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  1. Ross Vosloo

    4" EDC hidden tang

    Hi all, just finished up this little 4" EDC for a customer. trying to up my sheath game, coming along slowly but still not where i want it... yet. steel is 5160, handle is copper and muwanga.
  2. Ross Vosloo

    Big Bowie, trying for exhibition quality WIP

    Have to concentrate!
  3. Ross Vosloo

    Big Bowie, trying for exhibition quality WIP

    Seems that way. Well lets hope simmering works. Got the bone peice simmering right now, will leave it for a couple of hours and see what we got. Based on this I put the bone straight into already simmering water. Will report back Haha, let's hope So here's a video showing the take down handle in its rough form. Let me know what you all think. https://www.instagram.com/p/BwEkgZnHMa2/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link 20190410_110908.mp4
  4. Hi all. So this is a big 10" Bowie I'm working on at the moment. I set it as a challenge for me, to see of I can make a really good quality piece, just for me. Before the pics, does any one know how to get the smell out of bone? I found a big hippo bone on lake Kariba, cleaned it up, but when I work it smells awful and that smell has stuck to the peice itself. Any one know what's the best plan?
  5. Ross Vosloo

    Couple of EDC/Hunters and a Chef's

    Hi all, this past 2 weeks worth of work
  6. Ross Vosloo

    SanMai Bowie Blackwood

    very nice
  7. Ross Vosloo


    very nice bru. whats your LTC lenght? i think ours is officially "no blade with a locking mechanism over 3 inches in length". what i take from that is my 5 inch fixed blade EDC is perfectly legal!!
  8. Ross Vosloo

    Gobabis Toothpick

    Hes learning!
  9. Ross Vosloo

    Very first blade

    very nice. i like that shape
  10. Ross Vosloo

    Gobabis Toothpick

    nice one bru
  11. Ross Vosloo

    First Integral

    Ja, the tang was ground a little thinner before final assembly thanks very much! ja, i personally preferred the satin finish, but the customer is going to EDC it and spends a lot of time on a boat, so he wanted a more resistant finish.
  12. Ross Vosloo

    First Integral

  13. Ross Vosloo

    First Integral

    Hi all! still going through all my firsts, next up is integral. also, first knife made on the new DIY 2x72 forged from 5160 17mm thick round bar. handle is teak. finish on the blade is mustard patina.
  14. Ross Vosloo

    2x72 DIY for under $350

    That's about 9mm thick. Yes, that would be much better and stronger. If you can get it, use it. Unfortunately the thickest I could get locally was 2mm. Thankfully after running it for a day it's all holding up super well and nice and stable and stout. Thanks boet. I wish they were! Then I would have a source of W2!! Knowing me they would be differentially hardened with hamon
  15. Ross Vosloo

    2x72 DIY for under $350

    Hi all So, I've just gone full time. That means my time is more precious than it was before. So my 1x30, as good as it's been, just ain't gonna cut it any more. Now, the biggest problem with buying a 2x72 is of course the price. AMKs option, which is about the best bang for buck, still comes in at $1400, and that's before I pay for shipping and customs to get to Zimbabwe. So that's why I built my own. So here's how I turned this Into this. And all for less than $350! So, we start with the frame. This was made out of 50x50x2mm square tube. Weld it up into this frame shape. The two lateral tubes will each hold an arm, on the attachment arm, one for the work rest. The vertical tube is for the tracking arm. More to come...