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  1. Things you might not know can kill you

    I am an aerospace machinist, and while legally i cant give any details, i can confirm that theres quite a bit of aerospace parts that get cadmium plated. Nasty stuff, you really dont want to be around it.
  2. Sending blades for heat treat

    After hardening, I would temper it somewhere between 425-475° F, depending on how much heavy use it will see. This should take it to about 58-61 RC.
  3. Sending blades for heat treat

    Depends. Are you making a fencing foil or a bearded ax or a bowie, EDC, etc...
  4. Landscape Spikes - Good Source?

    Heres a pretty good chart for you to look at. Honestly, experience is the only real help with spark testing, and even then, its not foolproof. Generally, the higher the carbon content, the more branching the sparks are, very high carbon steel sparks look "fuzzy" almost. Youll know it when you see it.
  5. If moneys tight then just use what you have. People have made blades on far less.
  6. Honestly, if i didnt already have an anvil, the old world one that joshua linked is exactly what i would get. You can do literally anything on it that your average bladesmith would need to, and 90% of general blacksmithing even, a hardie hole being the other 10 percent. Anchor it down properly and it would make a great anvil.
  7. PTA Dagger

    I never leave home without mine.
  8. My cutlers anvil

    The condition of the face is remarkable, indeed! And the name in the side. Looks like VARN or VARH to me. Could try the chalk or flour trick to make it stand out a little more.
  9. Why is it that literally everything looks super badass in slow motion? Lol. Cool video, Niels.
  10. Damascus lockback wip

    Very bold pattern. Looks awesome. Bummer about the ivory, but the stag bone will still look good.
  11. My anvil adventure

    Im not a medical professional, more of a hammer head with just enough knowledge to be dangerous, but it sounds like hypoxia to me. Lack of oxygen getting to the brain. Elevation changes can cause it, if youre not used to it. And the Adirondacks do have some pretty heavy elevation changes. Could be the reason. Anyway, let us know how the anvils perform. Sounds like you found a good anvil dealer as well!
  12. Shear Steel; The Experiment Begins

    So this is where im at. Pieces of wrought cut with the grain into squares and stacked alternating grain directions. Hoping to get it all cleaned and welded up, and perhaps folded again, before drawing out into thin bars before carburizing. With the leftover wrought, i may be able to get 3 stacks like this in total. Each stack roughly 2"Wx2"Lx1"T. This leaves me with ~4 cubic inches/stack, hoping to be around 3 cubic inches per stack after welding, before carburizing. Will get to welding these stacks this weekend. Wondering how i should go about holding these together prior to the first forge weld. Could arc weld one or all of the corners, but im not sure how wrought takes to being welded with steel wire. Ill probably try to wire them together, which ive never done before, so it should be interesting!
  13. Removing rust

    I agree.
  14. Suitable axe handle material?

    I was thinking that you could just have a couple pieces sent here from the states to you, but i would imagine the cost would be prohibitive. Do you have any lumber dealers/saw mills or something of that nature near you? Might be your best bet, unless price isnt too big of an issue.
  15. VFD?

    That, and friction. Friction is hard to mitigate though, because its necessary for a pulley system to work. But yeah, the force of the belt is always trying to pull the pulleys together, so i imagine you are correct. Thats a good idea. Trying to find the correct size belt when you dont know the actual belt size has got to be one of the most frustrating things on Earth. Its why i refuse to buy belts online, im gonna be returning it at least once! Lol.