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  1. I had a forge with a burner like yours( venturi)and went through the same thoughts and made a ribbon burner and can heat treat way better now with it.My main gripe with the pipe burner was uneven heat even with a baffle,tips are just too thin to keep the knife even in a forge with that big difference in temp where flame hits.It can be done,but my problem was in doing it I had to do a bunch of things that made it un enjoyable.I wanted to get an even heat and hold it somewhat,and I found it impossible to do consistantly in my 1st,well it was my 2nd one.Those burners sounded like a jet and you could hear and feel that it was on from far away,and my ribbon is super quiet and super efficient,it runs at 10psi.at the regulator and 5psi at the needle valve. Are you making a whole new forge?Have you ht'd some blades in there?What steel are you using?Are you going to non mag now?Try a baffle,just stick a pipe thats not galvanized in and see how it works..I lost much time trying to research the "perfect" forge,and found I had to make it myself from exactly where you are.Yours looks neater than mine! I put my burner in the floor ,it swirls heat nicely and my thermo just pokes in there and gives me numbers ,but like Joshua says learn decalescance,I once thought if I get a themocouple=problem solved. Info on Waynes site above has surely helped me,the Kasto-lite and metrikote came from him!
  2. Gilbert, I just saw .20 cu./r crs vane pump at surplus center for 149.,It says it was used briefly and tested. Mike
  3. Geoff, I figured I will try and get a working hydraulic press since I never built any hydraulic . Once I built one I would know more,hopefully what I have will work and my next one can be like yours!The cost of 3 phase motors had me figuring if I should get a way to run one,but a 5 HP single phase came to me for low$. What size is your cylinder bore and rod? mike
  4. Cal, Have you even seen this in action? I have a vane pump that will give me 3.77 GPM my bore is 4" and 1.375" rod.I know the ideal regen ratio is 2:1 what would happen with this spool in my system? Model LS3060 Rapid Extend Log Splitter.htm
  5. Bogamin, I have a similar problem,when I get around that hot it will sometimes"pop",at this point my forge is so hot that I need to lower gas and feather the air to get it to stop. I have my fan on a speed controller and it has just been like how you need to get the right ratio to get it started would be a good way to describe what I have to do.It is nerve racking fiddling with it after it pops and I would like to hear what anyone else says about this.
  6. Gilbert,I am building one too,I am also using a single stage vane pump.In my research I came to the conclusion that in order to get to the "recommended by most" 1" of travel per second with a single stage pump I needed a 5 HP motor.The Batson books numbers(I believe) come from a 2 stage pump,which is a larger GPM at lower PSI to move cylinder faster and then it switches to like 2.9 gpm once it feels the pressure rise ,which also coincides with having buried your dies into hot steel ,and then it gives you full pressure.I am just sitting here with most of the parts ordered and don't have a working press to tell you one is better than the other(single stage or 2 -stage pump)I did watch enough videos and on Forged in fire when David Baker says"you have to wait for that presses second stage to kick in"to feel I did not want to have to wait for it.I looks like 1500 psi at 3GPM is what you can get with 3HP motor using surplus center calculator.I guessed that there isn't many comments on these single stage pumps because most smiths have used the 2 stages and like their machines how they are and really can't say what the single will or won't do.
  7. Brian,I do like those coal and iron ones.I am using a single stage pump in mine.I decided I dont want to have to develop a feel for the second squeeze.Its crazy, I was recently looking through their web site looking at what center they used!
  8. Ok,good I want control.Is there a 3 position spool with the usual tandem center at the end of the spool so I can go in and out without "skipping" past the center each time or is the center needed in the center for a reason I don't know?It seems the center on an end would be better for forge presses . I will be using a pump less than 5GPM ,and most spools are rated for higher GPM,I assume these will work up to the listed GPM,but is there worry of using less flow through higher GPM rated parts?Cal on your press I see 2 pressure guages where would I add these in mine?
  9. Cal,would an open center drop by gravity? I plan on rod pressing downward with guides attached and there would be significant weight.I am now reading more about solenoid operation.I read these can be nice.Is there worry of pressure spikes with how quickly we instantly reverse these cylinders with either manual or solenoid spool controls?
  10. I am looking at hydraulic directional control valves .What center did you guys use and why?My idea would be to "position"my top die very close to where I was going to take my 1st bite ,and have it stay there until I was ready to start.I see an open center and a tandem center should do either and direct fluid back to tank,but what do you guys use? Thanks
  11. I am looking for a "guy"in my neck of the woods as we type.I have the motor and ordered smaller"and$ cylinder than originally thought,to put a system together that will hopefully get me squeezing,and some experience.
  12. What pump do you have?I ask because I see a lot of vids that seems to look like what you say "doing a lot of work with 1st stage".If its 16 gpm @650 PSI 1st stage,with 5" cylinder that gives you around 6 tons at 3"/sec. to do alot of work with,with an extra push possible when needed.I feel that with the little bites I will be taking, I want to have the full tons avail and take the extra squeeze out of the equation,for now at least.I was hoping that someone had used the china made pumps so if I want to go to a 2 stage after "trying" the single I wouldn't have spent $200 on the 1st pump I buy.The more I have been sifting through parts and distributers,the more I see a lot of the parts we use are not USA made anyway.I bought a 4"cylinder,so I have a 5 hp electric 1740 rpm motor and the cyl and thinking to get a 4 gpm pump that will let me get almost 2000 psi for near 14 tons at around 1"/sec.
  13. I agree to everything mentioned.Wire brush it and post another pic,are you planning to use it or sell it?I would just wire wheel/brush the top face and see how that surface is under whats pictured
  14. Where are you located ?Maybe some of us might lighten your load.
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