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  1. Correction, the titebond is okay for indirect food contact. Looks looks like I won’t be using that.
  2. I’ve just noticed two very small cracks opening up in the kuksa I’ve been carving, is there a food safe filler or sealer I can use to stop the crack from splitting even further? This is a drinking vessel so it will have a number of liquids, some of which will be hot. So I need a filler that won’t leach into my drink. Titebond 3 is FDA approved to be used in cracks on food preparation surfaces, but I’m not sure if that’s okay for a drinking vessel. Any ideas? Thanks. Sorry this isn’t exactly knife related, but I’m sure some of you are woodworkers.
  3. Welcome to the forum. A good question to ask first is, are you equipped with the tooling and skills required to forge a billet of Damascus? And do you have any experience with forging?
  4. Roughly 5 hours in to the Kuksa, I just joined a bushcraft forum to learn more about these amazing drinking vessels, I’m aiming to fit 8 ounces or so minimum in it. It’s a deeper bowl that the pic shows, it’s coming along much faster than I though. It’s actually quite satisfying to carve, watching the little shavings curl and fall off the end of the knife. Time goes by very quickly when I carve. I’ll be starting a spoon this weekend when I go camping. Sadly I won’t be able to use this kuksa for another 6 months or so, gotta let it dry out as slow as possible so it doesn’t crack. You can see a bit of the heart wood color in there, it’s quite beautiful in person.
  5. I finally got my hands on some green wood, I’m going to try out carving, this particular piece is for a Kuksa, I learned about them and have been absolutely obsessed with the idea of making one ever since. The wood is cherry, this piece was quite big until I sawed it in half. I’m trying to stay away from power tools on this one, I only cut it and flattened a surface with power. Everything else from here will be with a saw, carving knife and a hook knife. The guy I bought it from through in some curly pear to justify the shipping cost, it looked like it will have some beautiful grain. And oh my goodness the cherry smells so much better than metal
  6. Now that one heck of a folder, great work!
  7. Now that’s a lot of wrought iron! I’m excited to see the axe.
  8. You know that moment when you’re cleaning up your shop and you remember that there is steel in the forge? And the when you get to it you find a puddle of molten metal.....? Good thing it wasn’t a blade. I think I’ll wait to forge anything else until I get my propane forge running.
  9. Am I just not finding it or is there a size of this billet somewhere? It looks huge! Very excited for the pattern reveal!
  10. Now that is going to make something cool...
  11. That is very cool! I am gonna have to make me one of those now. I never knew a Brute de forge texture could look so clean. How comfortable are they to hold?
  12. I definitely hope that flood of tools comes soon.
  13. Awesome! I would add more but I’m to busy scrolling back up to look at the pictures.
  14. Lots of great info in there, thanks for that. I'm not going to be able to do all of that, but I will do my best. What would happen if you quenched in water for 7-10 seconds and then into vegetable oil?
  15. I met a guy at bladeshow who turned a bat out of black walnut, forged a band of massive spikes, wrapped it around and riveted it to the bat, it is the most wicked looking thing I’ve ever seen, and the guy that owns it used it as home defense, and apparently it hangs by his bed.. that May be a step up from a battle axe. But dang that thing could probably do some damage.
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