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  1. Looking good man, keep at it.
  2. Clean! And with an awesome pattern too. I agree on the size, smaller is almost always more handy for hunting purposes. I think your prices are reasonable. They are similar to my own.
  3. Im late to the party here, but WOW! A whole lot to take in, this is going to look incredible when its finished.
  4. Very cool. How close in weight are they to each other?
  5. I would like to see what the creative minds of this forum came up with for Mothers Day gifts, blade related or otherwise. Myself, i made my mother a necklace. I set a 10x8mm blue Topaz into a silver basket type pendant, and onto a 2.5mm silver snake chain. Tangent: ive been doing a lot of jewellery related work lately, casting, engraving, etc. Trying to learn the finer aspects of our craft, and it is indeed a very deep and exciting rabbit hole to fall into. This, however, is the first gem i have set. Lots of fun!
  6. Commission blades. A 6 inch steak knife alongside a 4 inch paring knife. An 8 inch chefs knife will be added in with the set soon. 52100 steel, full ground with a mirror finish, Honduran Rosewood handles and 303 stainless pins. Let me know what you think.
  7. If my vote counts for anything, i would agree, its worthy of being pinned. Lots of good information there.
  8. Already answered, but in case you want more input... If you only want three types of belts on hand, i would vote for 60-120-320. If a higher polish is desired, hand sanding is the way to go from then on.
  9. Really like the shape of that big bowie in the last pic. Looking good, Joshua! Keep em coming.
  10. Speak the truth, regardless of forum! Lol.
  11. 5+ years of bladesmithing, first broken blade. Just goes to show, when its your time, its your time. Had a warp after quenching, tried to use the 3 pin method to straighten, pushed it a little too far... RIP little paring knife, your memory will haunt me forever.
  12. Will W.


    Very nice all the way around, Gerhard!
  13. Looks like a nice little buffer. Should serve you well. Do be careful with it, buffers love to grab your work piece and throw it. Thats bad enough, but when were talking about buffing knives, it becomes a whole different animal.
  14. What Charles said, i would be very interested in seeing those blades when they are finished, very nice looking so far.
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