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  1. Thank you all very much for your kind words!
  2. Hey there folks and greetings from good ol germany! Here i did a little restoration of an old knife that has been sitting to darn long in a dark corner. Unfortunately i don't know much about that knife but i couldn't help myself with giving this fella a facelift. Have a look and leave a comment if you like...criticism well welcome!
  3. Not a professional here...just a little german bungler who loves to build thingadoos... Please excuse my bad english... my bad shooting... my bad editing... and pretty much everything! Hope i maybe can inspire one or two of you with that... I'd be very honored if you'd also check out my other videos!
  4. Thank you Sir! ..............i hope this was ment like i think its been....
  5. Hey there from the home of the Lederhosen! Just recently finished this knife as a gift for a good fellow servicemember of mine (yup...this one here is part of the German Armed Forces) who left us now to another post. The steel is some 1095 and 15N20 damascus. The hardware is stainless. Handle and the coating of the blade itself is carbon fiber. As always i have to excuse for my bad english my lousy footage my even worse editing and pretty much everything!!! Comments and criticism are very welcome! ...although some honey spreading would be better.... Also it would be very cool if you'd check out my other videos...but hey...it's just me...
  6. First part of my new project... A little (meant to be)EDC but for shure with my fancy custom touch. The steel i'm using is some basic damascus out of 1095 and 15n20. For the handle i decided to go for some carbon fiber. And because this is not difficult enough i thought...hey...why not slamming some of this carbon fiber onto the blade itself so you will get a rad transition between the carbon fiber and the damascus...!!! Holy lord, this has been a stupid idea... As always i have to apologize for the bad quality and also for my bad english! Especially in this episode i've been really hammered and in this state me 'ol brainy no worky... I hope maybe one or two will enjoy it nonetheless... Leave some comments if you like and it would be this little Krauts pleasure if you would also have a look at my channel!!!
  7. Yeah...somehow i have to distract from my lack of skills Mr Longmire
  8. Something different here. Customers order...a chisel knife! Finally got the last part edited...like if you could call that editing... Please excuse my bad footage...can't afford a better camera now... Please excuse my bad english...just a little Kraut here... Please excuse...pretty much everything...
  9. Just a very quick and sloppy build... It only has to work as intended and that's exactly what it is doing...except from some more or less bitchlike behaviours.... I didn't worked this out to it's full potentiall...because...read above....... Works out great...even though it's manufactured so poorly..... Leave some comments to help me learing at least something!!!
  10. Thank you Dave!!! Means a lot!!! The axe is finished and already out of the workshop unfortunately.... https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?/topic/36535-not-a-knifebut-still-a-bladesomehow/&tab=comments#comment-354982 Nice coincidence...only a few hours after i finished it...'Man at Arms' posted theirs on Youtube...
  11. Hey there Kreg!!! No never thought of that....till now... Thanks mate....i hate sanding as well!!!!! No i just simply intended this tumbler for creating stone washed finishes... I needed this for a more or less "replica" of Ragnars axe from the series "Vikings".... But thanks for this little cheat...
  12. Hey there!!! That's my kind of tumbler i've built... The idea was not to create another machine that will only suck more space in my workshop. So why don't we'll build some attachement for my belt grinder?! Would like to hear what you guys think of it.... And as again....please excuse my bad english!!!....i can't even speak my "native" language....
  13. Recently finished uploading the final part of building my version of Ragnars axe from 'Vikings' Please excuse my bad english....i'm just a lil' kraut...!!!
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