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  1. That side is always cold, however moving it farther away probably wouldn't be a bad idea. It's about 20" away from that wall and I have the back side kind of covered or the heat more dispersed. I also have a fire extinguisher right behind me. Confirming those measurements from earlier 7.5" wide by 8" tall by 18" deep. 5.75" between each burner. Before when I tried raising the bed up it didn't seem to help heat the space more as of make more concentrated hot spots. I did take a look at that linked forum. It would be nice to get this one to work and not have to make a new round one. The building I am in is only 8'x10'
  2. The orifice size is #57 bit. This is a tutorial online I found for the burners. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Qu6X5qjb_TRH0V9OLoXjxqM_PCux4yir7ZhaNfuZNQI/edit?usp=drivesdk That inline where it connects to the 3 1/8" fuel lines to the burners is 1". They have plenty of fuel going to them. Originally it was smaller and I had to make it larger because it wasn't getting gas quick enough to get the burners going
  3. Howdy, my name is Mark. I built a propane forge about a year ago. The chamber does not heat properly. It has cold spots and doesn't get the metal as hot as it should. I need to remeasure it, but I'm pretty sure the mouth is 6"x6" with a depth/length of 18". 6" from burner to burner. I used the common ez burner style. 1.25"x.75" reducer. 8" 3/4" pipe with a flared end. For insulation I used 2" soft firebrick. And then it's kiln shelfing on the bottom (3/4" thick) and sides (1/2-5/8" thick). The propane is a high pressure 10psi regulator When I thought the problem was that too much heat escaped, I closed up one end and it did not help. I also tried raising up the floor, but this just made smaller hot zones and larger cold zones with no improvement. I can't really raise the burners higher or lower the floor without cutting welds out. I made a steel box all around it out of angle iron and plate 1/8". Before trying something like that I was hoping to get some advice from you folks. I remembered reading a lot of forums here when I was making plans and constructing this. Thanks in advance for the help. Please let me know if there is any more information I can add that'll be useful, and if you want me to post pics of attempts of changes. Thanks again, -Mark
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