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  1. Your videos are awesome! You've helped me get into knife making. Your video on charcoal heat treating convinced me I could do it. Awesome blade!
  2. Those are nice! What is the black finish on the blades?
  3. Thank you for the compliment and the tip! As far as I know the heat treat went well. Other than skating a file across the knife is there any other signs to tell if it's hardened correctly? On all the knives I got what looked kind of like "bubbles". Took a lot of grinding to get them all out. From what I've read it means the metal reached around 1700°. Not sure if this is correct or not.
  4. Does single bevel mean a bevel only on one side of the blade? They are beveled on both sides, and to be honest they're not that even. I was using a borrowed 4x36" harbor freight belt sander. I'll be using files until I can afford a better grinder.
  5. Thanks Doug! I sure have learned a lot.
  6. I just finished making my first knife by stock removal. Well, my first three knives actually. They were Christmas presents so I was kind of rushed. It has been one of the coolest/funnest projects I've ever done. Definitely will be making more!
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