. Improvised gas forge build

    Thanks again everybody! I'm a bit torn between finishing 2 knives and building the forge, but this is the forge's week!
  3. Quench oil temperature question

    Just realised I couldn't find the decalescence videos I was looking for because I spelled it wrong. Scrap the new questions for now..... I did manage to significantly reduce grain size on a broken 52100 blade (pre HT, broke while drilling pin holes), and I think I managed to anneal a K460......will find out this afternoon.
  4. Quench oil temperature question

    The life of a bachelor that shops as little as humanly possible..... No idea where to get those kitchen thermometers so the guess-work can stop...... Thanks guys, I think you nailed it. Thinking back the problematic blades were all large choppers and not enough heat was likely the cause. And....I have more questions
  5. Quench oil temperature question

    Thanks.....will try to go hotter.......few more minutes till I light the forge. Got new oil today, just short of 4L
  6. Hi Everybody Firstly, I've been reading through the sub-forums, and thank you all for this fountain of knowledge. There's still a lot I don't understand, but I will correct that in the years to come, and with your kind help. Secondly, my setup: I have a 150x150mm square tube, 500mm high welded to a base, filled with Canola Oil. I normally heat it with my fire poker and stir it around a bit. Environmental temp is anything from 20C-35C when I'm working. The problem I have is I regularly see advice here to heat up the oil considerably. On two occasions including the last time I heat treated I ran into problems with blades not hardening. On that occasion it was 6 blades which is more than usual for me, and the problem was solved by putting my quench tank in the water bucket. Problem, as previously, was with the last blades, and my only logical conclusion was that my oil was too hot by that time.......? What is the upper temperature limit for the oil to be effective? Also been reading about file tests being stumped by decard, I know (now) that's happened to me before Important bit of info, about 60% of my blades are leafspring, 30% old files and 10% bearings&races. Might just be incidental, but both occasions it was leafspring.
  7. Improvised gas forge build

    Thanks Wayne, if I wasn't on the other side of the world you'd have heard from me already
  8. Improvised gas forge build

    Thanks guys. Next question....... I was planning on inserting the burner at 45degs on one of the top edges, partly to get the gas pipe out of the way. I'm a bit worried because on many of the forges I see a copper pipe feeding the gas? Any comments or suggestions on the burner placement and the safety of a normal gas pipe?
  9. Improvised gas forge build

    I got the angle iron and threaded rods this week, burning the candle at both ends a bit, but I hope to start assembling tomorrow evening. I've been considering doubling up the bricks where the flame will be aimed, but I had another idea...... In the soup can forge how to's I've seen the lining is from Plaster of Paris mixed with "river sand"........ I have a bit of swimming pool filter sand left, no idea where to get plaster of Paris, but I'm going to the pharmacy this afternoon anyway.... So what's the opinion? Could that be a good sacrificial lining to protect the bricks?
  10. A bit of advice about gut hooks

    Hi Will - yes I do, question is do I have the skill..... The worst part for me is it's a built-in weak point.
  11. A bit of advice about gut hooks

    Hi Vern Did your method work and how did it turn out? I 1000% share the sentiments expressed here, even before I started making knives I severely disliked the look of a gut hook on a blade. However, I'm in the same boat, I have an order for a hunting knife from one of the bosses at work, and he insists he regularly uses the gut hook..... I have huge issues doing this to a blade and getting the F&F proper, but no chance of convincing him otherwise......
  12. 2x72 Belt Grinder plans

    Thanks Wayne, the complete and utter lack of scrap is a problem, and just so happens a buddy told me of a salvage yard where I can buy by the Kg.......
  13. 2x72 Belt Grinder plans

    About 2 bags of groceries......not much the way I eat Still in the same boat on this front......nothing. My gut tells me I can't really start anything without the motor. Bought some steel on Monday for the gas forge, and that was another rude awakening.....everything is sold in 6m lengths, so I have more than I need, have to pay for delivery, and it all costs more than I should be spending..... Don't know the cost yet, but that makes the laser cutting option very attractive. My buddy with the engineering shop recommended somebody and in the same breath mentioned we'll need to drill the holes, they wont do it. Just thinking now, they cut according to the autocad drawing........how do I accurately place the holes?
  14. I feel like a dog sometimes...

    Dog? I'm not even going to mention what I was "concentrating" on when I was your age, let's just say you put me to shame with what you've already achieved as far as the knowledge and skill you acquired to produce those! Amazing work! To answer your question, yes, and I'm of the firm opinion it's often wise to step away from a project/problem when you hit a snag, gives you time to think while carrying on with something productive.
  15. Copper patina processes

    In one of the Men At Arms videos they got an amazing red finish on Copper by heating and quenching in a Borax solution.