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  1. Thats a very nice forge design Jeremy, thankyou. I also like the buget that its working with! I think I will try to construct something similar soon. I'm also getting more confused by steel, the O1 stock that I have has this written on it: 'From a 500C preheat, raise pieces to 790C-815C according to size, hold sufficient time for temperature to become uniform, but do not soak longer than necessary. Quench into oil which should be conveniently placed to avoid heat loss' So its the preheat im missing and it doesn't need soaking? typical analysis: c. 85-1.05 manganese 1.00-1.40 silicon .15-.40 chromium .40-.60 tungsten .40-.60 vandium .15-.30 if that helps
  2. Thanks for the responses! I had a look and I can buy 'silver steel' from the same supplier I'd used for o1 and it comes in very useful sizes for me. Did I mention I'm doing all the stock removal by hand? Thanks for keeping the suggestions low tech too, its reasuring to hear that you can get good results on a buget. I have been looking at making some kind of very small propane forge, it would be good to increase the size of blade that I can harden over time as I become more confident. I will also look into a toaster oven with temp probe. When your aiming for a certain temper how big are the temperature windows? do I need to be accurate to 10degrees or 100?
  3. Hello all, this is my first post around here. Ive been lurking for the last week or so and have been amazed by the quality of work that people are producing and also by the community spirit here. Ive been interested in woodwork for a while and have recently started making my own tools, here are a few examples, questions to follow! This is the first tool that I made, the blade is very simple and ground on both sides. I also love what happens to cherry when you finish it, this is sanded to 600 and treated with danish oil. This is my second attempt. I made the handle and lid from one piece of wood so that the grain matches up. I also used some leather to help hide the epoxy that I mounted the blade with. I ground this one like a chisel with just one bevel. This is my first tool with a specific job in mind. I have been doing inlay work recently and find it hard to clean out the recesses into which the inlay will fit. This tool cuts flat while the handle stands proud of your work. Thanks for taking the time to look at these! If you want any more photos or info check my blog. My current metal work set up is *very* buget! I am using O1 steel which im heating with a propane/butane mix torch. I have zero control over the temperature, im quenching when the whole blade is glowing a bright red/yellow color and im quenching with vegetable oil at ambient temperature. Im tempering at gas mark 2 (not going to pretend I know how hot my oven is, but hopefully 100-200C. From what I understand O1 steel needs to be soaked above the critical temperature for ~30mins to harden properly. How much performance am I losing from my steel by not soaking, and are there any steels that dont need to soak at critical temperature? Whats wrong with vegetable oil? Is it OK to use O1 for chisels with a thinner shaft, im worried that hardening up the shaft could make the tool more brittle and ideally I'd just harden the first few mm. Thanks to anyone that can help!
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