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  1. 2x72 belt grinder

    Looks good so far!!
  2. Burner Placement

    Would make any difference if I added a 2 inch layer of wool to my existing 1 inch or just add another 1 inch layer?
  3. Burner Placement

    Yeah you know, might as well try.
  4. Burner Placement

    I think I'm going to roll with it the way it is for now and test it the way I have it setup and see what's up. I have spent a ton of time on it and haven't even heated a piece of metal up yet. If it turns out I need to delete the middle burner I will do so because I do not want to cause my work piece to be damaged.
  5. Burner Placement

    Even for welding you think?
  6. Burner Placement

    So you guys don't think a 3 burner system will not work?
  7. Burner Placement

    Oh, I think I read that wrong then... Thank for the clarification.
  8. Burner Placement

    I like that analogy. I'm just trying to find any disadvantages to adding a cement layer between each wool layer and cant seem to think of one.
  9. Burner Placement

    Hmmm 2 layers of cement, I have a two 20 pound bags of Bubble Alumina so I might try it. I would like everyone to chime in here with opinions.
  10. Burner Placement

    Do you think it would trap more heat like barrier?
  11. Burner Placement

    Cuz I do a lot of weird stuff... LOL Just curious
  12. Burner Placement

    Question: Can you do a layer of refractory cement in between each layer of wool?
  13. Burner Placement

    Shoot man, I just ordered a roll last night. Thank you very much though.
  14. Burner Placement

    Awesome thank you Vern, I ordered another roll of wool last night.
  15. Burner Placement

    Hi Vern, Just so I know, why do I need another layer?