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  1. Wherever you would like to put it sir. I look forward to it though. Thank you for taking the time to be so helpful.
  2. Thank you. My Great Grandfather got that stitching horse for my mom when she was my age.
  3. To be perfectly honest, that handle is nothing like my original design. Shaping handles is one area of knifemaking that I haven't established a good routine for. With this one I was grinding along, and getting ahead of myself until I realized I no longer had enough material to do my original design. That is how it ended up being so wimpy. I have considered taking it back up to the shop and taking the curve farther up into the guard area so that the index finger has a solid place to be. My only hesitation is maybe making the front of the handle to small, or grinding down into the tang hole. I also agree with you on the blacksmith knife. That one had its own set of challenges that I could expound upon. Thank you for your honest critique, I really appreciate it.
  4. I made these for some rancher friends of mine. Both blades are forged from horse shoe rasps. The first one is 7 1/4" overall, with a 3" blade. The handle is made of brass, katalox spacer, green fiber gaskets, and Indian rosewood. The blacksmith knife is 7" overall, with a blade length of 2 1/4". These sheaths bear my first attempts at carving. The C lightening bolt brand was hard and didn't quite turn out as sharp as I wanted it to. Critiques and thoughts are welcomed.
  5. Multi tasking... Wet molding two sheaths and gluing up a handle.
  6. The handle is Osage orange, it's the first time I have ever used it. @AlanLongmire thank you, though your advice is a little depressing:/ I sent picture to the customer and he liked it, but I want him to hold it in his hands before I am convinced he doesn't want me to change it. If I end up changing anything I'll knock the handle off and fix the grind lines. Thank for your advice though, you are very helpful, as always.
  7. This is a commission knife that I am having problems with. It is my first crack at a frame tang. The handle is 5/8" wide, but has enough depth that it is easy to hold on to. The handle is a bit blocky, but given the pin placements I hesitate to round the corners off any more. I am really struggling with the overall look of the knife too. It just seems off. What are your guys thoughts and opinions on it? Is it just me or does it look bad? Please critique away.
  8. I don't evny you, that is a dilemma. However, you have age on your side. I spend some time in another bladesmiths shop, and they offer classes, but we have an agreement that I can attend some classes or just have one on one time without paying them money. Instead they find things for me to do, like house sitting and cleaning the shop. If you contact these smiths and express how serious you are about learning, they might be willing to exchange teaching for some help around the place. If that's something you would like to do. Most of the blade smiths I have met are hugely supportive of a young person taking serious interest in knife making and will do a lot to help them learn. Remember, it never hurts to ask.
  9. Faye

    A Hammer-In Question

    No worries I'll bring my own chaperone, my dad is thinking about coming along... Thank you very much Gerald and Josh for your great input. You both successfully convinced my mother that I can go Thank you.
  10. Faye

    A Hammer-In Question

    That's the same one I want to go to.
  11. I have never been to a hammer in before, so I have no idea what kind of environment they are. I found one I really want to go to , but I have a quick question for those who have been to a hammer in before. Would you send your 18 year old daughter to one alone?
  12. Faye

    KITH 2020

    I like the collaboration idea, it would definitely be different. However, an axe is on my list of things I want to try, so that would also be fun. That's my two cents worth.
  13. Back in the summer a family friend brought me two bayonets that had been saved from his daughters house fire. The blades are 22 1/2" and the overall length is 27 1/2". They have all sorts of stamps and numbers on the guards, and names and dates engraved on the spines. They were in pretty bad shape but with a little sandpaper, elbow grease, and a buffing wheel they shined right up. When the family friend dropped the bayonets off he also commissioned a fillet knife. The fillet is 10 1/2" overall with a 5 1/2" blade. I used an old saw for the blade and katalox and brass pins for the handle.
  14. It is forged out of a horse shoe rasp. Pretty much what Will said, though carefully forged might be taking to much credit, it just kinda does it on its own. At least I don't put to much effort into making it look that way. This is where I confess that everything was a happy accident. This knife was my second attempt and I grabbed a rasp because it was the only thing I had handy. The tail was really a leaf and I choose that shape for the blade because the seax knife was the other consideration for this kith and thought I would be smart and sort of combine the two. Only after I had it ground and ready for heat treat did I see the dragon theme in it. So I ran full throttle with it and it turned out, as my dad would say, not bad for a redheaded kid.This is to show the tail/leaf I was talking about.
  15. Thank you Alex, I appreciate the huge compliment even if I don't believe it's true. Glad you like the knife. Thank you. Drachenklinge is loose German for dragon blade.
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