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  1. Gerhard

    San Mai recipe

    Thanks Brian, I figured as much from my reading here. With you 100% on grinding off the teeth, but I can't help thinking how great it would look if the teeth become visible as the bevel is ground in........made me consider alternatives. The rasps are unused but but not new, some light rust.
  2. Gerhard

    San Mai recipe

    Good morning Tomorrow is a public holiday, long weekend, and we plan on having a little forge-in. We = myself and two even more beginner friends, Philip is on his 4th knife and Jorn who wants to get into blacksmithing more than knives. We have several things planned, but one of the main goals for me is to forge a San Mai billet. Outside I intend to use mild steel flat bar, so the question is what meat to use in the sandwich. What I have (almost) ready are the following: - piece of bearing race forged into a rough blank, I'm satisfied it's good stuff. - farrier's rasps, I've quenched and broken a tang so we know it's hardenable. Nicely matches up with the dimensions of the flat bar. - I got some proper unmolested 5160 (6mm thick 40mm wide) which I know from here is not suitable....just mentioning it. - various old files, planer blades etc..... So which do you recommend we noobs try? If it's the farrier's rasp, do we grind all the teeth off or is there a way to clean it up enough for the forge weld leaving the teeth intact?
  3. Gerhard

    The beautiful Dorset/Devon coast, England

    I'm always fascinated by (what I see as) tame places with so much history. Great photos!
  4. Gerhard

    "Unlimited Class" Competition chopper

    Cringe-worthy at times, but that's show biz I guess..... I appreciate it for the sake of the persons that came with skills and proper blades. I'm watching the 4th episode tonight, and I think by now it's obvious what would work, in it's simplest form a slightly longer competition chopper would be a good start. ......some great ideas already shown here I have a question........the fish. Skill problem? Stamina/concentration problem? Or just a bloody tough fish? I've never chopped at a fish, but I find myself wanting to
  5. Gerhard

    Prayers for my dad

    All the needed strength and a quick recovery for your dad Jeremy! My dad injures himself every time he looks at a ladder, and my constant nightmare is he doesn't know when to stop......
  6. Gerhard

    Threaded rod tang?

  7. Gerhard

    Threaded rod tang?

    I had to spend some time thinking about it, but this was actually the easy way, not the only way, but notably the way of least epoxy, without a doubt! The only complication is the nut's taper doesn't match the taper of the hole in the piece of copper at the end........that will unfortunately require some careful soldering.
  8. Gerhard

    Threaded rod tang?

    I made the micarta over the (long) weekend, green wool cloth and Hessian/burlap. Soldered the guard and drilled the micarta "washers" yesterday, modified the dome nut (took 2 attempts) and test fit everything - I'm impressed, thanks for the great idea and advice! Will post a few photos as soon as I find time.....
  9. Gerhard

    Improvised gas forge build

    @Vern Wimmer No worries, it's a video of a safe non-event
  10. Gerhard

    Improvised gas forge build

    lighting the gas forge with a Mora bushcraft black & ferro rod lighting forge
  11. Gerhard

    Improvised gas forge build

    Two is one and one is none........? Words to live by. Public holiday tomorrow so I'm planning on heat treating the guthook blade after work. I also have a zombie killer tanto Kukri ready for HT, by far the longest blade I've made. If I can get that heat treated in the gas forge the deal is sealed.......I'll keep the wool for another day and another project.
  12. Gerhard

    Threaded rod tang?

    I was thinking another piece of copper, a stainless domed nut that I grind open on top and saw slots in for the epoxy to get into. So looking from behind it would copper with a stainless ring and the mild steel tang....
  13. Gerhard

    Twin Fantasy Sabers

    Exactly........very cool!
  14. Gerhard

    Improvised gas forge build

    Thanks Vern That was the trick, a fellow knifemaker busy setting up his shop for serious post-retirement knife making managed to get the wool.......and non-functional cement......in smaller quantities. I got a quote locally, quantities and price were the problem, the cement comes is a 25Kg bag and is very expensive.
  15. Gerhard

    Threaded rod tang?

    I agree, the micarta making up the handle is unbreakable, and with that built-in weakness in the blade the knife is unlikely to see use that rough.... Thanks for the compliment and the idea, maybe not necessary in this case but the idea is stored for future use. JB Weld is not available locally, I use and trust Epidermix 372.....looooooooong cure and extremely strong bond.