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  1. I enjoyed the episodes so far, both of them. Do you have a list of what you plan on doing or take suggestions?
  2. It will help. Not going to make it fool proof but it will certainly help. Make sure to get the high temperature K type probe TC. Don't skimp on the thermocouple and it will last and give you good results.
  3. Interesting to watch them work. I wonder if concave anvils will be the next big thing.
  4. I thought I would share this video for the other beginners here. This wasn't something I really thought about, I mean how difficult can it be to throw a hammer right? But He has some good techniques and thoughts on this very basic mechanic. So I found it informative and hope others will as well.
  5. I had wondered about this as well and if the deep fryers cord hadn't wandered off I might have tried it. So glad to hear I wasn't too far off.
  6. Swords always look better after they have been put through there paces. The whole project looks great and I'm saving this for inspiration for later.
  7. I would love to see the video of that. If I am understanding this correctly. The mild steel was inserted into the barrel then it was forged into a blade?
  8. That would be great for straightening arrow shafts or even ballista shafts If it could be converted to a useful press I would depend of the end of the screw that goes against the shaft rotates seperatly from the screw. Or more precisely doesn't rotate wile the screw does. Not sure how fast a press would have to be to useful though.
  9. Thanks for all of the replies. After reading through all of them I am thinking of going with something around 2lbs but with a flat square face and taking the current cross pein hammer and rounding its face.
  10. As a Christmas present I am thinking about getting another hammer. I currently have a 2.5lb cross pein, picked it up from Home Depot, and a smaller ball pein hammer and was wondering what would make a good compliment to that. I was thinking something in the 1 to 1.5 lb range but was a bit overwhelmed with the different styles. Does the different pattern, I.E. German or French or Nordic, make that much of a difference? Unfortunately a power hammer is right out. So any suggestions on what should be my next purchase would be helpful.
  11. I have that same grinder and one of the videos on practical upgrades for that grinder recommended using a 2" wide bit of smooth ceramic tile. In this end it does that same thing.
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