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  1. Thanks, really not something I want to short change!
  2. I'm wondering if something like this http://www.gvs.com/product-family/223/1035/ would be sufficient? already planned on a full face shield instead of safety glasses, but unsure if this half mask and face shield would be sufficient for most work while grinding etc? have done enough of the i'm bullet proof and immortal when i was younger (thankfully cant recall anything along the lines of breathing in things i shouldn't). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, health and safety is something I don't like skimping on, but I know so many distributors these days like the extra keywords that don
  3. both good ideas, havent been able to get to any events where that would be possible as of yet. her arguments are mostly space as id end up converting the carport (not even the garage the carport) and financial.... kind of hard to argue with as she really is an accountant
  4. Puttered around the house doing minor things like upgrading electrical outlets, cleaning and same as for the last two months more research on starting something I've dreamed of since the late 80's...... setting up a forge and becoming a part time bladesmith P.s. yes the warden/accountant is slowly coming around to the idea... probably to stop my constant forum lurking and new responses to her arguments against it
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