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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!
  2. Its OD is 2.4 and the ID is just under 2” Thanks Alan, i saw one like that as well but i figured these would be a tad easier. I have some semi truck tread im going to use for the inside jaws now.
  3. Wes, I was wondering about that and have thought about just getting rid of one set screw and having a fixed side. I definitely may after hearing that.
  4. I cut the notch out of the upright and got the parts welded together. Got the welds cleaned up and everything rough fit. The threads on one of the nuts got boogered up during the welding so ill have to cut it off and weld a new one in place. Then to do some more cleanup, sandblast, and paint this bad boy. Thoughts so far???
  5. So i’ve recently had the itch to make a knife makers vise. Yesterday I finally made a trip to the steel yard and found some suitable pipe. I got some plans rough sketched, the pipe rough cut and the ends trued up on the lathe.
  6. Got the blade forged and rough ground and the scales are ready to be cut out.
  7. Lookin good! Lin does an amazing job with these style knives. It seems every time I see him he has perfected another nuance of these blades. Youve got a good start there!
  8. I hope so! Its been forever since ive fooled with one of these.f
  9. Got a wooden mock up lfthe folder done today, nowjust to start forging.
  10. Ive drafted a rough sketch of the folder that im going to try and make. This will be the second folder ive ever made, so we shall see how it goes!
  11. Joshua, thats gorgeous. Looks like a great all around hunting knife!
  12. Jason. Not yet, i’ve been teaching a class all day but im going to try and get it sketched up in the next day or so. I’ll post it when I get it drawn up.
  13. So far I have been trying to decide what to make and I am at an impass between a friction folder or a fixed blade. At this point im thinking of doing both and seeing which turns out better. The fixed blade design I have so far would be small, with a flat sheath that would fit into a pocket. Forgive my rough drawings here.
  14. 1. Conner Michaux 2. Bruno 3. Brian Dougherty 4. Alex Middleton 5. MichaelP  6. Will Drake 7. Zeb Camper  8. Joël Mercier 9. Jeremy Blohm  10. Geoff Keyes 11. Jason Volkert 12. Pieter-Paul Derks 13. Michael Ward  14. Robert Dowse 15. Alan Longmire 16. Chris Briggs 17. Nikolai Briggs? 18. Jeff Heinen  19. Joshua States  20. JJ Simon 21. Clifford Brewer  22. Charles du Preez  23. Luke Sorensen
  15. Would an Elvish knife, such as Legolas’s white knife be suitable for this KITH? Im on the edge about wether it would fit or not and want somefeedback before I go with something like that. Thanks in advace!
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