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  1. Faye

    A regular EDC

    Not really, my biggest issues were caused by a lack of attention to the guidelines while I was grinding.
  2. Faye

    A regular EDC

    I put blue fiber gaskets on both sides. It was an attempt at a very subtle red white and blue theme, but it turned out just a hair too subtle.
  3. Finished this one up today. It has a 3 1/8" blade and a 4 1/4" handle. The steel is 1080 and the handle material is brass, bighorn sheep, and amboyna burl. This is probably one of the cleanest EDCs I've done yet. I used alignment pins and did most of the handle shaping off the blade, and the handle actually came out looking like I wanted it to. Thanks for looking. Faye,
  4. Got my first 72" grinder up and running. I tested it out and profiled a little edc. What would normally take me 20 minutes took me 5 minutes. Looking forward to some bigger knife projects in the future.
  5. Nice job. I love the top view, you got a very defined and symetrical coke bottle shape.
  6. Well I scrubbed as much of the black off that I could, it's not all gone but it's better. Between all the spring cow work I managed to get a sheath made for it and glam shots taken. It's all ready to go to blade show with me next week. Thank you to all the people who have helped me work through this knife. I've learned a lot with this build and wouldn't have even tried it if not for the encouragement from my fellow knifemakers to go beyond my skill level. I have plenty to improve on with the next one, this is just a small step in the journey.
  7. OK, so at this point it is now glued together, for better or worse. The pins are flush and everything is sanded to 400 grit. However, I have run into a couple of concerns. 1, there are some black sharpie marks around the heel that won't sand out. (Yes, I was stupid enough to use black sharpie on white bone, but not stupid enough to ever do it again.) Would taking a bleach soaked Q-tip to it be a good idea? Or would it cause catastrophic damage? 2, I feel like the handle weighs a ton and could maybe be thinned down a bit. In hind sight I should have drilled some more holes in th
  8. Who would have thought I would find a use for hot pink nail polish. I etched the spacer yesterday and used the ugliest color nail polish I could find to cover the front and back to keep them from being etched. I then resanded the edges to make sure there was no nail polish that would block the etchant. The spacer turned out nice, with something resembling a star right on top. However, the guard unfortunately only has a couple of 15n20 lines that go across the face, so it doesn't give me the exact look I was going for. At least there are plenty of lines on the sid
  9. What do you use to polish off the high spots when you blue a blade? Just high grit sand paper or a buffing wheel? BTW- that's a sharp looking sticker on your tool box
  10. I bought it from an etsy store, Leather Stamp Tools. They're made by a guy in Bulgaria, he has some awesome stamps. Shipping is expensive, but if you spread it over more than one stamp it's not as bad
  11. This knife I finished almost a month ago. It is the first full tang I've done in quite a while. It has a 3 1/4" blade, 4 1/4" handle, 7 1/2" overall. The blade is 1080 steel, and the handle is resin and maple burl with a horse head mosaic pin and two blind pins. I also made a case for this one in addition to a sheath. My sewing skills are a tad rusty, and it didn't help that the sewing machine was out of commission, but it will work well to to transport it to blade show with me. As always, critiques are welcomed and thanks for looking.
  12. After a lot of hair pulling, I went with visible pins around the perimeter regardless if they are far enough from the edge or not. I'm doing a museum fit on this, so I left the scales a little less than 1/16" proud around the frame. I've never done a museum fit, but this knife is all about doings things I've never done before so why not. The alignment pins from the spacer to scales were a bear to get right, but I think I prevailed.
  13. Got some shaping done today. The top of the frame is just a hair over 3/16 wide. I'm considering doing blind pins around the perimeter, and if I can make it work I'll put a visible pin through the tang.
  14. The frame is 1080 and 15n20 in a 15 layer twist. The tang could certainly be more centered. I don't know if I'll be able to get a pin through the tang.
  15. I was able to get access to a surface grinder and mill and some expert advice to work on this project. Progress was made. The gaurd and spacer package have two alignment pins on the sides that will go into the scales as well. Now the fun part begins.
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