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  1. Now that one heck of a folder, great work!
  2. Now that’s a lot of wrought iron! I’m excited to see the axe.
  3. You know that moment when you’re cleaning up your shop and you remember that there is steel in the forge? And the when you get to it you find a puddle of molten metal.....? Good thing it wasn’t a blade. I think I’ll wait to forge anything else until I get my propane forge running.
  4. Am I just not finding it or is there a size of this billet somewhere? It looks huge! Very excited for the pattern reveal!
  5. Now that is going to make something cool...
  6. That is very cool! I am gonna have to make me one of those now. I never knew a Brute de forge texture could look so clean. How comfortable are they to hold?
  7. I definitely hope that flood of tools comes soon.
  8. Awesome! I would add more but I’m to busy scrolling back up to look at the pictures.
  9. Lots of great info in there, thanks for that. I'm not going to be able to do all of that, but I will do my best. What would happen if you quenched in water for 7-10 seconds and then into vegetable oil?
  10. I met a guy at bladeshow who turned a bat out of black walnut, forged a band of massive spikes, wrapped it around and riveted it to the bat, it is the most wicked looking thing I’ve ever seen, and the guy that owns it used it as home defense, and apparently it hangs by his bed.. that May be a step up from a battle axe. But dang that thing could probably do some damage.
  11. I’ve already got the popcorn ready, this one is gonna be good!
  12. Beautiful sword! I keep coming back to scroll through the pictures.
  13. I sharpened my wood carving tools today, I finally figured out a way to sharpen my Hook knife, 1/2 wooden dowel wrapped with sandpaper, starting with 800 grit I worked my way up to 2000 and then a piece of 1000 charged with some green compound I have. Apparently it works! And worked on the chopper I started, filing the bevels this thing is going to take me at least 5-7 hours.. fun stuff today y’all.
  14. They biggest think I don’t like about FIF is the massive amount of good meat they waste, all the whole pigs they use in the testing.. that’s a lot of good meat I could be eating.. but honestly, it’s a real waste.
  15. If you are doing that with some of that gorgeous Yew from your previous post, than I’m interested.
  16. Yes this is the kind of answer I was looking for. When me making knives comes up in a conversation, and 8-9 times out of 10 the immediate response is “like Damascus knives?!?” And they lose interest when I tell them that I don’t make Damascus, and I don’t make (and I quote) “Giant Japanese knives and swords” Yeah tools becoming way more expensive is not at all helpful. I actually did not get into bladesmithing because of FIF, but FIF was the reason I was able to find the person who would eventually lead us to finding the blacksmithing guild of the Potomac.
  17. There had been a question on my mind recently. It’s more a topic of discussion and opinions rather than a one answer question. There has been a big interest in bladesmithing over the last 2-3 years due to a very popular tv show, Do you think it is a good or bad thing that there are so many people coming into this trade? I’m not sure if this has been discussed before, but I am very curious on what you guys think. I personally think it is a good thing that people are taking more of an interest in these trades, but there are so many people all over the Internet making
  18. Definitely watching this one. I was just about to grab the popcorn for ya, looks like you got it first!
  19. I still have a good bit of material to remove in the finger well, much more than sandpaper could handle, I’ll work it it with a file for a few hours. I usually can get tight curves like the finger well pretty smooth with a Dremel, I like it a lot.
  20. I don't have experience with presses, But I have heard from a lot of people that the coal iron works 16 ton press is amazing. If you are on instagram, Paxton at 50.50Forge uses it to forge his damascus billets. He posts a lot of videos of him drawing out some massive billets on it.
  21. This thing is gonna be cool. I ground the tang I little bit to narrow, but I think it’s fine, I’m just waiting to order some dremel abrasive drum things to get into the finger well and round it out can’t really get in there with a belt sander. Im not going to do a wip on this one, I know what a knife looks like and how to make one now.
  22. Does it make a difference if it’s sea salt or Himalayan salt?
  23. The handle is bigger than my hand by at least 1/4” I’ve got small hands, it will work great for me.
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