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  1. Well I finally stuck a crowbar in my wallet and got a riverside press (Uncle Al's). I thought I would let people know what he told me. The cost for one right now is 4100, but the price is likely to go up before long. This is because the price of steel is really rising. As for the press itself I have one thing to say.... It will squish!
  2. 1st knife is kind of embarrassing. I just winged it and it wasn't attractive to say the least. The last one I did was posted by the owner on face book. It wasn't perfect but sure was better than my first. Just goes to show that nothing can take the place of practice and experience. Sorry the second pic has some odd shadows. I copied it off Facebook.
  3. I have a finishing question. I am looking for a wood finish that will not darken or yellow with age. I am also looking for a finish that will really highlight the grain of an exotic wood (olive). It should be tough enough to tolerate use when out in the weather (elk hunting) as well. Is there such a finish or am I snipe hunting?
  4. Used the last of that same twist bar on this fillet knife. Followed the advice and made handle smaller. Its made of black locust and the guard is brass. The eyes are malachite.
  5. Hmm. Hope u don't mind if I borrow that idea on those lilies Daniel W lol.
  6. Sorry about slow reply Brian. Yes the stems are all copper. The blossom is aluminum. I cut threads on the stem and just couple washers and nuts holding it on. That looks awesome BillyO! Love seeing the artistic creations people can make!
  7. Just thought I would start a thread to see what items besides knives everyone has made. Turns out a hammer and anvil isn't just for knives anymore (did I really say that out loud?). I'll start with a little metal and woodworking for a Christmas present.
  8. Hence the problem. Not sold enough to really have a base.
  9. Question for all u brilliant bladesmiths. If I was going to make knives to sell, what type of knife sells the best?
  10. I do mine at room temp. So heating it isn't necessary. However, experimenting with different temps (hot and cold) might produce a better pattern. Never know till u try!
  11. Stuck a crowbar into my wallet and got a small 10 inch band saw. Used it to cut some Osage orange and Black locust knife scales from a small log a friend gave me. Not heard about many people using black locust, but it is sure a hard and a beautiful wood.
  12. Just thought I would show this blade. I have watched TV and internet smiths make all sorts of twist damascus. Usually with a bazillion twists and layers. So went the other route here. Only used 6 layers and about 1.5 twists. Thought some other newbies might like to see it for comparison. And yes, the butt cap needs more work lol. It is threaded and screwed on.
  13. Hmm. Ok thanks for the replies. Problem is I don't have the 8k+ to spend on an anyang. That is twice my budget. Guess I will give up on the idea of a press.
  14. As someone getting older, I have been thinking about a forge press. Price seems rather prohibitive however. So thinking of going the homemade route. Problem with that is I have no fabrication or engineering skills. So was thinking about buying a cheaper H frame press ( https://www.harborfreight.com/50-ton-hydraulic-shop-press-96188.html for instance) and converting it. Think I could handle converting it to an electric motor and welding up some dies. Does this sound feasible or am I trying to ride a dead horse?
  15. I used lost foam casting and poured it from manganese bronze I ordered from Belmont metals. Client wanted it to look like gold so it was the best option I could find. The stones are low quality gems, but they are real. The scabbard shoulder stones are star rubies. The ones on the handle are called earth sapphires and the large green ones at the back of the handle are emeralds.
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