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  1. Ross Vosloo


    right, got it, thanks very much
  2. Ross Vosloo


    awesome, thanks for the info. do you sand or buff after the patina?
  3. Ross Vosloo

    The Golf knife

  4. Ross Vosloo


    what type of mustard? would you mind talking us through the process a bit? sorry, but this is pretty much the exact look im going for with a chinese style kitchen knife a client has ordered
  5. Ross Vosloo

    The Golf knife

    final beauty pics up for this knife
  6. Ross Vosloo

    First real full tang knife. Drop point

    just an update now that its all finished
  7. Ross Vosloo

    Forged in Fire

    in short, yes, it can be that simple. but what do you want to make, a knife that looks amazing, with every tiny scratch hand sanded away from a forged blade that you spent hours and hours beating into just the shape you wanted, heat treated with care and attention to the temps and tempering cycles, with beautifully selected wood or other handle material that you lovingly sculpted, carved and sanded to fit your hand just right, all adding up to a knife that you know will last for generations to come and be used and loved by someone who appreciates it.... or do you want something that was put together in a rush, made from unknown steels and heat treated in a rushed generic way with slapped together handle and knowing that very soon it will be destroyed, either in a minor way or catastrophically? both of these are knives. one is "easy" one is "hard". i know i know, a very over simplification of the FIF set up. i too watch the show and love it, but there are stark differences between the blades that are made there and the ones made in real life. to put it another way, would you drive a nascar everyday? no. why? because its made to do one thing well, but only one thing, go damn fast on a circular track. same as a FIF knife in my opinion, its made to do one thing and one thing only, be tough enough to stand up to a massive beating. all of this is of course my own opinion, so make of it what you will
  8. Ross Vosloo

    Dust collection for belt sander/grinder

    now this is one benefit of living in a part of the world where everything is built from brick and mortar. i cant see any circumstances where a grinder in my house would cause a fire. granted my house is wall to wall tiled. out of interest, what is the greatest fire risk in a house constructed out of wood?
  9. Ross Vosloo

    Dust collection for belt sander/grinder

    not that i have a bigger 2x 42 or 2x72 yet, but i have seen some guys place a bucket of water directly under the grinder to catch the dust. apparently does a good job, but like i say, i dont have a big grinder to do that. im still using a little 1x30 that keeps the belt enclosed.
  10. Ross Vosloo

    First real full tang knife. Drop point

    thanks! ive cleaned it up further and will do the beauty shots when the sheath is finished. to be honest, i hadnt even thought of using this thing on a board! and i dont think the customer did either. the plan is for it to be a beefier EDC knife that he can keep with him all the time. hes a great friend but hes a fairly heavy use user, hence the heavier than usual construction from me
  11. Ross Vosloo

    First real full tang knife. Drop point

    thanks man. the customer is stoked with it, loves it. its me thats complaining about the weight
  12. Hi all. So it's been just over a year since I started this whole journey, and I've been loving every step. One thing I've noticed is I have started to develop my own sort of style, favouring drop point hidden tang knives, usually with 2 different types of wood handle and some of metal bolster or guard. And it's the hidden tang part I'm going to talk about here. I have tried full tang in the past, but I've always struggle with getting perfectly flat tangs after forging from round bar or whatever scrap steel I was using, and then getting perfectly flat scales from the big logs of wood that I harvest my wood handles from. Hence I've favored hidden tang. I also somehow felt that hidden tang some how shows a bit more craftsmanship and labour put into a knife. How wrong I was on this one! So here's my first real fully fledged attempt at a full tang knife. I finally got my hands on some new knife steel stock, 5160 in 6mm thick on this particular knife. So what have I learnt? Full tang does not mean easy. In fact, i believe that if this had been a hidden tang, I would have saved about 5 hours of work of the total 30 I've spent so far. It's the clean up of the spine and belly after the scales go on that I'm finding the most time consuming. I'm still not even finished with it! The other thing is weight. A full tang, even drilled like swiss cheese, has a lot more weight to it than an equivelant hidden tang. So my over all thoughts? I like the knife, I think its come out well. And yet I can't help but feel I would have liked it better if it were hidden tang. HOWEVER, everyone i have shown this knife to has been blown away, and say that this is my best work so far. Maybe it's just because I'm getting better in general with each new knife, so each new one becomes my best work automatically, or maybe it is just a better knife. What I want to know is, why do I just not feel it??
  13. Ross Vosloo

    Next chapter - my 2x72

    thats pretty sound thinking, so long as you know it will speed up your process and limit downtime if you ever have an issue with one of them. facing the same dilmma myself this morning as i burnt our my 4 inch angle grinder and now dont have anything other than a hacksaw to cut out 6mm 5160 profiles. some good news for you, saw on insta that it looks like Neels is packaging up your kiln for delivery to you.
  14. Ross Vosloo

    Chefs knife, a first for me!

    haha, took a runner, access to US$ cash and 30% extra on top of what it cost in South, but it was well worth it
  15. Ross Vosloo

    Chefs knife, a first for me!

    thats the stuff! pleasant guy to deal with too