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    Wood carving, outdoors, motorcycles, steam locomotives, and science.

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About Me

Rocket scientist (literally) retired.  Started my career with Apollo 11 in the late 60s. I'm 72.

My chief hobby was wood carving  and I became a master at it.  I made my own tools, using stock removal, and became more interested in knives than wood.  

Standard wood carving knives are BOOORing.  So I started making custom knives with sculpted blades and exotic wood handles.  Soon carvers wanted my custom knives so I started selling them.

My next challenge is forging carving blades including Damascus.  These are small blades usually 2 to 3 inches at the most.

So far my total experience at  forging is watching Forged in Fire so I have a lot to learn.

bench and whittler.jpg

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