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  1. Haha, no idea bru. Thanks very much. So here's where I am right now. Pretty much have the blade forged out to profile. It's at pretty much the perfect length, with the tip on the floor the end of the tang gets up to my belly button. As for width, I have 30mm at the start of the blade tapering right down to 12mm. I think that's going to do it nicely. Now I have to put this blade on a diet. It's at 1.2kg now, and my final finished sword weight is 1kg. So I'm thinking I need to get the blade alone down to around 600grams. Any one have any Thoughts or experiences on weight of the blade when finished ground?
  2. Ja, been a busy couple of months. But I finally finished all my back orders and now have some time to work on my own projects, so full steam ahead
  3. Been a while since I have had a chance to work on the rapier. My last plan to forge weld cable Damascus to the already forged out 1070 blade is not going to work, for a couple of reasons. One, I dont have enough cable. And two, well, I dont trust my abilities to pull off that forge weld yet. So that 1070 blade will get turned into a small sword. It's perfectly dimensioned for that already. Onto the rapier. Yes, I'm still making a rapier. A mild steel san mai rapier I'm a sucker for punishment. What you see here is my billet all welded up. 2 layers of 1070 side by side and then a layer of mild steel either side. I welded up everything to try and prevent any oxygen from getting in because I knew that I could not heat the entire thing at once to forge welding temps... forge is too small. Here is the entire billet after setting the welds. Felt good and solid, you can really feel when it starts to firm up under the hammer And success!! I just etched the end of the billet, but I ground out all the welds along its entire length, both sides and all the welds look good. So I have since started drawing out the blade I'm about 30% done and will pick it up again tomorrow
  4. got a pretty nice hamon on these tow. although i did pick up some artifact on the bigger one, maybe the clay popped off a little there or something
  5. beat them out into billets, combine and forge from there?
  6. Thanks man. Was pretty simple too. I still haven't got my power hammer running so that knife was 100% hand hammered
  7. Fishing is still good in places ideally the further away from any people, the better. Although I do have a solar setup and a generator, I dont have DSTV, so the only ever news I see is, well, pretty much nothing. Easier to see life optimistically with out it
  8. Im Zimbabwean, born and bred. i take pride in the fact that every wood i use, is locally sourced. but the list includes african blackwood. im fortunate to have a large stockpile that was harvested 20 years ago during a very bad drought. its been sitting since then. the reality however, is that trees in general are being whole sale taken out here. and for what? FUEL. yup, the woods you would pay quite high prices for in your part of the world, are being burnt as fuel here. why? well, i dont want to get into politics and i wont. but suffice it to say, mismanagement has meant that 99% of the country has to deal with 18hr electricity cuts every single day. and when it is there, it is so expensive that most people cannot afford to use it. gas (LPG) has to be imported, and so is expensive, and usually theres a queue a couple for hundred bottles long. petrol and diesel are in such short supply that its standard procedure to queue for up to 9 hours to get maybe 50L. and all this means that, if your not a person of means, you turn to the only other means to cook your food... wood fires. and where does the wood come from? you guessed it. and no thought is given to what kind of wood it is. if it burns, it will do. so no, im not concerned about using small pieces for handles. at least they will last a lifetime and be appreciated. not burned to simply cook a meal.
  9. ive had limited success (2 attempts, 2 successes) with low layer ladder patterns. just to give you some other ideas first is 2x 5 layer billets, 1070 and old band saw blades that i then forge welded together with a layer of band saw blade between to give a total of 11 layers, then laddered and forged out to a knife. i did have a few delams, but this was my first ever attempt at Damascus in my gas forge and it was always going to be my personal knife, so i pushed on. the next one is 9 layers in one billet, 1070 and 75ni8 then laddered, then forged to knife.
  10. Another one done and out the door. I'm going to miss this one. Steel is 9 layers of 1070 and 75ni8 laddered. Brass guard, subhilt and pommel. Lathe turned pommel nut. Wood is leadwood (combretum imberbe). There were of course, a couple of issues. The steel itself welded up great. But I think i tried to forge to close to final thickness and during the quench I had 2 delams happen on the one side of the blade. Thankfully they dont affect the edge, and after some fairly vigorous testing it's all still together and solid. The handle was a bit of a bummer. There was a knot in the handle that looked fantastic. But leadwood is, although very hard and tough, prone to tearing out. I leant in just a bit too hard and the belt tore out the knot. It gave me the opportunity to try a resin fill. It came out ok, but I regret the red. It should have been black. I was planning on redoing the handle, but a repeat customer of mine saw it and loved it. As always, thoughts and critique welcome
  11. thats genius i tell you.... GENIUS!!! i have been looking for options for hidden tang bolsters for thin chefs knives for a while now and i think i just found it
  12. bowies like this are why I started making knives in the first place
  13. Haha, thanks for the shout out! I forged mine out of 5160! Wish I had access to some 304 for bolsters and guards! Look forward to seeing what you come up with
  14. So here's a first for me, a forged craving fork. Took me a while to get my head around it but pretty happy with it in the end
  15. Thanks very much. Lots of marking up before touching a belt sander, but once that starts it goes pretty quick. Been a couple of leather days. I have 6 sheaths to make, but here's the first 3...
  16. Hi all. Rather than starting a new thread everytime, I'm just going to add to this one. Here's what I managed to get out the door this week. Matching set of kitchen work horses, french style 9" chefs and a 6" utility, 1070 clay quenched with muwanga handles. The next one is a 9" carving knife. 1070 with mopane handle. As always, thoughts and critique welcome
  17. Haha, thanks very much guys! Actually, she was very much ok with me getting it, even supportive. She knows the direction I'm trying to go in and knows how much a hammer means to me. If she wasnt happy, I wouldn't have dared to take this pic!! I dont know. If i had to guess i would say around the 40 kg to maybe 50kg mark. The anvil itself is insane. Its solid, must be close on 800kgs by itself
  18. Hi all. No new blades, but something that will help make them. I picked it up for the unbelievable price of us$350!! First pic is where I saw it first, next pic is it in the shop, and my Mrs reaction. Plans are to throw a new concrete slab for it, build a protective cage around all the moving stuff (I'm clumsy) and then convert from the electric motor it has to either a petrol or diesel power pack. 16hour daily power cuts are no joke.
  19. Very very nice. Also just made this same milestone recently. It feels so awesome, right?! As another option for low layer billets, what I did was 2 5 layer billets, then forged them together with a single layer between them to make 11 total layers. Then I laddered that. Came out pretty nice
  20. So here is the plan. Currently, mu rapier blade is a little on the week side. Too thin and not enough thickness. Plus, seeing as we are going all out on this, I wanted to up the anti. the diagram shows my plan. I'm going to forge out 2 billets of cable Damascus and then forge weld them to my blade, effectively creating a San mai. This will give me both the steel for the width and the steel for the thickness, plus the degree of challenge I'm stupidly looking for, and of course, if it all comes out ok, it should look pretty awesome too. Any thoughts from those more experienced?
  21. Right, update time. Today marked a big day for me in the forge welding area again, this time cable Damascus. So what does this have to do with rapiers? Hold your horses, ok getting to that. First though, some details about this blade as I forged it out as practice for what I'm going to do with the rapier. I started out by forge welding 3 peices of 25mm cable about 8" long into billets. I then took all three billets and forged them into one billet and squared that up. This was the main part of my experiment done. I now know that not only can I forge weld the cable to what i need, but that it will give the look i want. Here is a couple of pics of forging the blade and heat treat. So what's my plan and what does a cable Damascus knife have to do with it? I'll show you...
  22. Thank you very much. Thanks for the awesome info and awesome rapier. I hope mine comes out half as good as yours. Thanks guys! Never had people following along before!
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