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  1. Ross Vosloo

    New Santoku-ish Chef's knife

    Thanks very much.
  2. Ross Vosloo

    Dad's design

    that sheath is awesome! as is the knife
  3. Ross Vosloo

    New Santoku-ish Chef's knife

    Hi all,Latest knife off the bench. I tried to get as close as possible to a true Santoku, but just with a handle thats been rounded off a little too much.steel is 1070, clay quenched with hamon. handle is homemade black linen micarta and muwanga (pericopsis angolensis)
  4. Ross Vosloo

    A new Hunter...

    now that is nice. i love low profile sheaths
  5. Ross Vosloo

    Hunting/skinning full tang knife

    ja, i think we my be using the same stock. i know what you mean. i had people raving about this one, and i still feel my hidden tangs out class it. funny what others like vs you who make them like.
  6. Ross Vosloo

    Hunting/skinning full tang knife

    That was my mrs holding up a peice of material so that the mirror polish didnt show my ugly face in the picture! No offence taken, that's why I ask for critiques. To be honest I still struggle with distal taper Thanks man!
  7. Ross Vosloo

    Hunting/skinning full tang knife

    235mm total length, 105mm of blade, 50mm wide at the heel and 6mm thick at the spine.
  8. Ross Vosloo

    New style of chefs knife for me

    Ja, that's exactly the issue I had with this one. This was the first one of 3 that I heat treated together, by the 2nd one i had it right. Thanks very much! The micarta was home made using the bag method, so when you sand it it has a really random 'grain' to it which gives it a bit of character. Thanks very much for the kind words!
  9. Ross Vosloo

    Hunting/skinning full tang knife

    Howzit all, Just finished this one up for a customer. Brief was for a general purpose hunting/skinning bush knife for here Zimbabwe. Steel is 5160, handle scales are teak and liners are recycled plastic.
  10. Ross Vosloo

    New style of chefs knife for me

    thanks man, advice from you is always welcome! i got the thickness down to 0.3mm before final edge, which is a touch thicker than 0.010. something to always aim for! and ja, that damn hardening. i know what went wrong here, fixed it on the santuku im working on now. funnily enough though, the customer saw it and said "perfect, now i can be a little heavier on the heel" ! dont know if thats a positive thing, but happy hes happy
  11. Ross Vosloo

    New style of chefs knife for me

    Hi all, so heres a progression of design from my last chefs knives to this. much happier with the shape over all. steel is 1070 with hamon. handle is home made linen micarta, copper and muwanga. as always, thoughts and critiques welcome
  12. Ross Vosloo

    The bush sword (not really)

    i guess, but my first hidden tang bowie has proven over and over again just how durable hidden tang is. whilst on a fishing trip last week, my friend needed to blow of some steam after hitting a rock with his outboard.... i gave him complete freedom to try to break it and all he managed was to break the rear of the handle, after basically cutting through a fallen hardwood tree. i have no doubts in my mind at all that hidden tang is just as strong as any full tang design.
  13. Ross Vosloo

    The bush sword (not really)

    certainly knock him out! i wanted to go hidden tang on this, but you know, customer... well, glad he is the one who is going to have to carry its weight whilst tracking that buff!
  14. Ross Vosloo

    The bush sword (not really)

    haha, strangely enough he saw one of my other knives with file work part way through the build and asked for something similar. i said no worries
  15. Ross Vosloo

    My first knife. Something I made over Christmas

    awesome, the high tech approach to knife making. as has already been said, no less work than manually forging out. just a different type of work. as for sharpening, im a big fan of free handing on a belt sander. i had a Gatko for years, which is just another version of the lansky system. they do very well, but for me they are very time consuming and those clamps always leave some type of mark on a blade youve spent hours getting to mirror polish. with practice, you can put a really wicked edge on a blade in less than 10 minutes with a belt sander. heck, ive only got a 1x30, so a 2x72 should be even faster! just watch the heat very very VERY carefully. i go all the way to 800g on the sander then use an old belt reversed on the machine and loaded with PC1 buffing compound to strop and polish the edge to a mirror finish. hair popping right of the bat