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  1. Thanks Alan! I’ll get some of those when I can afford it. I hope the day when I find a 16 inch Nicholson on eBay comes soon. I wonder if there are bigger files being made somewhere.
  2. Wait, half an hour!?! Black Magic! I need better files.... Which is is funny because I use Nicholson’s.. they seem to cut fine though.. is it possible to test a files sharpness?
  3. Yeah I’ve had to do that before, not a big issue, I’m starting to think that the tang is disproportionately narrow compared to the blade, so I will probably take the blade width down a bit anyway.
  4. Ive only filed the first bevel, I took just under 1/16 off at the edge, the stock is 1/8 so if I do the same on the second bevel, it should be quite thin.. Not to thin I hope
  5. Wow I seriously underestimated how long this would take. the first bevel took me somewhere between 4-5 hours. I think when I’m done with both it will have a nice taper down the blade.
  6. Almost done with this first bevel on the full flat bushcraft knife, we are 4-5 hours in and I’m very close to being done. Then I have to repeat it all on the other side..
  7. Yeah, I was just curious. If you were to do a full flat, but mix it with a scandi and take the secondary bevel away, I would think the edge would be too thin. It’d be nasty sharp though, I think..
  8. I thought a scandi grind didn’t have a secondary bevel?
  9. With a full flat, should I add a secondary bevel on it or attempt to make it a fullflat scandi grind..? would the edge be to thin at that point or would it work?
  10. Those are so cool. By far my favorite style of knife. Do you you have any warping issues with the fuller when you heat treat them? great work.
  11. I might try to remove a little bit on the belts, I’m hesitant though because I don’t want to ruin it.
  12. I have no idea what the bevel angle is, I just file on it until the bevel goes as high as I want it and then adjust the jig so the file is as a steeper angle and take the edge down thinner. Yeah I just received my order of belts, they should last me for a while. But I’m still in the part of the learning curve where I ruin everything I try to grind. Once i I get some carbide to put on my file guide I will try to grind a real blade instead of a piece of mild steel. I think I’ll do a full flat then. That’s going to have me filing for hours, and hours.....and
  13. The blade is just over 1” wide and the bevel currently is a little under 1/2”
  14. Should we make a poll? My vote will go to a hatchet, though it won’t be longer then 12” because I can only afford so much steel..
  15. I’m down for a hatchet, I’ve been wanting to make one. But mine will be one solid piece of steel instead of being folded or drifted.
  16. What is a good bevel height on a bushcraft knife? The stock is 1/8 thick. I know for most blades an inch to an inch and a half is okay, but seeing as this will be a small camping knife I would assume the bevel shouldn’t go up that high. I don’t have the skills to Scandi grind it so I was just going to do a flat grind. And I was originally going to bring the bevel up about an inch, but I figured I’d ask here for some advice. Thanks
  17. I like the idea of tools, another idea: how about a camp/bushcraft blade with a flint and fire steel with a small tin of some char cloth.. basically a nice fire kit. Or a seax..
  18. Tonight’s project, I gotta finish the shaping and start working on the bevels. I’m intending for this to be a small bushcraft Blade, if only I could put a scandi grind on it.. nice deep finger groove and a wide belly on it. It’s quite comfortable
  19. If I were to put this forge into a fire pit to burn out all the nasty coatings on the paint can would that be okay? I should have done it before I put the kaowool and satanite in. But I’m wondering if it will be fine with if I burn everything out while the wool isn’t in it.
  20. Awesome! I love greenwood carving. I have yet to carve a Kuksa that hasn’t cracked though. I want to make a hook knife someday. Great work.
  21. Well, today I tried to forge some hooks, leaves, and knives. But it was one of those days that I ruined everything I tried to forge. I’ve decided I will never use the coal forge for blades, it just gets to dang hot! I forged out a blade for the Yakut I’ve wanted to make for ever, but I melted off the tang leaving to little material to forge another.
  22. Im down for anything, but I’d say let’s get a few more ideas on the table. I still really want to make a war club though.. a leather tool is totally fine with me if that’s what we choose, I’m going to start making sheaths soon.
  23. I agree with that, I definitely like having all the info in one place rather than multiple threads. Gonna divert a little bit from the main thread for a moment. Hope nobody minds. Anyone got an idea where I can find a NOS 16" Nicholson? Been looking on eBay every couple of days but I cant find anything yet.
  24. Very cool! Great WIP. I agree that this should be pinned
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