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  1. Will W.

    Damascus falchion

    Congrats on the award. Thats a very elegant sword. I like how the bolder pattern of the guard and pommel contrast the finer pattern in the blade.
  2. Will W.

    Tribute to Farriers...A knife for them..

    Man, thats stunning. That anvil guard is too damn cool.
  3. Will W.

    The smallest knife I've ever made

    That would make a sweet little EDC knife. Small enough to not notice, but large enough to do whatever you ask of it. Vinegaroon (the dye, not the scorpion ) gives an awesome antique look to wood. I made a bookcase using all pallet wood and forged nails, then burnt the surface and stained with vinegaroon for a very antique look. Ive heard of people using it as a leather dye as well, but i have never tried it myself. Anyways, nice one Zeb!
  4. Will W.


    No joke there, that thing is stunning.
  5. Will W.

    African Blackwood X 2

    Very clean, they look great!
  6. Will W.

    Large chopper with micarta

    I really like this one! The handle looks awesome.
  7. Will W.

    Anvil identification

    I cannot help much regarding the ID, sorry. But you have one heck of an anvil here, it looks to be in fantastic shape.
  8. Will W.

    9" western Chef's - Damascus

    Really neat pattern, and that handle looks comfortable.
  9. Will W.

    Starting a New Project

    Ive only been on the forum about a year now, but ive seen enough to safely be able to say that Gary is our de facto Bowie expert around these parts. I personally think a hamon would compliment this blade very nicely, Gary. Either way, im looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I like the shape so far.
  10. Will W.

    Small hybrid/fantasy tanto

    Does look kinda small, but its really cool too! I really like the saya, and the tsuba is very neat as well. Cool stuff, nice work.
  11. Will W.

    WIP - A pair of dueling longswords

    Very nice work, Florian. They turned out amazing.
  12. Will W.

    Chain link

    A common misconception is that forge welding is an advanced, master level skill. Its actually a common forging practice that every single smith should know, and is truly not difficult once you figure it out. I agree, you must try it to learn it. The one to the left in the bottom image, did it break or did you burn through it? Looks to me like the welds were weak and broke apart under the shear force of shaping. Did you scarf the joints prior to welding? And are you positive you were hot enough? Mistake #1 when beginners forge weld is not enough heat. I make chain links in four heats. First heat bends to shape, second heat scarfs the joint and apply borax, third heat sets the weld, fourth heat reinforce weld and shape. When setting the weld, hit gently but firmly for the first few hits, and get progressively harder with each hit until its under welding temp. Hope this helps.
  13. Will W.

    Recent Knives (Kitchen, Yakutian, and Puukko)

    Very nice looking planks you have there. I agree, it is usually cheaper to buy by the board if you use a lot of a certain wood. If only i could convince my local lumber mill to start dealing with ebony...
  14. Will W.

    Rebar spec sheets

    Ah, i see. I took that the wrong way. I figured it meant "cannot be welded." Thanks for the info, Alan.
  15. Will W.

    Rebar spec sheets

    Interesting. Thanks for posting. Any idea what makes that top one non weldable? Did the man who gave you the specs say? Im just curious. Thats enough carbon to where too quickly of cooling could possibly mess with you, but its unlikely, totally doable. Ive welded lots of chrome-moly with far higher Cr and Mo percentages. And that vanadium percentage is too miniscule to matter, i would imagine. Seems like it would be quite easy to weld actually.