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  1. I have it mostly taped up so I can't scratch the blade with any files on accident.
  2. I do have a chainsaw file, that's what I used to file the slot and finish out the bevels with a little sandpaper around it.
  3. Just an update, I didn't ditch this project yet, I just had to be a maid of honor for a couple weeks. It is now heat treated, but it doesn't cut the leather. I didn't get to terribly serious about getting it cutting sharp until after I etched it. Not sure that was smart. It grabs the edge of my finger nail well, and grabs paper but just rips it. I did pick up a tapered sharpening steel, and that has helped a little bit. I cut a flex belt down to an 1/8" and tried that, but without much success. I have never used a gut hook before and have no idea how sharp they have to be. Also
  4. This is one of two knives that I made out of my first san mai billet. The core is 1080 and the sides are 1080/15N20 93 layer damascus. The handle is stainless and desert ironwood. The blade is 4 and 1/4" The handle is 4 and 1/2" I discovered I don't forge very evenly, and that it's very important to forge san mai evenly. Overall though, I'm pretty happy with my first attempt. It is going to a fellow knifemaker so he can make himself some sandwiches.
  5. I went ahead and ground the primary bevels and cleaned things up. I marked out where I think the gut hook bevels should go. I'm starting to think that I cut the hook a little deep, but I guess I'll have to make due.
  6. It's a san mai with damascus outer layers and a 1080 core.
  7. Large game. So if I make the point shorter and rounder like the chalk marks, is that better? And for large game it probably needs to be a bit wider right? I would truly love to, because I hate gut hooks too. However, Gerald hit the nail on the head as to why I feel inclined to make one anyway.
  8. The very nice gentleman who made me my power hammer asked for a skinning knife with a gut hook. I was profiling it tonight and realized I truly had no idea how I should go about making a gut hook on the spine, or even if my design was going to work. Therefore, here I am, and here is my design. Thank you for any advice.
  9. Wall decor made from a horse shoe. His name is Maverick.
  10. Especially the guys who ask me where I buy my blades. Thank you for the advice, I will be sure to rearrange things a bit today.
  11. Today I madly dashed around buffing knives and jewelry, less than an hour before I had to leave for the local sheepherders rendezvous, where I am a vendor. I glued the handle back on the edc and it survived three long falls unto the concrete floor. It made the handle a little shorter than I wanted it, but it passed inspection well enough to go on the table. This is the first time I've ever had a table anywhere. It was fun for the first hour or so, but after three hours the novelty kinda wore off. Now I'm people watching, suddenly wondering if it's not normal to be faci
  12. Thank you for pointing that out. I wasn't sure what to call it, and I was unaware that there is an official blade shape called a sheeps foot.
  13. Unfortunately, it broke right at the end of the tang, so I don't have a solid wood back any more. I was thinking of putting it back together with blind pins and a fiber gasket. If it survives some abusive testing I might even sell it.
  14. I had a bad day in the shop. A spalted maple handle came apart in the knife vice.
  15. I had a guy ask me to make him a knife that looked like half of a sheeps foot. It was an interesting build with plenty of challenges. I'm pretty happy with the end product though. The blade is 3" and the handle is 5". The steel is leaf spring and the handle is brass and deer antler. Thanks for looking. Faye,
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