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  1. Yeah it all helps, and your time and feedback is def. appreciated.. I def.got some learning to do lol. But thats half the fun. Sounds like 1084 may be the best steel for me to work with for now. Minus the clay
  2. For HT i just put it in the forge once it started to turn orange i just checked with magnet cpl times once it stopped sticking put it back in for maybe 60/90 seconds then into canola oil that i had warmed to aprox 150°
  3. Just washed with warm water w lil bit of dawn to clean & get rid of any oils etc. After that i made sure to not touch it..after last dip i washed blade in water/baking soda. Thats when it looked like crackle paint finish .Next day i just lightly wetsanded 1500 and seen that every where that looked crackled was actually pitted
  4. Yeah for sure gonna just concentrate on getting HT down ..i knew it was a bit ambitious just got ahead of myself ..really appreciate all the info/advice
  5. The image where the knife looks gold is what the blade looked like before i put it in the vinegar nice polished finish ....And the very first image of the post that shows the pitting is what i got after etching in the vinegar & hitting it very lightly with 1500 wetsand paper
  6. I guess what is really confusing to me is why did it not pit up until after i put it in the vinegar??
  7. 1st pic was taken when i touched with magnet. Was still sticking second was when it was non magnetic. Before i quenched clay was so thick cuz it expanded when it went in. This is all trial n error well prob more error then trial ..but just dont have anyone to learn from so grabbed some bone yard steel which im not going to do again ..and rather then send the stuff out to ht id rather try to figure it out/learn to do it myself .sounds like 1075 not the steel for me to experiment with maybe 1080-1084?? And yes stock removal
  8. Also i am VERY new at this this is 3rd knife i have made so maybe im biting off a lil to much to chew attempting to do a hamon..but any advice would be welcomed and appreciated thanx
  9. I had 80-90% of the beveling done before ht and basically just knocked off the scale after ht knife was beatiful but could not see the temper line at all. Would using ferric chloride be better option next time..just so strange that it only pitted along the temper line... pix are of same knife before etching the images where it looks gold is from lighting...first two show the clay 3rd is after knocked clay off, then various stages of polishing
  10. First attempt at creating a hamon line.6" drop point 1075. Clay on spine heated to just past non magnetic cleaned scale polished up to 2000 wet sand. Etched using hot white vinegar soaked for 30 min.or so wiped clean re heated vinegar ..did this several times knife looks great from the spine to the temper line silky med grey tones & knife was very smooth to the touch ..but from temp.line to the edge it is much darker wich is good but looks like crackle paint finish and rough to the touch and very pitted ..why would this only be around temper line and not all over the entire blade
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