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  1. I would start with a vinegar bath. Seal the handle as much as possible and soak for a couple days. Use a Brillo pad or steel wool. Then oil the handle and patina the blade with vinegar again.
  2. Same thought here. I really like the idea of this tool and build. Will you share pics if you do a build? I may do an attempt as well. I love the idea of this multi tool as a gift for my father in law and step father. But I am thinking along the lines of your idea, to forge from a single piece.
  3. That looks incredible. I have casting on my short list as well. Seeing this, I may need to move it up the list. Thanks for including that pic. I think my first fuller will be ground as well. If I had the right tools, I would attempt to forge it, but based on my current setup, I will try something similar to what you describe. You ended up with a good smoothness that I am hoping to achieve and from the pics, I would be extremely happy with that symmetry. I think your sabre is fantastic. Really great job.
  4. Nice! Did you forge the fuller? I have been looking at putting a fuller in one of my next blades and haven’t attempted one yet. I would love to hear your feedback, suggestions, and personal experience. Mine won’t be anywhere near a sword length yet. But I love hearing others input on what to do and what to avoid. I also love the brass and guard and the pommel. Did you carve the pommel? Did you use a reference or how did you go about that design? I would love to see a pic of the pommel in a close up if you have additional pics! Great job all around
  5. I didn’t take it that way Zeb. No need to apologize. I am new and a hobbyist when it comes to blades. A couple years down the road, you will be begging me to collaborate! But I have only put handles on two knives to date. For my day job, I build the parts and pieces that enable Internet based transactions, so that part is easy for me to understand the how/why for creating a marketplace since I have been doing it for... (let’s just say) too many years now. And in that space, I would have the same hesitance for collaboration. So I get exactly where you are coming from. Pride in your creation an
  6. Seems like a doable proposition. I think there is a window of opportunity for this given the popularity and following FIF has generated. Find a handler, create a presence to capitalize on the FIF greenies, and I believe you could maintain and grow a practice for doing the hot work. Good luck and share progress on this endeavor. I really see the possibilities for you to do,the thing you are passionate about and even making some money to fuel the passion!
  7. I am half tempted to say “ship them to me” and I will handle them and sell them on consignment. I may have to noodle this one, but I enjoy the finish work. Maybe we can arrange something where I finish them and list them. Hmmmm..... I may need to DM you on this.
  8. There is definitely a market. Look at the USAknifemaker.com website and you can see they sell blade blanks. I have also seen this at other sites. I think if you sold a kit with the materials to finish the knife, you could capitalize on the draw of Forged In Fire newbies that want to get started. In my opinion, it would all come down to marketing this offering. Maybe Etsy or man crate offerings
  9. I concur. That looks great! I would vote for more!
  10. That looks amazing! You wouldn’t stop until it was perfect. I think you found the perfect combination. Well done
  11. Make it three. I am in Sandy. I use the Ft Union or Highland Dr exit daily love the mountains and the red rocks too
  12. Fumed silica is the rigidizer for your your blanket. Search for fumed silica on Amazon. Mix it with water and food coloring in a spray bottle. Spray onto your blanket. Let it dry a bit and then You will need to fire it to make it set. The blanket will be rigidized and then you can put your cement over it and then your IR.
  13. That forge looks great Zeb. I haven’t painted mine yet because of the cold. But I am either going to paint it black or I may go a little nuts and go with black. Haven’t decided yet!
  14. Sam, awesome work on that forge! Looks incredible. I also used Wayne Coe. Highly recommend his expertise and products. I used his cement and IR. Really happy with the performance. Rigidize that blanket before going to the cement. Used fumed silica and put food coloring in it so you can see where you spray it. Post updated pics when you are done and if WIP are available, shoot those over too
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