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  1. Looking good, Geoff. Nice pattern.
  2. I really like it the way it is, Zeb, but if youre going to do one, my vote is one silver, to match the inlay.
  3. I mean, its a heavy piece of steel that you can hammer things on. Not really an ideal shape though, there is a lot of mass on the top and bottom of track anvils, not so much in the center, so it will transmit force less efficiently then a real anvil. Like Jerrod said, you would likely be better off with a large piece of stock stood on end. Or, if you want cheap... got a sledge hammer head laying around?
  4. Very nice. Looks like a handy size.
  5. I have no military experience, and little heavy equipment experience, so take my advice accordingly. It would seem the general rules of thumb for heavy use knives would apply. A synthetic handle would probably be best, as would a corrosion resistant steel, something high nickel, perhaps? A Kydex sheath would seem better than leather too. Maybe a stainless blade would even be preferable. How often is he going to be able to clean the blade? What type of environment is he (and by extension, the blade) expected to perform in? Just my 2 cents.
  6. Really nice lines, especially the blade, it has a very eye catching shape.
  7. Got the front piece of the sheath roughly cut out (dont mind the rough edges ) and got a design laid out on it. The design needs some touch up still.
  8. Will W.

    Baby Seax

    Very nice, i like this one a lot. I think its easy to say that your work has progressed faster than most. You definitely have a knack for this. Youre killing it, lass. Keep it up.
  9. Very nice lines, and that striker is way cool! They go together well, they have a bushcraft feel to them.
  10. This is the first knife that i have made that is actually for me. It is going to become my EDC and hunting knife. This is also the first blade that i have used my new buffer on, and im happy with the results. 1080 steel with a pyinma burl handle, 304 stainless pins, and some simple file work around the tang. Nothing too fancy. About 3-1/2 inches of blade, 7 inches overall. Leather sheath will be coming soon. Let me know what you think.
  11. Incredible work, both of you! Every inch of that knife has a lot to look at.
  12. I started off with an angle grinder and files, and eventually got a cheap-o harbor freight 4x36 belt sander. That thing was a little workhorse honestly. It was so under powered, so doing anything took a while, but it always worked. Under powered is probably good for newer makers, when you have a lot of hp and a lot of rpm, it is very easy to make big mistakes quickly. The only downside is that 4x36 belts are kind of hard to find in common grit options, 2x72s have a lot of variety in that category. In the end, i would recommend getting one. Eventually i built a 2x72 with a 3 horse motor, its not too complex of a build if you have some fabricating skills.
  13. I think you knocked it out of the park, Gary! As has been said, im impressed with the bluing you got from the cold blue treatment, especially only a few applications. The contrast between the light and dark elements of the handle is an eye catcher. I like how light you got the antler, and the leaves are a very nice touch. There is elegance in the simplicity of the lines of this knife. I am looking forward to seeing the sheath.
  14. What Bill said, you should be making more chefs knives. The whole thing flows very well. The pattern is bold, and that redwood is stunning.
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