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  1. Up for sale, damascus steel hunting knife, 4" drop point blade. hidden tang design, White oak handle with red and black fiber spacers and a stainless steel bolster. blade steel steel is 15N20 and 1080. S pattern file work on the spine. 8 5/8" overall length. the sheath is high quality leather that l have hand stiched and wet formed to fit the knife exactly. It is razor sharp and ready to start working! Asking $200 OBO and thank you for looking!
  2. Thanks guys! l will try that and get some pictures when l'm done.
  3. Ok so I deserve the idiot award, l am making a damascus steel hunting knife and I was wet forming the sheath and you guessed it, l didn't water proof the blade well enough and there was a bit of rust on both sides of the blade, so after kicking things and expanding my kids's vocabularies I re-polished the blade. So I am needing to re-etch the blade but the problem is that it already has a stainless steel bolster and white oak handle and it is all epoxied and pinned. l am thinking of just painting the bolster with clear nail polish and re-eching the blade. Any thoughts before l ruin the knife?
  4. I used a sliver of horn and inlayed it into the hole. Here is the result. Thank you so much for all of the help you guys!
  5. Here is a picture, I have quite a bit of elk antler around, could I make some dust and add it to the epoxy to make a slurry and put that in?
  6. I would but it is already epoxied and pinned. Is there any way that I could get the piece off without distroying my heat treat and finish?
  7. Hey guys, l am making a hunting knife for a friend and l am surprising him with a ram's horn handle but when I was roughing out the profile I hit a air pocket about an inch long and l was wondering how to fill it. Is it on the edge of the handle so it will need to have the sharp edges knocked off. It is pretty big so will epoxy work? Thanks guys!
  8. Hey guys thank you for the advice! Here are some pictures of the the two billets. Another questian, they are 3 "x 5/8" x 1" so should l keep it simple and forge blades out of these or should I try to weld them together? As is they are 11 layers.
  9. Hey guys, l'm trying to make my first real damascus knife and l have a questian. l'm using 1080 and 15N20 steel and l checked the billet to see how it was going, lt seems to be going well but there are some tiny hare line cracks between some of the layers and l was wondering if this is normal or if l need to heat it back up to welding temperature and flux it up to see if l can get them to shut?
  10. Hey guys I'm working on putting mirror finishes on couple of knives and I was wondering what kind of compound to buy? I always take the blades to 1000 grit on my belt sander.
  11. Hey guys i'm new to the forum and I had some questians on different steels. I just built a cable damaskas skinner that was neat but it didn't have much of a pattern, do different cables have different patterns? And has any one ever used a chainsaw bar for building knives? I have heard both good and bad about it.
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