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  1. I looked around a bit and found out that in St. Louis the Shapleigh Hardware Company sold anvils in the early 1900's. They went out of business due to the great depression. If you look them up it may help. Good luck!
  2. Question about how to stop me from having a total meltdown again. I made a billet of 52 layer damascus. Drew it out and cut it in two. Then took each bar and twisted them. Squared em up, ground, cleaned and polished the two twisted bars. Forged welded em back together and was happy. No de-lam's or cracks or any defects I could see. Didn't come apart in the press or when hammered. Thought I was home free. Then when I twisted that combined bar it split apart on about the 4th or 5th twist. Went the entire length of the billet and ruined it (word of advice everyone, don't kick your press
  3. Jonathan, I picked this one out for several reasons. One is that per ton of force this was the cheapest I could find. Also it has a reputation for lasting a long time even with heavy use. I have never heard anyone complain theirs was badly made. Plus it is really easy to make dies for it. And I am not a fabricator. Plus the coal iron is a C frame. Others may correct me, but from what I've researched the H frame tends to run a little more true over time. Not to mention it is very easy to take care of and maintain. The only down side is like Vlegski said, it is noisy. However, I don't
  4. Nice first blade. Sure better than my first! Important part of doing this as a hobby is try to avoid getting frustrated. Just learn and enjoy the journey!
  5. Finished a Bowie with Olive wood handle. Thanks Alan for the wood finishing tip. The tung oil and poly worked well.
  6. Thanks for replying Alan. Appreciate the differentiation.
  7. Question for everyone. With my new 24 ton riverside machine I have been using just the flat dies with which it included. Now I am going to make a couple more dies. Which metal or metals are the best? From the research I've done, H13 and m2 look good but are really expensive. Some places just recommend A36, 4140 or some other mild steel. They say it lasts just as long and is cheaper to replace. What are the opinions of you experienced pressers? I want to learn before I leap.
  8. Well I finally stuck a crowbar in my wallet and got a riverside press (Uncle Al's). I thought I would let people know what he told me. The cost for one right now is 4100, but the price is likely to go up before long. This is because the price of steel is really rising. As for the press itself I have one thing to say.... It will squish!
  9. 1st knife is kind of embarrassing. I just winged it and it wasn't attractive to say the least. The last one I did was posted by the owner on face book. It wasn't perfect but sure was better than my first. Just goes to show that nothing can take the place of practice and experience. Sorry the second pic has some odd shadows. I copied it off Facebook.
  10. I have a finishing question. I am looking for a wood finish that will not darken or yellow with age. I am also looking for a finish that will really highlight the grain of an exotic wood (olive). It should be tough enough to tolerate use when out in the weather (elk hunting) as well. Is there such a finish or am I snipe hunting?
  11. Used the last of that same twist bar on this fillet knife. Followed the advice and made handle smaller. Its made of black locust and the guard is brass. The eyes are malachite.
  12. Hmm. Hope u don't mind if I borrow that idea on those lilies Daniel W lol.
  13. Sorry about slow reply Brian. Yes the stems are all copper. The blossom is aluminum. I cut threads on the stem and just couple washers and nuts holding it on. That looks awesome BillyO! Love seeing the artistic creations people can make!
  14. Just thought I would start a thread to see what items besides knives everyone has made. Turns out a hammer and anvil isn't just for knives anymore (did I really say that out loud?). I'll start with a little metal and woodworking for a Christmas present.
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