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  1. Tim Jackson

    A good belt grinder under 300$ ?

    perhaps I interpreted this incorrectly sharpen yes, no blade grinding
  2. Tim Jackson

    A good belt grinder under 300$ ?

    Seriously if you desire that style give the 3M backing pad & the Metabo grinding disks a try. You will probably never use anything else. Have used them for decades..they devour material in the 24, 36, 40 grit & leave a flat uniform surface. & in the higher grits, your hand sanding can be little to almost none if follwed with a DA, then buffer.
  3. Tim Jackson

    A good belt grinder under 300$ ?

    Tormek will not get one for under $7-800 add in the attachments then they go $1000 -$1300. If you can find someone wanting to unload an old T4 or T3 (discontinued) that price may be obtainable. Oh, I see a wen and a few other wet grinders here in your desired range. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=tormek
  4. Tim Jackson

    Little integral random damascus utility kitchen knife

    Nice! Already seeing some complicated angles to grind and sand. Best of luck ahead.
  5. Tim Jackson

    Epona - a La Tène period Celtic sword

    My, see what I have missed after a long day of our first open forge for the year! From what I see that brass & black on the damascus is really soothing on the eye! Tough mark to follow.
  6. Tim Jackson

    All Purpose Kitchen Knife

    With the shape you have here mine average on 5-6". (blade) I ran into issues with cutting various things depending on edge thickness vs edge angle. For my go to have found with this size if not wanting food to stick to side of blade a convex blade bevel was my go to. ( you know you slice a cucumber and the slice is clinging on like a monkey, not able to get another cut in) I am finding myself trying out, change grind, trying out changing blade taper, grind..and so on. Best of luck!
  7. Tim Jackson

    HeartLine S290 Stainless San Mai

    Almost appears to be melting! Am curious as how this is heat treated? Looked this up as it does not appear on HTS.
  8. Tim Jackson

    The Little Bealings Project

    Nicely done. What are the biggest challenges in doing a piece so big, other than the sheer length?
  9. Tim Jackson

    Drop Point hunter

    That rasp to brass with the black is one fine contrast. Nice work
  10. Tim Jackson

    A little Disappointed....

    I have had similar issues that pop up. Ground a profile, put bevels on, sharpened, honed.. tried it out. Nope this isn't right! Regrind the whole blade to another angle, steeper bevels, regrind the edge, hone. Some have done more than a few times. That is the suck to the learning curve. Experience lets you see the mistakes as they are about to unfold and take immediate action to avoid the faux-pas that are intolerable. My all steel handles are no picnic I tell you. From your pictures seems like a fine blade.
  11. Tim Jackson

    Whole pork loin choppers

    buy a port-a-band portable bandsaw (for steel) mount it one of the optional tables with a foot switch & rip them through. have a couple spare blades laying around. If these won't keep up you are in dire straits https://www.amazon.com/portaband/s?page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aportaband
  12. Tim Jackson

    My and my son raphael medieval market stand

    Hope you sell them all, that would be a nice little payday.
  13. Tim Jackson

    How can I find out where a local Blacksmiths guild is?

    Another idea. After joining ABANA, I found the state Artist Blacksmith association. From there was able to locate the local open forges. There are an array of artist from armorers to farrier to accomplished bladesmith. Good luck!
  14. Tim Jackson

    Tim Jackson

    Chef knife 01 tool steel my take on "Brute de Forge" from a 1" - 2.54 cm round bar. 14 1/4" 36.195cm overallblade 7 1/2" 19.05cm .. 2" 5.08cm at the heal. taper to 1 3/4" 4.445cm at tip blade is 1/16" 1.5875mm thickhandle is a generous 6 1/2" 16.51cm long, 1" 2.54cm wide (average) hope my metric conversions are precise completed
  15. Tim Jackson

    Tim Jackson

    As in a bolster? Perhaps my terminology is off? don't know. Just planned on hammering in the transition, then grinding the blade per usual.