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  1. Thanks for the info, I would be totally lost without this forum.. Its W2 from Aldo's, Im pretty sure thats shallow hardening and very easy to get a Hamon on, If hot vegetable oil will at least bring out some form of Hamon I will try edge quenching it. I use a bread baking pan to quench in so I can always shake it a little bit to agitate the oil and hopefully get some activity in the Hamon. Ive got one more question, Since this steal is annealed and has not been touched with heat since being made at the mill, Is it really necessary to normalize it? Or Will It just be a way to risk and mos
  2. So Im coming close to being able to heat treat this thing, But I don't have a high-speed quench oil. I really want to try a hamon though. I am faced with two problems, I have nothing to clay the blade with, and I don't have special oil to really form the hamon. I don't have furnace cement or any kind of refractory. Can I mix some clay from my garden and ground up coal dust together with some water to make a paste? How risky is it to quench quickly in water and then into oil? That may be an alternative to parks50 if its not too risky.
  3. Well it’s February 3rd, so the poll is closed, but seasons and hatchets are tied up. What do we do from here? Flip a coin?
  4. I must have forgotten about that, sorry If it is still tied up when we end it what to we do then?
  5. Oh come on! I was hoping to come back and not see seasons and hatchets tied up again.. we might have to end the vote as soon as one or the other is winning.
  6. Since know one else is voting for collab, we could probably just count your vote as seasons.
  7. Well we can always draw from a hat?!?!?
  8. Thanks all! Im having a super difficult time cleaning out the scratches in the plunge lines, I usually use a thin round file, but I mistakenly stepped on it and snapped it in 2, and neither ends are long enough to to the job. So I resorted to using my drill attachment buffing wheel and buff the absolute heck out of the plunges, Its working very well, But I just ran out of buffing compound and need to order some more. Hopefully I can get some soon.
  9. Yeah this is what I guessed, to hand sanding it is!
  10. I’m thinking of hitting the bevels with the disc sander, is it easy to remove to much material? I don’t want to ruin all the work I’ve done so far, but I want to cut down on some hand sanding and get the blade to a somewhat rough 400 grit. If I use a 400 grit disc it won’t be to easy to slip and ruin it all... Right?
  11. Love puukko knives, I would love to make one but I can’t figure out how to grind the bevel so it gets narrower at the tip. fantastic work.
  12. Even though I voted for hatchets, I do wish seasons wins, A hatchet/small axe could fit under one of the seasons, with a story a course.
  13. Thanks! Means a lot coming from you guys, y’all are all professionals at this knifemaking stuff in my eyes.
  14. Looking better. I think this one will look very nice with a 600 grit satin finish on it.
  15. Let’s let this go for 7-10 days. That will make sure everyone gets a vote in.
  16. Take 3... To see the seasons theme see Emiliano’s comment in the thread kith 2020 Only took 3 times, I think I’ve got it now, thanks for the patience everyone.
  17. What I want to know is what do people use these things for?!?! 2x72 seems to be a decent metal hogger itself. But this must take it to a whole new level.
  18. Good evening folks, I got out into the shop for a few hours tonight and got the other bevel all filed in, The plunge lines are clean, but they are a little un symmetrical to each other because the file always lines up differently against the file guide, And I filed more on one side that the other, so the taper is a bit wonky. But I think I did the best I could with the tools I have. Now I gotta figure out what the heck to do with the pointy bit under the blade portion, that just looks ugly.
  19. Now that’s one heck of a grinder! If you end up fixing it up, you should get a ceramic shredder belt and see how fast it eats up a piece of steel
  20. I’m going to go ahead and post the poll, Hope that’s alright
  21. Should we make a poll with A leather tool, collaboration blade, and a hatchet/small axe? Those seem to be the most popular ideas. EDIT: I can start it if needed, just want make sure I’ve got permission.
  22. I finally got around to buying a respirator, unfortunately it’s not a full face mask, but it’ll probably do the job. It came and had the smell of incredibly strong laundry detergent, I decided I’ll probably die from the smell before the metal dust gets me
  23. I have one of Jeremy’s 3Ib dog head hammers, it’s very quickly become my favorite hammer. It feels great to swing and it definitely moves very quickly. Very good quality I would say
  24. Wow, it would be amazing to own one in perfect condition. Not sure if I’d use it or hang it up on my wall
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