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    How much pressure?

    I drill lots of holes in the tang, and then clamp the mothers love out of it.
  2. Conner Michaux

    Puukko-ish WIP

    I cut this knife out of an off cut of a Damascus billet that a friend gave to me, It is sanded to 600 grit, And like always.....Ive got questions, Im going to assume this Damascus is made of 1084 and 15n20 It is not heat treated, So i'm wondering if I can heat treat this the same as O1 or 80crv2, Basically just normalizing three times and quenching, and does Damascus need to he tempered differently? The handle on this one is going to be Cherry birch Burl.
  3. Conner Michaux

    Puukko-ish WIP

    As ive said before, I will never heat treat without a pipe, The one time I tried without one, I burned and blistered the knife... And I don't want to do that again..
  4. Cover all the valves in soapy water and if theres anything leaking it will make bubbles.
  5. Conner Michaux

    Puukko-ish WIP

    Alright, Lets hope I can see this decalescence magic stuff. I jut have to stare into a coal forge.. Not very forgiving on my eyes.
  6. Conner Michaux

    Limonite and cuprite?

    Reading that was like a knife to my heart...... Oh well I tried
  7. Conner Michaux

    Meteorite Damascus

    Oh I'm excited for this one!
  8. Conner Michaux

    KITH 2019 sign up

    All right Ive never done this before, So here goes! Welcome everybody to KITH 2019! *The crowed cheers" This years theme is Anything under the name of EDC (Every day carry) Folders, fixed, what ever. You just have to be able to EDC it, I think we are trying to keep the blade size under 4 inches, So its legal in most places. If you are going to participate post your name in the comments. I think thats how it works, like I said this is a first for me. Good luck everybody! (If im missing anything I can Edit)
  9. Conner Michaux

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Once I sanded it to 600 I re etched for 10 minutes or so, and it got a much darker etch.
  10. Conner Michaux

    What did you do in your shop today?

    600 grit on the bevels 400 on flats, that’s probably over kill for a blade that hasn’t been heat treated yet. But hey! It’s practice.
  11. Conner Michaux

    What did you do in your shop today?

    9F73AAE7-A14F-4009-989C-8CA5F45D86AD.MOV Okay! Test etch is done I’m going to sand off the etch, and get ready for heat treat, I didn’t get around to it yesterday. Do you guys have any idea what pattern that is?
  12. Conner Michaux

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Okay thanks! Ive got one more question, Can I use the vinegar before heat treat, just to see what pattern it is? Or will it etch to deep to be sanded off? Sorry for the never ending stream of questions!
  13. Conner Michaux

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I can get ferric, and I just sanded the blade at 400, and I have acetone. Wetsand with water, or something else like windex? I will go draw file the rest of the tang so its beveled right now, Im going to heat treat tonight. But I might be to impatient and etch it tomorrow after its finished tempering, Will the vinegar/lemon juice Etch it as well as ferric? And does it have to be fresh lemon juice, or can it be from the store? I'm thinking the preservatives in the store lemon juice will effect the etching process in some way, Thanks for the help guys!!
  14. Conner Michaux

    My Humble Beginnings:

    Huh..? I could have sworn he was trained by the elf blacksmiths of Rivendell....
  15. Conner Michaux

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I’ve sanded all of the file scratches out of the blade. only 150 grit scratches! I kinda want to make the flat line invisible, using a rubber pad to sand it, but I’m not sure yet. Edit I just realized I sanded it sharp in one area What is the process for etching Damascus? And what is a good grit to sand it to, to get a good etch??
  16. Conner Michaux

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    What he said ^^^
  17. Conner Michaux

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Both bevels are filed in, I was going to put a Scandi grind on it, but I can’t afford all the stones, so I’ll just put a flat grind on it, I’m using Cherry Birch burl for the handle. I might start a wip for this one, I’m gonna need some help soon.
  18. Conner Michaux

    Scandinavian grind

    Usually people refer to it as the Scandi grind, I think.. Ive got a few questions concerning this grind, If I'm understanding it correctly, This is two bevels without the secondary bevel, used for bushcraft and outdoor stuff. And to my questions, After heat treating a knife with a scandi grind, how would I proceed to sharpen it?? You guys know I don't have a grinder, So do I just use a sharpening stone to remove the rest of the material, till its sharp?Thats called a zero grind right? Ive heard people around the forum talk about the bevels on a knife being at zero... Is that when theres enough material removed from the bevels, To make it sharp, Before you actually start to sharpen it? I hope you guys can understand this!
  19. Conner Michaux

    Scandinavian grind

    Thanks for the info guys! I really would be lost without this forum..
  20. Conner Michaux

    A pair of kitchen blades(pic heavy)

    Gorgeous knives! I love the bolster on the W2 blade. And I like the slim handle on the petty...that’s a petty right?
  21. Conner Michaux

    Scandinavian grind

    I do have a masonry wheel, The only reason I don't like using that bench grinder stone, It makes some really deep gouges in the steel that are really hard to sand out, And the knife will already be heat treated so the sandpaper doesn't do much, but I can try.
  22. Conner Michaux

    Scandinavian grind

    Im thinking of getting something like this, after heat treating I would rub it on the bevels like I would when I hand sand. http://www.baryonyxknife.com/byamupost.html
  23. Conner Michaux

    Scandinavian grind

    Okay great, Thanks! Oh ive got one more question, On a lot of professionally made bushcraft knives like this one in the picture, The grind only comes up about a 1/4-1/2 inch wouldn't you guys consider that a noob grind? Or is that the best way to make the scandi grind? Sorry for my never ending questions! Is it better to use Diamond, or wet-stones for this?
  24. Heres an idea, I have no idea if it will work or not though, Stack 3-4 bricks next to each other, use sheet metal on both sides, and lightly clamp them together, then inside then carve a tunnel through the 3 bricks. and then drill a diagonal hole in the top to put your burner into. As I said I have no idea if thats possible. So your basically making a delicious soft brick sandwich with a couple holes. Im really just thinking out loud here.
  25. Conner Michaux

    Some of my vikings

    good lookin as always!