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  1. Will W.

    using files not belt grinder

    If my vote counts for anything, i would agree, its worthy of being pinned. Lots of good information there.
  2. Will W.

    Grinder Belts

    Already answered, but in case you want more input... If you only want three types of belts on hand, i would vote for 60-120-320. If a higher polish is desired, hand sanding is the way to go from then on.
  3. Will W.

    Thought fer the day, / add yours if you like

    A man of few words holds many secrets.
  4. Will W.

    A tale of 6 blades.

    Really like the shape of that big bowie in the last pic. Looking good, Joshua! Keep em coming.
  5. Will W.

    When Its Your Time...

    Speak the truth, regardless of forum! Lol.
  6. Will W.

    When Its Your Time...

    5+ years of bladesmithing, first broken blade. Just goes to show, when its your time, its your time. Had a warp after quenching, tried to use the 3 pin method to straighten, pushed it a little too far... RIP little paring knife, your memory will haunt me forever.
  7. Will W.


    Very nice all the way around, Gerhard!
  8. Looks like a nice little buffer. Should serve you well. Do be careful with it, buffers love to grab your work piece and throw it. Thats bad enough, but when were talking about buffing knives, it becomes a whole different animal.
  9. What Charles said, i would be very interested in seeing those blades when they are finished, very nice looking so far.
  10. Will W.

    First Integral

    That one has very strange and equally appealing lines. Its a unique blade, i really like it!
  11. Will W.

    Low Tech Sword HT

    Roger that, ill see what i can come up with. Thanks Alan. Jerrod, good point. Even a piece of sheet metal with some holes drilled in it for venting and a thermometer would be better than having the whole thing open. Thanks.
  12. Will W.

    Thought fer the day, / add yours if you like

    Ego is the anaethesia that numbs the pain of stupidity, pride is the burden of a fool.
  13. Will W.

    Thought fer the day, / add yours if you like

    Just saw this, no worries sir. "Brain flatulence" gave me a good laugh . Another for the list: Artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up.
  14. Will W.

    Low Tech Sword HT

    This is basically exactly what i was planning on doing. I was hoping for about a 550 F temper, which i know is well above almost all oils smoke points, and into most of their flash points. Really dont want a fireball lol. Brian, i do not have a gas grill. Well, i dont have one that works anyways . Steven, i should have specified better, my plan was to burn wood in the same pit as the tempering tank and move the coals over to the tank of oil/sand. So essentially using charcoal, yes. My charcoal retort is down for the time being, so im stuck buying charcoal, but i have plenty of wood. The normalizing and quenching in the trench will be using charcoal, of course. Thanks for the suggestions, guys.
  15. Will W.

    Low Tech Sword HT

    Hello all. I have plans to heat treat a small(ish) sword some time in the near future. 28 inch blade, 80crV2. I have no formal setup for effectively heat treating a blade that large, so im going primitive and low tech with this one. Im planning on digging a trench and running some piping for air, basically a long, narrow forge. Quench in a tank of oil. Its the tempering that has me wondering.... hot oil tempering seems dangerous given the fact that my only heat source would be a wood fire, but it may be my best and simplest option. Is it feasible to use a pan of sand and wood fire? I realize neither of these methods are precise or perfect, but im working with what i have. A lead bath and low temp salts are out of the question for me due to logistical reasons, btw. Just looking for advice. Any and all is appreciated. Thanks.