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  1. I’ve seen many videos of people’s chef knives and pairing knives melting through vegetables with no issue, seemingly like a lightsaber going through butter. 

    Ive been experimenting with my knife sharpness and I can’t seem to achieve that laser edge. I’ve made a couple blades that are less than 1/8” at the thickest point with a distal taper down to a bit above 0. The edges are 1/32 at most before I put a real edge on em, and then I sharpen them up to 1000 grit then a strop. I would think those knives would go through vegetables like a laser but I still have to apply a bit of pressure to them through the entire cut. Nothing like that quick laser through an onion edge that I’ve seen. 

    So I’m wondering, what really determines if the blade will have a laser like edge, I know it’s a combo of spine thickness, edge thickness, and the grit of the finished edge.


    Anyways, my real question is how can I achieve that laser like edge sharpness? 


  2. Sorry for the late response. And thanks for the info 


    The piece of the wood I am using for this handle cracked and broke off so I want to make a bolster of some sort out of this micarta and copper to give it the extra length that it lost. 


    My plan was to make the bolster  and get it fit up to the blade shoulders and then glue the bolster to the handle 



  3. I’ve decided to make a multi piece handle for a large paring knife I’m working on.   How are these handles constructed? 


    I was just going to use a lot of epoxy and clamp it all together, but I’ve also seen some people drill a pin hole from the bolster all the way through the layers of the handle to secure it all together. 


    Is there a right or wrong way to make these handles?

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