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  1. The only thing I kinda screwed up on is the tang, It doesn’t sit in the middle of the shoulders. Hope that doesn’t cause any problems when I fit it to the handle.
  2. Stock removal, haven’t got my propane forge running yet, I’m going to attempt a Wa-style handle , still not sure on material though.
  3. Wish I could have got an entree in this Christmas, I’ve been too busy with school and such.
  4. Finally getting around to starting another blade, this one is my take on a Japanese petty style. What are your thoughts? Steel is .081 I believe. It’s difficult to see the shape with all the paint and surface patina and slight rust so I traced it out onto paper. Blade cutting edge is about 5-1/4”
  5. I don’t really mind the carving tuff ness, I find that carving kind of entrances you with the little shavings of wood falling of the knife. Time kind of flys past when I carve. But I do feel it in my hands afterwords. I’m currently carving a spoon out of it, I’ll post pics when it’s done.
  6. I have thought of that I would do that, but sadly I have not found a resin that is 100% food safe and somewhat heat resistant. I was making this with the intent on using it when I go camping. Because I would be drinking out of it most resin is toxic or somewhat food safe. But it would just leach into the drink.
  7. When I say decently sharp I mean it will do the job, I tried sharpening it but It didn’t work. So I just kept carving. I was using a piece of fresh cut cherry wood. I was carving a Kuksa which is a traditional camping drinking vessel from Finland I believe. Very unfortunate that it cracked, it is a very nice looking piece of cherry. Either my knife is dull or the wood was pretty hard. And yeah the knife was able to shave hair through most of the curve. I tried using glue to seal the crack at first but then it split significantly more
  8. Yeah Ive been doing the ziplock bag trick, But I had over 10 hours into hand carving with a decently sharp hook knife, And all the time it was out of the bag being carved must have been enough. Thanks again for all the help, I'll post pictures If i can get something finished.
  9. Thanks for the help, I am carving green wood, and it obviously cracks pretty fast, so when I first tried to carve a Kuksa I used a hook knife and carved almost the entire bowl out before it cracked, so if I can carve the bowl faster I can get it into a moist environment faster so I minimize cracking possibilities. That’s the reason behind looking to get a gouge. And I want to do it with all handtools for some reason. I’ll do some more looking.
  10. I was looking at this 35mm gouge, I pretty much have no idea what size I should look for, but I was thinking that bigger means more wood removal, and then once the bulk of it is carved out I go in with a small hook knife and finish up. https://www.woodcraft.com/products/pfeil-swiss-made-7-sweep-bent-gouge-35-mm-full-size
  11. Would something like this work? https://www.woodcraft.com/products/pfeil-swiss-made-8-sweep-spoon-gouge-10-mm-full-size EDIT Never mind that is only 10mm wide, to small.
  12. Unfortunately I found the perfect gouge for what I want to do but it’s 80$ from Phiel. I’m looking for a bent gouge because I’ll be carving out bowl shapes, but those seem to be much for expensive so I may have to settle for a non bent gouge.
  13. That’s for all the input, I definitely can’t afford the Pfiel gouges. I’ll get the best I can afford
  14. @Chris Christenberry Pm sent, Thanks.
  15. This isn’t exactly a knifemaking related question, I can remove this thread if needed. I’m looking for some wood carving gouges and I was wondering if any of you guys have any experience in that field. Where should I look to get a few? I’m looking for one about 1” wide. Ive done some looking online and all I can really find is the cheapo tools. I will eventually try to make one but don’t have time right now.
  16. That’s cool, did I miss it In the article or is there a lock preventing it from popping open in your pocket?
  17. No complaints here, it’s held an edge well and it’s very comfortable to hold.
  18. Looks like it would be a cool thing to make. It’s basically a draw knife for steel right? Has anyone ever made one? How would you be able to put enough pressure on it without it snapping in two? I assume you would harden it and not temper but that would be to brittle to do anyhing. Ive seen a video of someone using it, for think the would be a cool thing to learn.
  19. @Alex Middleton That little knife is serving me well.
  20. I guess I’ll finish it, why not. I’ll test my heat treat and see how this thing holds up to a few chopping tests. Almost done filing the bevels anyway. I want to use curly Mango scales for it.
  21. the thing is, to get a 14” file from carradi I have to buy a set of them. And I can’t just drop 130$ on files. I’ll email them and ask if it’s possible to get 1 or 2 of them. I’ll check out the bahco files too.
  22. Have any of you heard of Corrodi files? https://www.corradishop.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxNH41fKh5gIViaDsCh1m4g7WEAMYASAAEgJYzfD_BwE. Ive been looking for a 14 inch Nicholson, can’t find one so I’ve started looking for other file brands. Corrodi, an Italian company has a set of six 14 inch files, it comes with 2 flat files 2 half rounds and 2 round. They seem like very high quality tools. The set is 130$ shipped. That’s probably what you would pay for 6 14” Nicholson’s... I think? I’m just wondering if anyone has ever heard of them or used them. Heres a direct link to the product https://www.corradishop.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_22&products_id=89
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