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  1. Faye

    Stone cast bronze

    Thank you for that link. That answered my question about how to work around the domed area.
  2. Faye

    Stone cast bronze

    My grandfather was gifted this Stone cast bronze sword by some of his students, but as it doesn't have a handle he asked me to give it one. My grandparents are very historical minded, my grandmother is a historian, so I really would like to put a historically accurate handle on this sword. That said I'm not sure what kind of sword this is, other than something from the Greek/Roman era. Any insights are very appreciated, on style, material, ect... What really has me stumped is that the front two pin holes are on a thick domed surface and I'm not sure what to do with that because I'm a little hesitant to take it to the grinder. Demensions are... 21 1/2" overall length. 3 1/2" from the top of the front two pin holes to the back of the handle. 1" wide at the widest part of the handle. Again, any and all help is appreciated. Happy Easter, and thanks for looking.
  3. Faye

    Reject turned veggie killer

    Yeah the pin placement wasn't supposed to be like that. I had to work around some pre-existing pinnholes that were in really bad spots on the very edge of the tang, and there was some bad planning on my part.
  4. Faye

    Reject turned veggie killer

    Thank you, it does work very nicely, and I'm very happy with it. The scales are oak.
  5. This began life as a leaf spring and then was repurposed for an American style tanto but got to be too thin, 2mm at widest, and as I don't know anyone who fishes and would use a fillet knife I turned it into a very slicey kitchen knife. The wood is oak and the pins brass. I tried to do a mustard patina on it, my first time attempting one, but I did it before I buffed it so it's barely there anymore. Overall length is 9", with 5" of blade and 4" of handle. Thank you for looking, critiques and advise are more than welcome.
  6. Faye

    All Purpose Kitchen Knife

    Thank you for pointing that out Joel, I should put that on a wall, make my handles bigger, everyone tells me that. Me and my small hands need to remember that we make knives for other people too.
  7. Faye

    All Purpose Kitchen Knife

    Thank you Tim, the knife that originally started this thread has already been forged out, but I appreciate the information. Seeing as this is my own thread I think it will be okay if I hijack it, right? My grandparents have asked for a kitchen knife that they can display on their mantle and I was thinking it should be a chef's knife. So in the mindset of a display worthy knife I came up with this design... The total length is 12 1/2", 5"for the hanlde and 7 1/2" for the blade. The very base of the blade is 2" wide. If you have any critiques for me, they would be appreciated. You can probably tell from the eraser marks in the picture that this has gone through multiple redesigns but this is the one I like best and wanted to run by someone who knows what they're looking at.
  8. Faye

    Tribute to Farriers...A knife for them..

    I think this is awesome! Absolutely stunning! Showed it to my dad, who is a retired journeyman farrier, and he thought it was epic too, especially that flawless finish on the brass!
  9. Faye

    How thin is to thin?

    The edge is already thin enough to cut. Thank you all for the input. Doug I think that's exactly what this is going to become, a kitchen slicer, after a good reprofiling on the grinder.
  10. So I'm working on a tantoish style blade for a customer who wants it for an all around outside using knife, cutting hay strings, whittling, and self defense. The blade is ready for heat treating, the steel is leaf spring, and it's about 12" long. My concern is that it's only 2 mm at the widest part of the spine, so it's pretty flexible. Is that too thin to be functional? Should I scrap it and start over? Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. Faye

    Makers marks

    I designed myself a makers mark a while ago, but only recently used it on a blade. I'm going to see if I can get it in a stamp, this one was engraved on the blade, so it's not exact.
  12. Faye

    A Stabby Damascus Blade

    Thank you Josh. Thank you for all of the compliments.
  13. Faye

    A Stabby Damascus Blade

    For the last four days I've been working in the Draper's shop in one of their knife making classes, learning the tricks of the trade, and in that time this is the blade I made under their supervision. It is 124 layers in a random pattern with a brass guard and kings wood for the handle. It measures 4 and a 1/4'' on the blade and 8 and a 1/2'' overall. It is my own design, inspired by the Scottish dirk. I really can't say enough about how amazingly helpful Audra and Mike are, they taught me so much and not just how they do things, but how I can do everything in my own shop even without all the cool tools. Super great people, super great teachers, and some of the best food and company you can get.
  14. Faye

    Veggie Killer

    Thank you. Most of my inspiration and motivation for perfection comes from looking at everyone else's work here, it's all pretty spectacular, real art.
  15. Faye

    Veggie Killer

    Just in time for Christmas, this kitchen melee helper is made out of a coil spring, maple wood and deer antler. This is my first kitchen knife, and I had some interesting learning curves with it, particularly on the handle. Originally it was supposed to have brass antler brass, but I only had one chance to make the antler piece work, and well some power tools got away with me and successfully changed my handle design. The length of the blade is 4'' and the handle is 4 1/4''.