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  1. Making a Scabbard With a Veneer Core

    Thank you Mr Johnsson for the tutorial, that makes perfect sense to keep the scabbard stiff and yet light weight. The only other I have seen done involved routing out solid hardwood and resulted in a sheath that was as much boat anchor as anything.
  2. The sound of Blue

    Keep this up and you'll earn your talent pipes.... you don't happen to know what lie behind the the doors of stone.... do you?
  3. buffing compound

    When I took machine tool our instructor showed us pictures of a guy with a Phillips head screw driver lodged into his pelvis. He had been polishing the rust off, had it ripped out of his hand and straight into his crotch. Very sobering lesson to a bunch of teen boys let me tell you.....
  4. Does Magical Realism Count?

    For that one fish that's always getting away...
  5. Osage Orange

    That thing looks as rough as my wife's tongue.... should shape that Osage fine.
  6. Three Bones

    That's what I'm going to start calling my belt slips! No longer shall I be the clumsy unskilled maker. That ding is where it deflected the lightning of an arch mage!!
  7. More kith questions

    You hit what we in randland call "The Slog" there's so much information that has to be set up for the following books that the pace slows to a crawl. If you can muscle through it picks back up and is amazing once again. By the by, were sorta neighbors, Elizabethtown here.
  8. Osage Orange

    Bows were made with it, in a time where there were no power tools. So you could do it. Shape the majority wet if you can, leave it over size. Then final shape dry. Sharp tools are a requirement.
  9. KITH WIP- kusarigama

    Lol, black locusts was the wood I first tried to learn carving on, I still have scars from the blisters on my soul! One of the toughest woods available, (hell they used to make nails for wooden ships out of it) but you best have power equipment if you want to do much shaping, unless you work it wet. I've got about 6 foot of the stuff destined for a walking staff but I ordered a brand new set of double cut carbide cutters as well lol.
  10. KITH WIP- kusarigama

    See if they have hickory, oak is tough and would definitely work but it also can be a pain in the ass for wanting to come off in splinters when your shaping it.
  11. Paring/Deveining Knife

    Aiden, my grandmother has a knife that looks much like this but in her case your initial thoughts were the correct one, she's just been using the same one for 40 years and has sharpened it down to a stub. Love the look of your variety. Almost purpose made for picking out pomegranate seeds!
  12. What type of finsh should i use on ironwood and cherry handle

    Cherry is also one of the few woods that look better the longer they are exposed to sunlight. One of the cabinet makers in town has a side line making cherry end tables, and it's fascinating to see the difference a month or so in the front window of his store makes.
  13. Three Bones

    Get to the cloud district often?
  14. More kith questions

    I can't count the times I've read through it, and have listened through the whole series on audio books 3-4 times as well. Had a huge impact on me as a teenager, reading about the Stoic warder who's advice to a lost young man was to face whatever came on his feet...
  15. KITH 2018 poll

    Could go about it the other way, rather than forging down you could weld up. ( I could also be talking out of my 5th point of contact as I'm barely even a stock remover let alone a bladesmith)