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  1. Conner Michaux

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Etched the puukko, and it looks awful.... a de-greased it with actetone before I etched and after it etched I sprayed it with windex and scrubbed it down with steel wool. Forgot to mention, I etched it for over 10 mins.
  2. Conner Michaux

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Just bought a canopy today, it’s 10x16 with the side panel flap thing up, this will cover my forging area, so I can forge without the sun beating down on the anvil.
  3. Conner Michaux

    Puukko-ish WIP

    Finally the ferric arrived, found a quart of it for 20$ on Amazon. The bottle says it’s ready to use and it doesn’t need to be diluted, lots of reviews also said that, so I’m gonna go ahead and test etch the puukko.
  4. Conner Michaux

    Starting a New Mosaic

    I’m gonna take a play out of Clifford’s book and grab some popcorn and soda
  5. Conner Michaux

    Stropping Q’s

    I want to make a leather strop to finish off the edge on my knives, I know how to build one, but my question is about the leather, cow leather is really thick and soft so it’s easier to round off the edge of your knife, I saw something on the internet about using Kangaroo leather for a strop, because it’s a very thin and tuff leather, so it’s harder to round the edge. And then I’ve got a few questions on the compound, there’s the hard ingot of it, there’s the diamond micron stuff, and some Japanese compound that I’ve found. And I’m not sure if it’s for strops or not, but it’s called lapping film? And with the micron paste stuff, what are the numbers next to it? Like 3.0 micron or .03 micron What ever it is. I’m thinking the numbers are probably grit size, anyhow thanks in advance.
  6. Conner Michaux

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I’m jealous! I want one of those.
  7. Conner Michaux

    O1 round stock?

    Okay I’ll try it, thanks!
  8. Conner Michaux

    Yggdrasil laufsblað - Leaf of Yggdrasil

    Amazing as always!
  9. Conner Michaux

    Power hammer build questions

    Maybe some day I’ll understand all this stuff, motors pulleys, fabricator voodoo magic ive got a question on power hammers though, It seems like homemade power hammers never really work right, and have to constantly be tweaked and fixed, wouldn’t the total costs of all the initial build cost, tweaking and fixing add up to the cost of a real manufactured hammer? Like big blue hammers or Anyang? (I think thats how you spell it) And what’s the difference between a treadle hammer and a power hammer? Ive seen a tiny 6 pound little giant online, the thing was like 5 feet tall, tiny!
  10. Conner Michaux

    O1 round stock?

    Yeah I’m guessing it’ll warp, I’m gonna leave it kind of thick so I can attempt to grind out what ever I can’t fix in the temper.
  11. Conner Michaux

    O1 round stock?

    Okay thanks, While we're on the topic of steel, Im going to forge a Yakut blade out of an old file, its either Simonds. save edge or nicholson, I know Nicholsons are 1095, And I know its one of those three files, but I'm not 100% sure which one (because I forgot and am to lazy to walk out to the shed) Any idea what steel those brands of files are? Its a Multi-cut and its pretty old.
  12. Conner Michaux

    O1 round stock?

    Yeah, I did realize that, these first carving knives I forge are going to be very small very thin for detail work, and then I’m going to get some half inch and maybe some 3/4 for bigger blades.
  13. Conner Michaux

    O1 round stock?

    Alright, thanks for the help.
  14. Conner Michaux

    O1 round stock?

    Okay w1 it is, where should I get it?
  15. Conner Michaux

    Another Small one

    Love the pattern! Good work.