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  1. Just finished forging this little hook, I need to make a punch so I can punch holes.
  2. Thanks Alan, the teeth are basically just little bumps now, completely worn down. This thing has been put to hard work. I’m finally going to attempt to forge a Yakut. We’ll see how that turns out.
  3. Could I get some info on this old file? I don’t remember where I got it. I spark tested it and it looks like it’s usable. But I’ve never seen this company before. Here are some pictures, don’t mind the incredibly messy shop. It says bluegrass, I assume that’s the brand and then on the sides it says Mark, Louisville and some other stuff.
  4. From this To this. I’m going to try and save it tomorrowon my neighbors disc sander. but I’m seriously doubting it’s going to work.
  5. That’s a good idea, but I don’t know what goes with spalted maple. Maybe a thin copper spacer and a piece of black micarta. We’ve only got two weeks left for kith so I gotta decide quick. EDIT never mind that’s not going to work, the whole problem started with a really big dip in the handle right underneath the spacer, and then trying I flatten out all out made the big curve at the bottom, If I were to flatten everything else out to that then I would go right through the tang hole. An then trying to make everything looks better I ruined the facets on the front side of the handle and they are beyond the point of no return.
  6. Well, as I was sanding the last facet on the last grit I realized that there was more filing that needed to happen on one of the facets, so I started filing on it, trying to remove a big dip there was in the back of the handle, I took it out of the vice to get a better look and I realized that I removed way to much material, and now the handle is ruined, it’s beyond saving now.. ignore I can get another block fast enough then I’ll still be able to finish it, but right now it looks like I’ll have to drop out of kith for this year.
  7. It’s almost finished, I gotta sand the facets and rebuff the blade.
  8. It is unbelievable difficult and annoying to get these facets symmetrical to each other. What’s the best way to go about doing this?
  9. All the different flats on the handle are called facets right? Any tips for cleaning up and making them look better?
  10. this things almost done, I’ve got the guard tang hole pretty much sorted, and the hole in the handle is drilled. This week hopefully.
  11. Thanks Jeremy! Definitely gonna put this thing to hard use.
  12. I get home from school today, and there’s an anvil sitting on my doorstep in a destroyed cardboard box, says it’s from some place in Texas... I’m happily surprised and also very confused at the same time. It looks cast, and I lightly whacked it with a hammer and it seems to have good rebound. 0D5D3729-8AF5-45D5-880B-8F2CDA63B267.MOV
  13. Thanks for the help Joël.
  14. The widest part of the blade is 1" 7/8 ish and at the front of the blade its 1"5/8 ish and the handle is 3/4" . all the measurements will be slightly different once the blade is cut out, give or take a sixteenth or so.
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