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  1. I have the ramp/soak model i am trying to figure out how to wire up. Do you have a cheat sheet for your wiring? I am running 110v, 40a ssr and k type thermocouple. I have contacted Auberins and they continue to refer me to the manual, (that was not sent with the controller). They sent me a link to the manual, but even my electrician doesnt know what to do. They dont show any wires going to or from the ssr.
  2. I am at my whits ends! Does anybody have a wiring diagram for an Auberins SYL-2352P controller, 40a ssr using a thermocouple and 110v/120v power? The one they supply even has my electrician scratching his head.
  3. A quick question on normalizing. Do you normalize even when doing stock removal blades, or is it just for forging? If so, how many times would you normalize a blade made from a file? I have 2 knives now made from old USA files and a third file i am working now. The Nichols files will not get soft enough to work. The one i am working now, i brought up to temp slowly in my little forge, working it for about 45 minutes, then left it on my wood stove over night to cool. The outsideis soft, but i still have trouble working it.
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