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    Everything I can create with my two left hands....

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About Me

Hey there world!
It's me...ye good 'ol Steiner!
I'm just an insignificant german wierdo who stumbled upon blacksmithing and knifemaking.
Everything i am, everything i have become, was ever since handmade. I've never been the Quarterback-type'o guy and also never wanted to be that.
Instead, i'm searching for the unique!
And for exactly that, no mountain could be to high for me!
Except for mountains...they are exhausting and also i'm terrified of heights....^^
This gibberish that worn out Kraut is talking means nothing else that i like to challenge myself within my passion.
I don't really like to do something twice, it always has to be something new and hopefully never seen before.
Increasing my skills and knowledge by teaching it myself is the greatest joy of mine!
I mean...come'on...i've built almost my whole knifemaking workshop myself!!!
My only intention with all of this is to maybe leave a spot in this world which is wearing my sign.
If i can help only one individual with my crafts, whether if i only inspire you or whatever, it would be the greatest thing in this little, meaningless life of mine...

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