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  1. Cool well wish me luck with mine since I have to rebuild my forge XD
  2. Thanks for the advice :) as for a tutorial heres one I found on the forum https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?/topic/2741-making-a-sen/
  3. Thanks for the advice :) I found one of our local surplus shop selling some leaf spring I think I'll make it from that maybe a pair one for adding bevels and one for removing matterial
  4. Guranteed stupid question from me can you make sen scrapper from leaf spring?
  5. Thanks for the response ^^ now that you mention it i do knoelw where to purchase the replace stone for the bench grinder and that is fairly rough so that should work with shaping and a bit if edgework then its to off to emery and sand paper for polish and edge tuning
  6. Hello again its been a while since I posted after my beak from the forge, now there been something buzzing in my mind Lets say I have just finished working a truck leaf spring and the general shape has been forged and annealed Is it possible to refine and shape the knife with the following: Emery Cloth or Coarse sand paper and chisel now while I do have an angle grinder I want to try my hand in Old forging i.e minimal power tools any thoughts from our veteran smiths, any thoughts and comments are very much appreciated On an unrelated note for my set up I have solid 80lbs steel block for m
  7. Thanks for the heads up I live here in the Philippines so I go to junkyards to buy mystery steels and I dont have anything too fancy really I have a steel block for anvil a 4 pound sledge I'm very minimal so stuff like this are very useful so than you for your time and advice and the fuel i use is charcoal with a box bellow too pump air in it, it is surprisingly effective as it can heat metal to critical point where a magnet will no longer stick I'm actually in the middle of building my second forge cuz I plan to use the first one as a foundry
  8. huh thanks for the info ^^ I'll keep those in mind ^^
  9. Alright Thank you for time and answer ^^ I appreciate it I'll probably buy some this week end a few flat bastard file should be good along with half moon
  10. yes I am forging the blade to shape and Planning to use a rough grit paper to refine the shape my question is it feasible ?
  11. Hello everyone I would like some inputs regarding shaping knives and blades I'm practicing old school blade smithing with little to no power tools now I've read that a file is a good way to go but how about sand papers or emery cloths? Will the rougher grits be sufficient to shave the metal and do some shaping after being annealed? Thank you for the responses and your time
  12. Thanks for the advise I just actually got the rebar from a junk shop so I work with what I have XD its mild steel so I cant even harden it but for a beginner project I'm surprised that it hold out and has a fairly decent grip
  13. Well finally manage to start forging and first project are tongs i know they look like crap but it was my first time anyways any and all adavice are greatly appreciated ^^
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