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  1. Those are both of the things I’ll be using this one for.
  2. Thanks Geoff, I’m gonna buy the O1 guide, and when a have some more money I’ll try at making my own.
  3. Would the one I linked above be able to hold to a file for at least one blade? It says it’s 61 Rockwell, but I don’t know how hard Nicholson’s are. I just need it for my kith, I want that to be as good and consistent as possible.
  4. Yeah they seem pretty handy, I’ve wanted to get a couple from Bill but I can’t afford a carbide one, that’s why I want to by the guide without carbide and glue some of onto it.
  5. I’m having a difficult time getting the plunge lines to be in the same place and same angle on both sides of the blade. So the file guide will eliminate the problem
  6. Forgot to mention, these will be the scales for the thing, any idea what they are? Looks like dyed box elder, but I’m not sure.
  7. Ive been thinking about this project for months, and there is no way i am able to do this, I Have any idea how i could get the mild steel faces totally trued of together perfectly flat. So have another idea, https://usaknifemaker.com/file-guide-precision.html Im going to buy this, and glue 2 carbide pieces onto it. I don't care if i have to constantly re glue them, all i need is for it to make my plunge lines the same on both sides. Will this work...?
  8. Still some shaping to be done, but I need to get some more dremel abrasive drum things.
  9. Thanks Bruno! I do like the choil, I’m definitely gonna make it smaller though. Haven’t started on this dang knife yet, I’ve been out rafting on the peyette river.
  10. Alright, here is my design, If you have any design input feel free to share, Its about 6-1/4 long, but its a big ole edc, (Ive seen bigger) This is a very rough sketch. Im allowed to do stock removal for KITH right? Lets hope so because my forging skills are not that great yet. I was originally gonna do a friction folder, but i decided I would rather stick to a fixed blade, This one looks pretty big, but its going to be a very slim blade so it can fit in the pocket better. Let me know what you like/dont like. re.
  11. Decided Im gonna use some Koa for the handle, and i might try to make a one of them Saya things, Thats how you spell it right??
  12. Wow indeed! Thats pretty amazing, And a complete step up from your already amazing work.
  13. Okay, thanks. I’m gonna have to put this one on the back burner for a few month or so, I really need to start my kith, I’m gonna try to make a Yakut for it, and as a write this, I’m realizing that the blade will have to be 3 inches or less.. Small Yakut I guess. So I’ll be back to this WIP shortly
  14. Muffle pipe is just a regular pipe to put the knife in right? Yeah I use one of those. But my eye sight is pretty bad even with glasses. And when there’s fire around and inside the pipe it’s really hard for me to be able to see anything but orange. On the bright side, the knife hardened amazingly! I tempered I for 4 hours three cycles at 400 and the file skates even when I press it into the blade.
  15. I usually heat treat at night, Im gonna have to get A thermo couple, Ive tried seeing decalescence 6 times now, But im using charcoal in my forge so theres tons of flame and some smoke, so its quite difficult. (for me atleast)
  16. I hardened it by color, I know thats not a good idea, but i dropped both my magnets into the forge and melted them, And ive never been able to spot decalisense (how ever you spell it) . so my only way to know was by color (which isnt very accurate) . And I ended up with a slight bit of decarb, but i filed that off in 30 seconds. this is what i used instead.... Now I knew what color it had to be, I just wanted to make sure.
  17. Spalted maple you say..? I may be interested... I will message you once i have a tang for it to go on.
  18. Blade is tempering heat treat was success
  19. good Looking knives! I really need to start my kith
  20. Thanks! He scratches are really shallow, they just have a little water rust in them, I’ve seen that the really shallow scratches come out with the forge scale. It’s been atleast 100 degrees in my shed that past few days, so sanding has gone by as quick as possible.
  21. IM gonna try to heat treat it tonight without the stuff that helps prevent decarb, I’ve hardened v2 before to the point where you could say, “what Grain?” So let’s hope I do the same today
  22. I’m getting pretty good at this hand sanding thing. Still can’t figure out how to get the scratches out of the plunge though.
  23. Is this the stuff that helps prevent with de carb? How do I use it and is it worth it? https://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/metal-prep-coloring/heat-treating-accessories/anti-scale-coating-sku100002607-23076-49084.aspx?cm_mmc=cse-_-Itwine-_-shopzilla-_-100-002-607&utm_medium=cse&utm_source=connexity&utm_campaign=itwine&utm_content=100-002-607
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