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  1. 1. Alex Middleton 2. Cory LA 3. Conner Michaux
  2. Shop tools sound like a great idea !
  3. Tonight I finally got around to forging a seax, it’s a smaller version of one I saw on Owen Bush’s website. I’m hoping it turns out to look like a real seax.
  4. Not in the shop today but I figure you all would be interested in this. This is what we learned at my school today This buck was fresh roadkill from yesterday night and my teachers took it as an opportunity to demonstrate how to process the animal. Unfortunately the organs ruptured and a good portion of the meat is spoiled. But everything unspoiled will be harvested and used. We will be learning how to tan the hide for the leather shop. And then process the head of this buck into a European mount for the blacksmith shop The coolest thing is that so
  5. These 3 are the best out of the 7 or 8 knives I’ve made. nothing impressive but I’ll get there eventually
  6. Well yep it warped as expected.. just in the worst way possible.. I’ll try my best to fix it but I may be out of luck here
  7. I'm just about ready to heat treat a single bevel damascus Nakiri, should I be expecting a warp, if so, what precautions can I take to have as little of a warp as possible?
  8. I’ve seen many videos of people’s chef knives and pairing knives melting through vegetables with no issue, seemingly like a lightsaber going through butter. Ive been experimenting with my knife sharpness and I can’t seem to achieve that laser edge. I’ve made a couple blades that are less than 1/8” at the thickest point with a distal taper down to a bit above 0. The edges are 1/32 at most before I put a real edge on em, and then I sharpen them up to 1000 grit then a strop. I would think those knives would go through vegetables like a laser but I still have to apply a bit of pressure t
  9. Forged this here steak knife in 40 minutes Herb chopper number 2
  10. Gonna be making a bunch of these herb choppers this week
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