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  1. Faye

    Giraffe bone

    Thank you guys for your answers. I'm glad stabilizing is optional.
  2. So I have some giraffe bone that isn't stabilized and I was wondering if it absolutely needs to be stabilized before I use it. In my little bit of research I came across some conflicting opinions. Also is it worth spending the money to stabilize it?
  3. I did a little fiddling with it tonight, filled in some gaps and polished it up. Didn't quite get enough sawdust in the glue, so the gaps are still black but sealed off. I'm still not a hundred percent convinced it's ok to let go, but I really want it off my bench too. I am going to leave it alone for a while and see what I think in a couple of weeks.
  4. I was gonna take a hammer and chisel to it, but a torch sounds a bit less destructive.
  5. Well, third times the charm right? I glued the full tang up and thought I had pretty good success. Unfortunately the liners shifted and now I have grooves between wood and tang in places. Not to mention that I didn't have it clamped well enough and one scale poped off at the back of the tang.
  6. You have one cool school. On a not so cool note, I added to my collection of horrible reminders today.
  7. That was a happy accident. I might have gotten distracted and forgot it was in the etchant for an hour or two.
  8. The full tang got new scales cut and fitted today, and the EDC got some finishing touches and glam shots. The EDC came out with a 2 3/8" blade, 4" handle, 6 3/8" overall.
  9. With much encouragement from @Brian Dougherty I am making a traditional viking scabbard for Haust Gjalda. Got everything glued up today. The inside is felt lined and is a good tight fit. I am still messing around with designs for the leather. Right now I am leaning towards the boars head design. I did some research on Freyr and according to google the boar is Freyr's chosen animal, and the rune is his symbol. However, given the story with this knife a theme not connected with Freyr would be ok to. There are a couple of other desings I like too that I will include in this post. Tho
  10. Well I was cruising right along tonight on the full tang and then I went to tap the pins out and take the scales off... It did not go quite to plan. Back to square one without the pretty scales.
  11. These two knives are my most recent and by far the best knives I've ever made. The chef knife has reindeer antler and sterling silver, two materials I've never worked with before.
  12. There is only two pins holding the scales on. Think three might be better? I was thinking I would put a dab of super glue on the pins and shape the handle, then I could knock them out and etch.
  13. Some progress. I chose redwood burl and katalox for the EDC handle. The full tang will have acrylic scales. This full tang damascus kinda threw me for a loop when I realized I am gonna have to finish the scales before I glue them up. It throws a new challenge in the works. We will see if I can pull it off on the first try.
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