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  1. Hi all, this past 2 weeks worth of work
  2. very nice bru. whats your LTC lenght? i think ours is officially "no blade with a locking mechanism over 3 inches in length". what i take from that is my 5 inch fixed blade EDC is perfectly legal!!
  3. Ja, the tang was ground a little thinner before final assembly thanks very much! ja, i personally preferred the satin finish, but the customer is going to EDC it and spends a lot of time on a boat, so he wanted a more resistant finish.
  4. Hi all! still going through all my firsts, next up is integral. also, first knife made on the new DIY 2x72 forged from 5160 17mm thick round bar. handle is teak. finish on the blade is mustard patina.
  5. That's about 9mm thick. Yes, that would be much better and stronger. If you can get it, use it. Unfortunately the thickest I could get locally was 2mm. Thankfully after running it for a day it's all holding up super well and nice and stable and stout. Thanks boet. I wish they were! Then I would have a source of W2!! Knowing me they would be differentially hardened with hamon
  6. Hi all So, I've just gone full time. That means my time is more precious than it was before. So my 1x30, as good as it's been, just ain't gonna cut it any more. Now, the biggest problem with buying a 2x72 is of course the price. AMKs option, which is about the best bang for buck, still comes in at $1400, and that's before I pay for shipping and customs to get to Zimbabwe. So that's why I built my own. So here's how I turned this Into this. And all for less than $350! So, we start with the frame. This was made out of 50x50x2mm square tube. Weld it
  7. similar trick to stop v-belts from squealing in your car motor, use a candle! i bet it will probably work with this too
  8. i think my right thumb is now 'very well done' it holds onto steel much longer now than it did a month ago!
  9. that tak tak tak, i believe i know your culprit, as its mine too. im in the middle of a 2x72 build from scratch, which i will put up a little later when its working. as for that sound, is it coming from mainly aluminium oxide belts? bought locally here in Southern Africa? because what i have been finding is that the joins in the belts are not fully flush, so as that join runs over a hard backing, ie, your platten, it lifts, hence that tak tak tak and those divots in your steel. this has been happening on my 1x30 since day one. what i did to minimise it was put a strip of masking tape on
  10. that sheath is awesome! as is the knife
  11. Hi all,Latest knife off the bench. I tried to get as close as possible to a true Santoku, but just with a handle thats been rounded off a little too much.steel is 1070, clay quenched with hamon. handle is homemade black linen micarta and muwanga (pericopsis angolensis)
  12. now that is nice. i love low profile sheaths
  13. ja, i think we my be using the same stock. i know what you mean. i had people raving about this one, and i still feel my hidden tangs out class it. funny what others like vs you who make them like.
  14. That was my mrs holding up a peice of material so that the mirror polish didnt show my ugly face in the picture! No offence taken, that's why I ask for critiques. To be honest I still struggle with distal taper Thanks man!
  15. 235mm total length, 105mm of blade, 50mm wide at the heel and 6mm thick at the spine.
  16. Ja, that's exactly the issue I had with this one. This was the first one of 3 that I heat treated together, by the 2nd one i had it right. Thanks very much! The micarta was home made using the bag method, so when you sand it it has a really random 'grain' to it which gives it a bit of character. Thanks very much for the kind words!
  17. Howzit all, Just finished this one up for a customer. Brief was for a general purpose hunting/skinning bush knife for here Zimbabwe. Steel is 5160, handle scales are teak and liners are recycled plastic.
  18. thanks man, advice from you is always welcome! i got the thickness down to 0.3mm before final edge, which is a touch thicker than 0.010. something to always aim for! and ja, that damn hardening. i know what went wrong here, fixed it on the santuku im working on now. funnily enough though, the customer saw it and said "perfect, now i can be a little heavier on the heel" ! dont know if thats a positive thing, but happy hes happy
  19. Hi all, so heres a progression of design from my last chefs knives to this. much happier with the shape over all. steel is 1070 with hamon. handle is home made linen micarta, copper and muwanga. as always, thoughts and critiques welcome
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