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  1. I wondered if anyone would pick up on this there is method to my madness, or should I say madness to my reason. I usually pick up the second pin above the center line so as to give the allusion of an arch. It can be a bit hit and miss to each person. My wife says she cant see it. My dad and myself are both of the opinion it does give a curved feeling. I take it it detracts to your eye? Am curious as to what other people's opinions are
  2. Nice shaped knife. I echo @Alan Longmire words on the point on the bolster. It may just be my eye as well, but the bolster does seem a bit big for the overall size of the knife? But I'm nit picking. Its overall a very nice blade. Keep it up
  3. Hi all. So, when someone asks what you do, do you pull out one of your own knives? If you do, do you have to preface it with "well it was one of my very first knives" or something like that? That was my issue. My EDC was my second ever forged blade. It's a great performing knife, but it's not exactly a great looking knife to show potential customers. So I made this. Should fix the problem. Steel is 1070 with hamon. Wood is African blackwood (dalbergia melanoxylon). Brass pins. To be honest, minimal amount of forging. Mostly constrained to straightening before heat treat. As always, thoughts and critique welcome.
  4. Thanks bru. Ja, getting quite busy these days. How's your side going?
  5. Thanks ! Ja. All my full tangs I go for that 2 close together up front one at the back. Just something different I guess and looks good to my eye. It might be a bit out
  6. Hi all. Just finished this set of kitchen knives off. 9" chefs, 6" utility and a 6" k-tip. All out of 1070 with muwanga for the handles. The leather was a real mission. Each sheath has a double welt over 8mm thick. As always thoughts and critique welcome
  7. Hi all, just finished up this little 4" EDC for a customer. trying to up my sheath game, coming along slowly but still not where i want it... yet. steel is 5160, handle is copper and muwanga.
  8. Seems that way. Well lets hope simmering works. Got the bone peice simmering right now, will leave it for a couple of hours and see what we got. Based on this I put the bone straight into already simmering water. Will report back Haha, let's hope So here's a video showing the take down handle in its rough form. Let me know what you all think. https://www.instagram.com/p/BwEkgZnHMa2/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link 20190410_110908.mp4
  9. Hi all. So this is a big 10" Bowie I'm working on at the moment. I set it as a challenge for me, to see of I can make a really good quality piece, just for me. Before the pics, does any one know how to get the smell out of bone? I found a big hippo bone on lake Kariba, cleaned it up, but when I work it smells awful and that smell has stuck to the peice itself. Any one know what's the best plan?
  10. Hi all, this past 2 weeks worth of work
  11. very nice bru. whats your LTC lenght? i think ours is officially "no blade with a locking mechanism over 3 inches in length". what i take from that is my 5 inch fixed blade EDC is perfectly legal!!
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