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  1. Yes. It is two hours away, but I need to go visit some people anyway.
  2. That is absolutely fantastic!
  3. That's funny you should say that. I decided to use some giraffe bone for this handle, but that means I have to do a frame. I think I'll use a 15 layer twist for the guard, and for the middle part of the spacer. I don't have any stainless or silver pins only brass. So I was thinking of sandwiching the twist spacer with thin peices of brass or maybe african black wood, but it seems like spacer packages on this type of knife steer away from wood. The frame will also be from the twsit damascus and will have five 1/16" brass pins in it. I added a little more shape to the handle
  4. It's pretty much ready for heat treat, everything is ground to 320 and I'll paint it before HT to minimize scale. I did run into a small delamination in my fish mouth weld, but it didn't go all the way through so I got it ground out. However, that ended up making the spine taper a bit sharper than I would have liked. The weld line is also still clearly visible, even after normilazing and thermal cycling. I plan to do another round of thermal cycling before HT in hopes of getting rid of the fuzzy white line.
  5. Oh, most definitely. I'm saving up for a power hammer so I can start making damascus in my shop.
  6. Thank you guys. That totally made my day. This morning I finished forging the blade out. I did make a steel template for this one and it was very helpful. The blade is still a bit oversized, especially the ricasso, but untill my forging gets better my moto is 'it's easier to take it away than put it back'
  7. I took the leap today. I started by cutting a fish mouth in the billet and welding it closed so that the borders meet at the tip. This is the first weld I have ever attempted without supervision of someone who knows what they're doing. I didn't use any kerosene, only flux. I'm happy it actually stuck together a bit, but the weld is still visible from both sides, etched or not. I can't feel any gaps anywhere, but it does get a smidge cloudy towards the inside. Am I just really nervous about my welding abilities, or do I need to start over?
  8. I really have to get some hide glue. I keep hearing it's great stuff.
  9. Did I mention that this turned out to be way harder than it looked? Made a little progress the other day, and decided that I need to spend some time to learn to tool and carve leather better. I might also need to take sewing lessons.
  10. I always look forward to your work. Lovely as usual.
  11. Faye

    5160 Hunter

    I started this knife at a Jim Quick clinic. It is 5160 steel, with a stainless steel guard and brazilian ebony for the handle. I learned about alignment pins and bedding the tang on this knife. It's been a game changer for me, and a timely one. Specs are 9" overall 4" blade 5" handle
  12. Yes. The core is w's, and the edges are half of a 32 layer twist.
  13. 2 and a 1/2 years later I actually finished the knife that started this thread. It took me three trys, but a couple days ago I achieved sucess. The blade is from a horseshoe rasp, while the handle is copper, african blackwood, birdseye maple, and indian rose wood. It took me forever, but the end product is a million times better than it would have been two years ago. At least thats what I tell my aunt when she asks about the knife she ordered. Thank you to everyone who helped with the design on this knife.
  14. So I tweaked a few things on the design, trying to create more flow to the guard/handle junction, and came up with this. I hope to get started on this in the next two weeks. Here is a sneak peak at the steel I made for this project. 20210203_163801.mp4
  15. I hadn't thought about beveling the clip, but it might look classy if I did. I haven't decided what to do with the spacer yet. The handle is going to be dessert ironwood, and the guard can be twist damascus, brass, or copper. The spacer is just there for now, as I have no idea what it's gonna be made of.
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