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  1. Anyone know of someone that has this grinder?
  2. Hello Gentleman, Do any of you have experience with the RPS 2x72 Belt Grinder? Is so, please let me know your thoughts. https://reederproducts.com/
  3. Alright fellas, I'm back... lol Starting a new vertical forge and a new hydraulic press are in the works for fall/winter 2019.
  4. Is it flush mounted or does the pipe stick inside the forge at all?
  5. Hey guys, How far is the burner pipe going into your forge? Are you ending the at the wool or the cement? Do I need a flare on the end of the pipe? Anyone have any pics from inside their forge I can see?
  6. Thank you Tractor Supply for running a sale on propane tanks for $19.99
  7. Yet another project.... I look forward to this one!!
  8. And way smaller forge, all of you guys were 100% correct. No need for 3 massive burners.
  9. I'm actually going to use your blower method with NO ribbon burner for now.
  10. I have a surplus of D2 tool steel. I can cut to size within reasonable dimensions. Message me with your requirements and I'll send back a shipped price within the USA. I'm not a dealer so I can heavily discount this stuff. Thanks, John
  11. Slicing up some D2 if anyone is interested.
  12. I think I'm going to build a ribbon burner with blower and a new smaller forge out of a propane tank. Any blower recommendations?
  13. Can I please see some pics of the forges you guys are using?
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