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  1. Ash

    It's all about the crucibles

    Mapp gas burns at 2020 C copper melts at 1080 C i have 2 torches so going to make 2 inlets for the burners one on each side so in theory that should do it and i'm doing in in a 4 inch crucible just got with 1 inch clearance on each side so not a lot of air to heat around the crucible im using fire cement that going to be 2 inch think and then ceramic fibre around the out side of that so hopefully will do it if not off to the yard and grabbing the big acetylene torch
  2. Ash

    It's all about the crucibles

    Ok thanks for all the info cant wait to get melting just waiting for everything to get here and then off i go if there any other useful pointers i'm all ears Thanks Ashley
  3. Ash

    It's all about the crucibles

    I'm using MAPP gas as my main heat would adding borax to the copper not work the same way? also making a small refractory out of an old expansion vessel from work as it is a good fit for what i want just need cutting and a few legs adding and thanks didn't know i would need different crucibles for different metal
  4. Ash

    It's all about the crucibles

    Gary i'm sporting one of the bad boys https://www.protectivemasksdirect.co.uk/moldex-reusable-half-mask-respirator-protection-moldex-7000?gclid=CjwKCAiA6qPRBRAkEiwAGw4SdgCq5-DiG9XGZzxUax8_GRjQNtxOWTctpylCil1S-zKU_XI80SzrnRoCfvIQAvD_BwE as i'm in roof spaces a lot and the chemical cartridge are £10 a pop and are a 4 week life span so i'm all good. Alan just to start i'm going to melt down copper to get it clean then into ingot to store then the iron may just tinker and see what i can do with it. I have steal thredded bar i may try and make into knife of some sort in the Christmas shut down at work. May also look at casting iron fittings and aluminium unless there a section for what to make first to text page i have mist would also be interested i would in?
  5. Hi all I'm new here and i'm just starting out doing as a hobby at the moment but also getting in to metal melting as as a plumber i have a lot of scrap copper brass and iron that a bugger to store unless i melt it down but my question is is all about the Crucibles. i have notices theirs two types Graphite and ceramic for what i'm melting to be reformed what is best? i'm a tad bit lost also going on a whim here and hoping that you all know about this thanks Ashley