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  1. I realize I'm late to the party and resurrecting an old thread, but holy cow well done. I got physically anxious looking at those pics. I'm still learning engraving and slip all the time... ide have needed a 4 pound valium to try this.
  2. Very clean! Looks like it would be fast on the swing.
  3. Well the only Grizzly product I have ever used was their version of a "Gunsmith" lathe, it cut pretty well with minimal chatter. So if this is better than that it should be great for small stuff. So It's not just an up sized drill then that's going to blow out when lateral stress is applied?
  4. Ok that looks like entirely to good a deal, what's the catch?
  5. Sorry dude, sucks when you do everything right and still get screwed by the fates......they are fickle, fickle creatures.
  6. Smoke sent man, try not to get to upset if odd things show up in the next few days. A lot of issues are swelling and fluid related and go away with the inflammation. Again my very best wishes for your family.
  7. So would this fall into the Dirk sized series of blades? Longer than a work knife but not to short sword length. Like a back up for a primary weapon?
  8. Is this not attacked by the acid? Or are you using a different type of bubbler then I have seen . The one I have in my fish tank is a plastic base with some type of porous stone set into it .....
  9. Great background and recreation!
  10. Very much appreciate the line drawing s of these historical pieces. So much easier to visualize.
  11. You just wanna sell his autograph on eBay.....
  12. Most sharpies use an alcohol-based colorant . Either denatured or high-strength isopropyl alcohol should remove it . You just have to be careful because it can also dissolve acrylics. Will use it in the painting industry to determine whether or not a surface has been painted with water-based or oil based paint, called a solvent resistance test .
  13. This is what happens when you let a nessimuk and a machete sleep together.... looks awesome
  14. Gorgeous! Turned out splendid.
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