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  1. Here’s my take on a bird and trout knife

    1084 and box elder burl. Definitely going to be testing it out on some trout in the next few weeks!





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  2. After upsetting the bolster on this chef there was not enough material to pull a tang out of, the two options I’ve thought of are welding a tang onto the bolster, or drilling and tapping a hole to screw a tang into the bolster. What’s the best course of action? Thanks 


  3. 7 hours ago, Steve Elliott said:

    I just had a MASSIVE maple tree dropped on my property I'm looking forward to making a few of these bad boys!! What was you main plan of attack for doing the contouring on it?

     Honestly I didn’t really have any idea of how to shape it any If it. I just ground and filed the bevels of the main portion of the handle and cleaned up the transitions between the head/handle and handle/butt to match with the height of the handle bevels. If that makes any sense..

  4. Finished this beast up today. Curly maple and farriers rasp. Sculpted the handle mostly  with files. First time using the ameribrade I got last year, worth every cent. And the first time grinding 4 bevels, unfortunately I scuffed the blade a couple times and didn’t see it till I glued it all up. 




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  5. finally finished this one up after starting it last year and losing it for several months.

    1084/15n20 twist from a billet i was given a while back.

    I took the edge to 0 and it is very thin at the spine so it cuts like a laser.

    I still have tons to improve on but I quite like it.




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  6. Been a minute since I made a sharp thing. 

    First attempt at forge welding, and the first chisel I’ve made.

    Wagon tire wrought and a small piece of 1084 (I think) and some curly maple.

    Few things wrong with it but they are only aesthetic for the most part.



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  7. With no expectations of it working, I forge welded a small billet of wrought/1084 laminate held together with steel wire and without any flux And to my surprise it worked. It will be drown out and made into a small wood chisel. 

    And here’s some cutting boards I’ve finished up recently




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  8. Today was spent in someone else’s shop.

    Layers of 1084 & 15n20 

    drawn out and twisted, twists drawn out, cut into sections and surface ground, final stack has 5 layers total. a twist core with 15n20 on the sides and then another layer of twist on the outsides. It’s been a busy day :D





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  9. Bladesmithing is temporarily paused while I work to afford it. So Into the realm of woodworking I go! first 2 of 5 cutting boards are almost done. all they need are juice grooves and finish sanding. 
    Plenty more are on the way 


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  10. Thanks all :)  I would agree it would definitely look better without the forged flats, but this one was just a test to see if I could forge and grind bevels evenly. This was my first attempt at a coke bottle handle and it turned out better than I thought it would. 

  11. Past year has been busy, haven’t had tons of time for knives, but got this one done 

    Old Nicholson file so probably w2 

    And curly pear handle, first time i ever tried a coke bottle shape besides a few minor issues, less than the previous knives though. 

    onto the next !




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