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  1. Jonathan Silas

    Messer 2.0

    Gorgeous! Turned out splendid.
  2. Jonathan Silas

    Greatly silly question. Steel-odor

    Hey man only the nose, knows what the knows nose....... or something like that.
  3. Jonathan Silas

    Greatly silly question. Steel-odor

    Could it have been an oil or grease preservative on the blade? Many fats can go rancid over time.
  4. Jonathan Silas

    Lindsay Air graver.

    Good news!!! My graver came yesterday and it's freaking awesome! Bad news!!!! The regulator is bad and has to be sent back Booooo!!!! Good news!!! Steve is sending me a new one and it will be here on Thursday..... I kind of feel like a child on Christmas morning that gets a cool new toy and then everyone figures out it didn't come with special batteries LOL ... but such is life. A bit of patience won't kill me.... I don't think.
  5. Jonathan Silas

    Dogfish Woman picture heavy

    I love these collaborative pieces. Functional art, with a side of history and magic.
  6. Jonathan Silas

    Will a Jewelers saw cut flat brass bar?

    If your a sadist it will work great! but a hack saw or a cut off wheel on an angel grinder is much faster.
  7. Jonathan Silas

    Messer 2.0

    There's just something so... visceral about these things. You can see the power in it, even just sitting there. Like a bear trap... or a weighty log supported by a thin cable.
  8. Jonathan Silas

    registration hiccup, sorry...

    Go Niels! Not the hero we deserve, but the one we truly need!
  9. Jonathan Silas

    Lindsay Air graver.

    Yes sir, one of the jewellers in town uses one for stone setting. He said he was happy with the performance. I've only done rotary carving till now, but have probably spent a hundred hours the last year watching everything YouTube has to offer. DanM was also kind enough to point me to engraver cafe where there are tons of examples of work.
  10. Jonathan Silas

    Table knives

    Don't be to salty, you posted a body of work, you didn't ask a question that needed a response. I'm glad you posted, there are some great makers and artists here and I learn from every post. I guarantee if you had posted the above with a " What do you see that I could improve on?" " Does the ironwood go with the stainless steel look ?" " Does anyone have experience with the edge holding capabilities of stainless steel spatulas? " Many more people would have commented. I'm a fan of the buffalo horn myself, I like the matte finish you gave it. Sometimes people polish it so highly it looks bound to fly out of a man's hand. Best regards
  11. Jonathan Silas

    Lindsay Air graver.

    Ill do that sir. And if they look ugly I can always blame it on the kid that drew it!
  12. Jonathan Silas

    Lindsay Air graver.

    Oh no doubt, it's taken me years to get the money together. And I about gave myself an ulcer worrying if I should actually do it...... but I look at it as an investment. I don't plan on sleeping a lot till I make my money back, and I've got a little niche idea that might make some decent money. Sterling silver in 20 gauge is about 4$ for an inch by inch square, I'm thinking of turning children's drawings into necklaces. They send in a drawing by junior, I turn it into a line drawing and engrave the design... hopefully it takes off.
  13. Jonathan Silas

    Lindsay Air graver.

    Well..... it's not cheap. The kit I bought comes with diamond stones, regulators, graver (what you call chisel) blanks, and other odds and ends for just shy of two grand..... you can carve wood with it as well but your going to have to home brew up your own chisels. They can't get to big.
  14. Jonathan Silas

    multi bar mosaic Damascus Dirk

    I feel more bad ass just having seen these photos, bravo sir. I especially like the sculpting you did on the skull cross guard. It looks organic and not like it was an afterthought stuck on the end.... but one that formed from the dark energy of the wicked men it had slain...
  15. Jonathan Silas

    Lindsay Air graver.

    Just realized that a great many of you probably have no idea what I'm talking about.... it's one of these. And is used for carving and sculpting metal, this isn't me, but it shows the type of tool I'm talking about.