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  1. Gonna be making a bunch of these herb choppers this week
  2. My first attempt at making a bottle opener. Made out fo a horseshoe. EE0CBDF6-4DCB-4255-9498-95433A5459D2.MOV
  3. I’d like to start making leather sheaths soon and I’ve got some questions. Can I make a sheath with only rivets? Pros/Cons of rivets vs stitching? Where should I get materials for sheaths? Thanks
  4. Just finished this one. W2 and some sort of spalted burl. I think it looks alright at first glance but there are a lot of issues. Learned a thing or two though
  5. Plenty of work to be done but this is one is looking great so far. 96DA5C65-BE9C-4F2E-A8A8-21DFE348BB1B.MOV
  6. Is it possible to polish knife handles without a buffer?
  7. Sorry for the late response. And thanks for the info The piece of the wood I am using for this handle cracked and broke off so I want to make a bolster of some sort out of this micarta and copper to give it the extra length that it lost. My plan was to make the bolster and get it fit up to the blade shoulders and then glue the bolster to the handle
  8. I’ve decided to make a multi piece handle for a large paring knife I’m working on. How are these handles constructed? I was just going to use a lot of epoxy and clamp it all together, but I’ve also seen some people drill a pin hole from the bolster all the way through the layers of the handle to secure it all together. Is there a right or wrong way to make these handles?
  9. Hopefully I can get something made by then, coming up with a solid idea for this years theme has been quite difficult.
  10. Rough forged chef, I need to forge it thinner but this is the general idea for the shape.
  11. Quick N dirty etch on this Wrought iron Seax. I’ll attempt to carburize it some time this week, and hopefully not ruin it.
  12. Thanks for the info I just thought it would be a cool think to try out. I don’t have much wrought so I can only do a couple little experiments with it but I’ll try it out.
  13. How do I determine the best time/temp to soak it at? In other words, what would you do?
  14. Oh yeah I like where this is going Thickest at the break and tapers down to a nice point tip. It looks like a Seax to me, but I don’t know anything about them so I’ll leave that up to the people who know a thing or two about em.
  15. Thanks for the Info. If I understand the video correctly (which I probably don’t) the longer you soak the steel the more carbon is soaked into it? Also, does it matter what kind of leather I use? I have some but I think it’s tanned and I don’t know if it needs to be raw hide or not.
  16. I just came across this video and I’m curious if the same process can be used for Wrought iron? Im wondering why leather is used as the carbon source rather than char coal, as far as I know that has quite a bit of carbon in it.
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