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  1. The stock is thin enough that grind might work, but I agree 100% with Doug on that point. As for "ugly"..... I've spent quite a bit of time over the last two days trying to decide on a design for a guy that wants a knife looks cool, can be used for anything, and never needs sharpening. It started at a modified push dagger with a sheepsfoot blade, he has limited use of his hands so imagine a kitchen knife with a slanted push dagger grip. His Idea, I like it......then suddenly it's not cool enough..... To get back to your knife, I guess the spearpoint is a perfect compromise in all directions, and if this was a 100+ years ago that's most likely how your knife would have looked. In general I like the knife.
  2. I've got a lift for a knife back to NZ end of July so I'm making something for my best friend from high school who is lucky enough to have escaped. I'm using and O1 blank only 9cm long, he asked for a simple drop point, flat grind and a swedge. Long story short, the blade came out good, he wants black and green micarta......but the hardware.....he wants a bright finish, basically SS. Normally I use Brass of Copper flatbar about 2mm thick and matching 4mm pins......which is al the tang allows. I can't get 4mm SS rod in this country I have suitable mild steel and I was expecting to use that, I fully expected him to want something completely impractical, but now I have the complication that he'd like to use for food prep occasionally. I've never used mild steel for this purpose, is it advisable and how should I finish it? So Aluminium, I've seen the documentary, but I still use "tin" foil to roast veggies on the fire........also an option, what says the crowd?
  3. I'm a large, slow-moving target, even if I have a knife, a stick is my weapon.
  4. Nice! Both of them......but I agree with Brian. Also.....the biggest piece of S35V I've ever seen!
  5. Thanks guys. You are more than welcome, but I was under the impression that's called a frog.......not an original idea.
  6. A Winters afternoon few days before the Solstice..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qU5z7FGb0UY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw6uyur22Kc
  7. All I've got in the shop is a MP3 player meant for camping.....playing the same circle of tunes from an SD card.... I don't currently have a laptop, so no SD card reader.....so I'm stuck. Been planning for a while to drill a hole through the wall between my flat and the shop and just run an audio cable from the PC to a set of speakers in the shop.......maybe this weekend... NOTHING gets me sanding like this song Rage against the Machine-pocket full of shells
  8. That's how I like it..... I stick to game meat, what you call venison.... I was told recently that somewhere on a farm in the South of the country they have a few deer. No idea which species, but I'm assured they taste great.....
  9. This is my vacuum chamber (built by dad) powered by a fridge's compressor.....until that went...turns out my pontoon boat's pump works just as well Messed up the sharpening, it is sharp........and I think I can fix my mess. The polisher slammed that burl-first into the cement floor......solid, strong, good to go. Cuts dry biltong like a dream
  10. Leafspring from a Hilux that got a suspension upgrade close to new, while making the sheath I found out it's 6mm at the guard and 6.5mm at that Lynn Thompson tip. Hollow ground to decently thin, I may have posted a facebook video referencing piercing taxi bonnets as well as shaving.......manly bits Had an idea, took a while but the sheath is flat linen micarta, the same linen I used for the handle, only rolled. Doesn't match, but it works. Leather frog by my dad, he turns 74 on Sunday, and they need to reset his ticker tomorrow, heart issues, thoughts and prayers appreciated.
  11. Three, maybe four years I've been meaning to make something similar to what my mentor did.......and I'm still using drill bits If I understand correctly you place the flat of the blade on the flat of the tool and then scribe? Interesting, different approach to the few I've seen.
  12. I don't know what to say anymore Gary.....bloody amazing......
  13. Well, I'd say butt joint, and the little piece of red tape at the back holding them together. I was using the slack belt in both directions yesterday and picked up some funny difference. This VFD came wired the wrong way around, so when the motor is running in the normal grinding direction it indicates a negative number. This feels like paranoia because surely the direction of the VFD and motor can't influence how the machine runs......?
  14. Shop incident with a happy'ish ending..... I was busy with the last bit of polishing when........it grabbed the knife and slammed it burl-first into the cement floor Handle is still right and tight, small deflection of the wood on the right angle at the rear, so I'be had to round that a bit.....maybe a good idea anyway. I feel confident the future owner can drop the knife without it breaking......a relief.
  15. This seems to have worked better than I hoped.....will post some pics soon!
  16. I have no idea, however Klingspor make the JFlex belts.... I realised I might as well make a replacement platten with some angle iron, unfortunately the 5160 bar stock I have is only 40mm wide or I'd make a hardened platten.
  17. @John N I use the angle grinder to hog off steel whenever I can, but I have found in some case....like when you slip....it's inefficient. The 36 grit ceramics belts I have were extremely expensive, in fact as much as all my other belts put together, but they move steel and you end up with a flat surface. Glad to report the cleaver that cracked got a new lease on life, finished it last night and I think it will be a great little tool. Best of all, it will pay my debt. Unfortunately there's a second chapter to this sad story that also taught me a lesson..... The owner of the cleaver with the hessian handle wanted a Viking rune engraved on the blade, I got a quote from the goldsmith that laser etches my makers mark, quoted my client with no mark-up. The goldsmith, at least his very pretty assistant did a great job, but when it came time to pay the price was double what we had discussed..... We had a misunderstanding, so it was supposed to be 500 per side...... I was in shock, if I had to pay that I basically made the cleaver for nothing, but thankfully he accommodated me. Driving I home I went through all the normal emotions, first being that his prices as ridiculous.... This is not true, his etc is deeper, they do it while I'm there so I can size and position the mark, and at 4x the price of the previous company more that acceptable. To give you an idea, for that work I believe you should pay the price of a 6-pack rather than a chocolate bar........? Scaling up from my maker's mark I realised his price was reasonable, but more importantly I realised he has to pay salaries, rent, and live himself! He's lucky, he's a goldsmith so be default he has richer clients, but HE appreciates my work and also feels I sell too cheap. So the problem is with me, why can't I get paid a price that reflects the work?
  18. Those photos were taken while I was flatting it, they were very sharp and that stage but I have rounded them. The roughness on the side is bad welding of the platten to its bracket, was always like that. I know it doesn't look great but the belt just goes over it, nothing ever contacts the platten right there. Frustrating thing is it worked fine, and I missed the issue grinding smaller blades, so I don't know when what went wrong....
  19. Some feedback.... I submerged the burl in a sanding sealer and put it under vacuum several times. While working down the wood there was still some voids, but it was (is) very pretty...... When it was close to final shape and I'd done the drilling for the tang and pin, I submerged it in acetone because I had another idea.... What surprised me was the amount of that sanding sealer that came out, what disgusted me was the fact the piece of wood was no longer straight Since it's Winter the polyester resin I use to make micarta takes longer to set, even more so when I add tint. Blocked the tang and pin holes as best I could and put it under vacuum submerged in the tinted resin for a while, then into a ziplock bag and inbetween my quench plates. It might just have worked, cleaned up nicely and no voids......seems strong.
  20. It seems I'm ignorant about knife shops on other continents, might be about the other thing as well... But......looking at this: google image search I take it you mean there are even more amazing places
  21. the beautiful trees.....colours. We don't have much of that over here, it was the focus of my bonsai collection.....Fall colour.
  22. That knife is so beautiful my efforts make me feel like a cave man dragging his knuckles and banging rocks together......amazing.
  23. I'm not likely to make it off this continent, but when I still had dreams left I wanted to visit Oregon in the Fall...... Now I would rather visit SMKW with a bag full of money
  24. Hi Ross Like the knife, clean, simple, elegant. The pins......I noticed the difference in spacing, but that looks intentional, while the offset (that I did not notice at first) looks more like a walking drill bit.....
  25. I had stuff to get done and this troubleshooting process is not fun.........only tried one thing: Longer tensioner spring, considerably slacker belt and for the limited grinding I did it seemed better. To try the other motor/VFD/frame I'll have to reposition the drive and idler wheels.
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