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  1. Thanks Alan, Im trying to understand the best I can. I am not totally sure what I will do for the bevels yet, but in my drawing above is the blade and tang shape accurate? If I am understanding correctly this is shinogi-zukuri? This is the picture off of Dave J's website.
  2. Thanks for the input. I drew up another 2 designs. Here is the one I think is the best, it has more of a taper towards the tip, I tried to base this one off of a full sized tanto and then shorten it.
  3. Yeah I dont know pretty much anything about these but i'm just following what this article says.http://islandblacksmith.ca/2016/04/making-a-mountain-tanto/ and trying to learn as much as i can. So far as i know, the bevels are forged full flat and then that other bevel (I think thats the edge) is filed it. Looks like ive got more research to do!
  4. How’s this? I based it off of one of the Kotanto knives on the website Alan linked up there. It’s got the “fancy spine” as I am calling it because I don’t know what the Correct term for it is. Blade length is just over 4”
  5. When you put it like that it seems much more simple, but I dont have a rasp. Would it be possible to make on out of an old half round file? Ive got an old save edge usa half round I can use, its about 1" wide and pretty chunky,
  6. Does anyone know if there are Sen scrapers for sale somewhere on the internet? I don't think I can make one so im trying to find one (if any) for sale.
  7. I recently was researching and reading about tanto knives and I came across something called a Ko tanto so I looked further into the internet trying to find information on these, I found an old wip thread on this forum of someone making one. That and his website is about the only thing I can find on these knives, is the Kotanto actually a real thing or is that just someone’s take on a traditional tanto? If not what are the origins of this knife? I would also like to know about the construction of these blades, edge geometry/tang shape/handle construction etc i would like to make one
  8. Final heat treat is done number 5 i think. I made some clay with a lot of dirt, steel dust from under the grinder, and a lot of charcoal powder. And look! It dun did something!
  9. Higonokami folding style knife. The idea is a late winter theme when the snow is slowly starting to melt, and the tulips in the garden start to grow up through the snow. im shooting for a wrought iron sanmai, and the “centerpiece” is going to be the small engraving of a flower Bud growing up through the snow. Hopefully I will get to start on it soon, I just wanted to draw up the idea and post it before I forget about it.
  10. Thanks for the help folks, I’ll probably start drawing out the wrought this week. Chances are I will mess up on a few billets so if I run out of the chain I’ll buy some other stuff. But let’s hope not!
  11. For my kith this year I would like the blade to be made of wrought/high carbon San mai. The transition between the wrought and the high carbon has always reminded me of melting snow dripping off of a roof for some reason (So a winter/early spring theme) I have about half a link of wrought iron chain to use. How should I go about doing the actual forge welding? I’m not sure what temp wrought can weld. But I do know that it does so at a higher temp than high carbon. Also, I’ve heard that Using nickel as a layer between the high carbon and wrought is a good idea. Tips or suggestions?
  12. That’s dream anvil kinda stuff right there. Love those things. I’m definitely gonna have to take a look at this blacksmithparadise website.
  13. I decided I wanted my forging area cemented so I can make proper anvil stands that sit flat on the ground instead of under rocks on the dirt. So me and my dad have been digging out a small area roughly 15x10ft to pour cement onto. Little did I know how long it would take to clear out all the rocks/gravel. This is Saturday’s progress And this is today’s progress
  14. In his livestream yesterday I’m pretty sure he said they would be priced around 1100-1300. They definitely look pretty cool!
  15. I can’t seem to forge anything but full flat bevels no matter how steep of an angle I hold the hammer or the steel. Are there better ways to do this? I need to find a way to forge bevels to the hight I want them at. I think one of the issues is that I can’t see where the bevel height is on orange hot steel.
  16. I made this one out of a small off cut of low layer Damascus I got from another maker. I’m really liking this style of knife, once get some more steel I’ll try making a few worthy to sell. Is my photography better than the last one in terms of less background distractions?
  17. I wish, but Unfortunately not yet, that’s coming soon though. This was forged from a small billet I got from A maker on Instagram called 50.50 forge
  18. Low layer Damascus quick n dirty etch. Pay no attention to all the little slips from the grinder
  19. Nope nope nope I’ll stay at the bottom of the hill watching and laughing at people getting hurt.
  20. I’m forging another little blacksmith knife out of a small off-cut of Damascus I have. I’ll get pics soon.
  21. A hydraulic press is completely out of my wheel house. Electronic stuff, wiring etc. but I’m willing to try it out. I wouldn’t be able to afford mistakes with it though. Building one would cost more money than I’ve ever seen. And I would probably drive you all nearly to death with all the questions and times I ask for help. (More so than I already do ) I have a neighbor who is a retired professional welder that lives next door and he would be more than willing to help me with all the welding. And plenty of steel yards to get materials at. so maybe I will give it a go. I suppose I should
  22. Thanks for all the info! I will look into treadle hammers and rolling mills.
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