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  1. Gerhard

    Keeping etched blades "black"

    If you did drink coffee my reply would be "just keep telling yourself that" I drink too much of the stuff, prefer dark roast, black no milk or sugar......Organic Honduras currently. I'll give it a try this afternoon.
  2. Gerhard

    What do you present/deliver your knives in?

    I keeping with your first Land Cruiser I'd like simple cardboard boxes.
  3. Gerhard

    Keeping etched blades "black"

    Does real coffee work or only instant?
  4. Gerhard

    Out of the box for me

    And we have a winner!
  5. Gerhard

    What do you present/deliver your knives in?

    If I had to make a presentation box like that the material costs would be more than the knife, not to mention I don't have the skill or machines to do any real wood work. I very recently made a case for my sister's knife from a split piece of bamboo with leather hinges and latches, lined with felt. Came out great, and I wasn't even halfway done when I felt the same I feel every time I make a sheath...........This is not a knife, I like making knives.....
  6. Gerhard

    What do you present/deliver your knives in?

    One of the more expensive production knives I ever bought was a TOPS Silent Hero........not great paying that much and receiving it in a plastic bag. .....but now I understand their dilemma! I've used everything from a custom cardboard box (thanks to my retired dad) to wrapped in cheese cloth, I would love some ideas as well.
  7. Gerhard

    Finally, a high carbon steel!

    Are you very sure its hollow all the way through? Mine was cut in half and I seem to recall it was solid.
  8. Gerhard

    Improvised gas forge build

    Well, the Jacuzzi bubble maker (new) costs more than my whole previous forge, bricks, steel, burner and regulator included, so back to the drawing board. @Vern Wimmer I'm not looking for more air, just an alternative to something that I need to drill out safety screws to modify the insides and then tape together.....just sits a bit wrong with me even considering just about everything we do is dangerous. @Ross Vosloo A fish&chips oil and compressed air forge.........I can just imagine, something I'd like to observe in action with a cold beer in hand......what could go wrong!
  9. Gerhard

    Improvised gas forge build

    The hair dryer on my coal forge is a real troop, my little purple Carmen 200W. It comes with a "Cool" button that turns off the element, I taped this up so it stayed in Cool mode, and later jumpered it and later still cut the wires to the element. I've had to fix the on/off switch twice...... Point being I'm still a little scared of gas, and I'd rather have something a little more.......official Good news is the fans that put the bubbles in Jacuzzis apparently work, and I might just be able to get that......
  10. Gerhard

    Finally, a high carbon steel!

    The octagonal stuff? My previous job was at a mine, had a piece but didn't bring it back with me. Give it a go and let us know how it went......I still have a lot of friends at the mine.
  11. Gerhard

    Finally, a high carbon steel!

    Might be difficult but not impossible, and brand new knife-making friend of mine in Walvis Bay is setting up his shop for some serious work post retirement later this year, recently made some really nice 5160/15n20 damascus. Visiting him will be my next holiday, he recently finished a new forge with ribbon burner, he's already built a tyre power hammer......nothing stops this guy! Where did you get the drill rod? Is it the stuff mines use?
  12. Gerhard

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I improvised a projectile weapon....busy rounding an edge of a copper bolster on a small belt grinder. The belt grabbed it and flung it out at the top....must've just missed my fat head. Worst part is the bolsters have been problematic, and I couldn't find it. Later I dropped and lost forever a 4mm brass pin, but during the search I found the bolster!
  13. Gerhard

    Improvised gas forge build

    I look at one every time I'm in the kitchen at work.......and I'm utterly clueless where to buy one. Also, seems like it would need modification anyway? What I do have a Papst cabinet fans that run off 220V, but then I need to make an enclosure and funnel, no real ideas yet how to do that.
  14. Gerhard

    Psssst Newbie, wanna build a propane forge?

    ....and I will build another... ...one way or the other!
  15. Gerhard

    Designing a new project

    Gary.....it seems like you get the idea and next thing it's done......just amazing! The original seems to have the belly worn away, the second example is easier on the eye for sure.