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  1. Conner Michaux

    Quick question

    Im going to try making denim and burlap micarta.
  2. Conner Michaux

    Quick question

    First stop today will be Home Depot to get some polyester fiberglass resin, and a respirator. I should have some homemade micarta scales by Monday!
  3. Conner Michaux

    Quick question

    Agreed! Alright, sorry for hijacking the thread! Is there anything I should do to prep the cloth so it’s ready to turn into micarta? I can get free denim for a while, and the resin should last a while so I can defenetly make a profit of this, once old jeans run out I will go to A hobby lobby and buy a bunch of burlap. Also, with paper micarta, do you use regular printer paper??
  4. Conner Michaux

    Reject turned veggie killer

    I like the profile of the blade! And the thin handle is great ( I have tiny hands so all the knives I make have small handles)
  5. Conner Michaux

    Quick question

    I started out wanting an African grey, because they will be your life long companion, and there so freaking smart, but I have a very little sister and a decently big family, and the greys are not amazing family birds, so I got a conure instead. wow I’m high jacking my own thread with bird stuff
  6. Conner Michaux

    Forging in the wind

    Using charcoal briqquets for forge fuel on a windy day is the WORST! They burn up fast enough l, so when you add the wind you can use a whole bag of charcoal in half an hour. But my 10x15 shed does not allow my to forge indoors. I have no room in there, I’m building a work table so I’ll be able to store all my tools under it, but I’m currently filing knife bevels on the ground with an unbolted vice.
  7. Conner Michaux

    Quick question

    Being wise beyond my years, is a blessing and a curse, Because I know exactly what to do in my head, but It’s still so hard to make something of it....... Like trying to make a knife, I know all the steps and how to do it, but when I get the metal on the anvil, it all goes to heck. I’m going to get everything I need to make micarta tomorrow, I’ve got some shirts and pants that are outgrown so I’ll use those for my material, and I’ll get some canvas. Close! He is a yellow sided green cheeck conure, his name is maxwell, and he turned three yesterday.
  8. Conner Michaux

    Quick question

    I live by a certain quote from Winston Churchill, if definitely helps, since I make so many dang mistakes.... the quote is “success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” I think anyone can imply that especially when your learning a trade, or starting your own business,
  9. Conner Michaux

    Quick question

    Im going to make and sell micarta to save up for all this resin casting stuff, Im going off of walter sorrels video, it seems really easy.
  10. Conner Michaux

    Quick question

    The reviews on the harbor freight pot say that it needs to be converted to a resin pressure pot, Why is that.
  11. Conner Michaux

    Quick question

    https://www.artmolds.com/pressure-pot.html Is something like this okay? Or maybe this https://www.amazon.com/TCP-Global-Pressure-Paint-Nozzle/dp/B001Z0RAW0/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?keywords=pressure+pot+for+resin+casting&qid=1553291652&s=gateway&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1
  12. Conner Michaux

    Quick question

    Wow, pressure pots are expensive
  13. Conner Michaux

    Quick question

    Is it recommended to stabilize the burl off-cut? Also does anyone have a good recipe for making a pressure pot? https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=how+to+make+a+pressure+pot+for+casting%3f&&view=detail&mid=7349EE01A806C74625D57349EE01A806C74625D5&&FORM=VDRVRV I found a video, but im not sure if this is what I should be looking for.
  14. Conner Michaux

    Quick question

    https://www.turntex.com/alumilite-clear-slow8-lb-kit-detail. So this is the stuff I’m looking for?? 90$ Isn’t that bad if I sell the blocks for 40-50$ which is what I’ve seen they sell for on Etsy.
  15. Conner Michaux

    Quick question

    Okay! Thank you so much