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  1. Ross Vosloo

    Drop Point hunter

    here are the final beauty shots. and with its brother
  2. Ross Vosloo

    African skinner

    thanks guys. so here are the final beauty shots, knife went out to customer this morning. and here it is with its brother. these two are for the same customer
  3. Ross Vosloo

    Little integral random damascus utility kitchen knife

    looks awesome. im a sucker for low layer count random pattern.
  4. Ross Vosloo

    African skinner

    Ok ok... I had to go back and fix it. It actually kept me up last night
  5. Ross Vosloo

    African skinner

    Thanks! If your referring to the divot on my index finger, that's where the stainless shim started spinning whilst I was drilling. Yes yes, I know about clamping down work etc, but you need clamps that fit to do that thankfully the callus on my finger tip saved me from any real injury, although I did lose a hard won callus
  6. Ross Vosloo

    African skinner

    Hi all. So, this knife is the brother to my drop point hunter that I finished the other day. Blade is farrier rasp, nice and thin for skinning with hamon. Handle is stainless, african blackwood, stainless, muwanga with brass pin. And yes, I realise it has that same blocky appearance that seems to be my signature, but I just find it so comfortable and ergonomic in the hand. It makes it so easy to wield. thoughts and critiques welcome as always
  7. Ross Vosloo

    Grinder and VFD Programming

    agree with @timgunn your biggest killer of drives is dust. of all the ones ive ever sold, only one has come back bust, due to dust because they didnt keep the enclosure closed. its good that you have it away from dust, but it might kill one of the best things about having a drive, the ability to change your speed on the fly. what we do is mount the drive in a steel enclosure with a ventilating fan and dust filter to allow air but not dust into the unit. you can then mount a double push button on the door of the enclosure for start stop duty and then a simple potentiometer, or a fancier 4-20mA pot for speed control. these should be able to be wired into your drive and a few simple programming changes allow remote control of the unit. of course you could mount these by your grinder and keep the unit in the other room and just run a longer control cable. hope this may help.
  8. Ross Vosloo

    Files & hamons

    ahh, finally some hidden tangs from you bud although i guess you could say the same about me and full tangs. nice looking knives. ive been doing the whole farrier rasp hamon thing of late too
  9. Ross Vosloo

    A little Disappointed....

    im doing this on my current build. using an epoxy that sets with "steel" colour. just a heads up though, only use this when your guard/bolster is steel or silver coloured. ive found matching the epoxy colour to the guard/bolster is the trick, not to the knife. just in my own limited experience of course
  10. Ross Vosloo

    Drop Point hunter

    thanks for the heads up, unfortunately, i doubt that the shipping to Zimbabwe will be my friend on this one but i will have a look around and see if i can find some copper stock. ive actually been scouring around for some brass to use for guards, but so far havnt found anything that isnt ruinously expensive. thats why i use copper, because my day job as an electrician has access to copper bus bars.
  11. Ross Vosloo

    Drop Point hunter

    thanks very much. i just realised i havnt stated whats gone into this knife. blade is obviously reclaimed farrier rasp, copper guard, african blackwood spacer, stainless steel shim and muwanga wood handle. pin is brass
  12. Ross Vosloo

    A little Disappointed....

    oh boy do i know that feeling. you spend hours and hours getting every last mark, every transition and every little detail right, but theres one tiny little thing, so small that no one else sees it, but to you it might as well be a 3rd arm on your new born child. as has already been said, learn from it and move on. and besides, a 3 armed kid would be kinda unique
  13. Ross Vosloo

    Drop Point hunter

    thank you very much. thanks. i actually tried to upset some of the width of the rasp into more thickness during forging, but didnt get enough, so had to leave the raspiness in to keep the thickness i wanted. i think it worked out well in the end though thanks for the kind words. it was the are where i paid the most attention during this one. its the first knife where i am finally happy that i got it all fit up nice and tight
  14. Ross Vosloo

    Drop Point hunter

    Hi All, Another one done, juts working on sheath and then final edge 20180930_210249.mp4
  15. Ross Vosloo

    Pattern welded Carver

    i like that pattern. only 12 layers? did you manipulate the billet in any way? or just grind out for that?