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  1. I like the idea of the hatchet or axe, but seasons would definitely be interesting!
  2. 1. Alex Middleton 2. Conner Michaux 3. Will Wilcox 4. Chad Scott 5. John King 6. Faye Lankister 7. Jeremy Blohm 8. Luke Sorensen
  3. Thanks Charles! Glad you like it and it finally made it across the pond! And i filled it with fiberglass resin and then sanded everything flush again!
  4. I like the idea of a down and dirty kith. Doing a close deadline is a fun challenge to get it done! Just my two¢
  5. Im down! Seaxes sound fun, or and elvish theme. Or dwarvish?
  6. Finally done with my fixed blade EDC. Sadly I ran into too many snags on the folder to get it done in time. I will have a sheath made up by the time this little guy gets shipped out.
  7. Terrible pics I snapped as I finished this knife right before work today. But here she is! The one scale cracked when I attached it but I stabilized it and it is also attached to the several layers of spacers. Thoughts? Critiques? All are welcome by this humble smith!
  8. Well I ran into some issues with the folder design and changed course to a fixed blade. Here is a pic from the shop tonight of the fixed blade with ivory micarta scales. I hope to eventually finish the folder, but it won’t be before the kith deadline
  9. Sounds good to me! I had some set backs with my piece and ended up just starting a new blade. Now Ill have time to get it finished up!
  10. Its OD is 2.4 and the ID is just under 2” Thanks Alan, i saw one like that as well but i figured these would be a tad easier. I have some semi truck tread im going to use for the inside jaws now.
  11. Wes, I was wondering about that and have thought about just getting rid of one set screw and having a fixed side. I definitely may after hearing that.
  12. I cut the notch out of the upright and got the parts welded together. Got the welds cleaned up and everything rough fit. The threads on one of the nuts got boogered up during the welding so ill have to cut it off and weld a new one in place. Then to do some more cleanup, sandblast, and paint this bad boy. Thoughts so far???
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