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  1. Im Having a very difficult time coming up with ideas and designs for knives, My filing jig limits me greatly, so I can't have any recurve knives or any knives with big curves in the blade. So im stuck not being able to make what i really want to. But thats beside the point, When you are first drawing up a completely original design, how do you find the inspiration for it?
  2. Ah shoot, I saw that after I cut out the blade, and I think I made the tang and shoulders way to small.
  3. alright, This is gonna be an interesting project... Heres my design.
  4. I’ve got some questions regarding this style of handle, I know its Japanese. Is it just a regular hidden tang? Or is there something Special to it? And In real authentic Japanese knives, do they use any type of epoxy to keep the tang from coming out? And I’m pretty sure that they don’t have pins.
  5. Tonight’s tri tip over the campfire, the steak as been marinating for about 24 hours, and I’ll be cooking it within the next 3-4 hours, it’s gonna be pretty good, the last time I marinated a steak, it was in there for over 48 hours, and it tasted so dang amazing.
  6. I wish I had a smoker, but I can’t afford that at all, Some day o hope to own a Treager pro series.
  7. I did listen to that one, I do like it, when I was talking about the electric and altered voices I was talking about the modern crap like all the pop type of stuff, that’s all just electronic.
  8. Alright, I’ve been hoping a thread like this would be started, but I decided to start it myself. I’d say that the majority of you enjoy a nice steak, or some smoked pork butt. It’d be cool if this thread stayed alive for a while, I like getting inspiration for my steak and steak rub. So this thread will be a place to post your good eats, preferred meat doneness and your steak knives. (And what ever other grilling tools you’ve made) grilling and forging are somewhat similar, so I’m assuming it’s fine to post this. I guess I’ll start it off, I like to put a cast iron pan on the fire and cook myself some food, so a few days ago I cooked myself a nice small Tri-Tip steak, to near perfection, it’s a little to done for me but it was still good. And then me and some friends drove up to a reservoir I think it was called Mormon reservoir? But we caught 6 decent trout, and cooked them up. And then tomorrow, I’m gonna be cooking up another Tri-Tip for a nice campout dinner. I prefer my steak to be between medium rare and rare. So around 130 degrees.
  9. This is off the topic of Metal music, I’ve never really understood the appeal.. I like to think I have a good taste in music, It varies greatly. At the top of my playlist I’ve got some fake country (Toby Keith, Florida). That kind of stuff, than I’ve got some of what I call “real country”. (Willie Nelson, Johnny cash) and all that, I’ve got some 60s (Redbone and traffic). I’ve got some Chris Stapleton as well, then I’ve got some very modern stuff. I’ve never liked Fake electronic music and technology altered voices. (From time to time I enjoy a little Metallica. Ive always enjoyed old music, I think it has more life and soul to it than modern stuff. It’s kind of like modern vs clsssic cars, Classics like the 69 corvette, have big fenders and big sweeping lines, and there much more raw and untuned, Back then they did everything they could to stand out from other companies, but now almost all SUVs and sedans look pretty much the same (just like modern music). For me at least. so yeah, there’s my weekly rant
  10. Designed my next, Let’s hope this one turns out well, my last 2 knives were supposed to be my carry knife, but they don’t look presentable. This one is thin 80crv2 and it will hopefully have some blue resin/maple burl hybrid block scales, anyone know were I can get some of that?
  11. Oh and I was wondering, Say you liked 80crv2 a lot, and you always bought it from, Say New jersey steel baron, But one day they were out of stock, so you bought it from Alpha knife supply, Even though it has the same name, would it be slightly different? Or do all Mills use the same recipe?
  12. Its time to buy steel again snd this time Im gonna make a Nakiri and a Santoku. What thickness of steel should I get? 1/8 seems to thick, Ive found some .080 thick 80crv2 that might work. And on my last post, I was asking about 80crv2 and I saw that Joël said somehing about ATP-641 anti scale stuff helping reduce chances of Decarb. Im considering getting some of that too, But what exactly is it? and where do I get it?
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