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  1. C Craft, I'm a newbie, so any information I give in response is just gathered from what I have read, and could be entirely wrong as I have no real forge time in yet. But, I believe the pattern is from etching. And I've heard layering steels can be done by hand, just a lot more work and a bit harder. Tom, Absolutely gorgeous work sir. I've saved those pictures to my, "sexy knives" folder. Your handle work is just beautiful. A big thank you for sharing your technique with us.
  2. I recently saw Thunder's original video on youtube and am glad to have found this thread after joining the forum. Many thanks to all you smiths that have collaborated and shared such cool knowledge with each other. I'll be looking forward to building one of these Mr. Mashers in the next few months as I setup shop! Also I'm glad to see this thread is still alive and kicking. Has been an excellent read so far, I couldn't put it down per se. I'm wondering if anyone has done more experimentation or has better documentation of fully automated setups that control both the air to jack motor
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