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  1. I have recently been fascinated with these pieces of equipment and I’ve got some questions concerning them . I would eventually like to get one. Not any time soon of course, maybe within the next few years. but a fly press is a realistic option for someone like me who has sensitive neighbors. And I’m just curious about these tools. How big of a fly press can be used to forge down billets of Damascus? I’m not going for speed, Just some extra power to help draw out various things. (And heck, they look fun to use!)And where do you find these cool machines? What kind of money do these things sell
  2. Started forging this herb chopper today, used a save edge farriers rasp. I’ve drawn out the tang and I have forged out the bevels to about 1/3rd the thickness of the spine.
  3. Thanks for the comments and advice! I’m still not sure how to take good pictures of knives, but I’ll work on it.
  4. Thank you sir I just finished sharpening and stropping, the edge was very very thin before sharpening so this thing is like a laser.
  5. Well it just needs an edge, so not entirely finished. Apparently I figured the bevels all the way up the blade not at all intending that it would be a full flat ground blade. Anyways that beside the point. Very old file steel, I think it’s W2 polished convex bevels, and a very clean distal taper down the spine Its going to be a laser once I sharpen it Here are some pics of it. In another week the tulips will bloom and spring time will officially have reached my backyard in the sun all the little scratches that it’s already taken on are showing up. How about some c
  6. Heat treat went well, its currently in the temper at 400 degrees. Here are some pics pre heat treat, i clean up the spine to make it flow better with the rest of the blade.
  7. I’m going to heat treat it before I grind the bevels, I started them a little bit just so I have a reference point to start from. I was able to work the scroll into a place that isn’t going to be touched by the oil.
  8. Thanks! One question though, the end of the scroll is very very thin, and there is no way I will be able to harden the blade without dipping the scroll into the oil. And because it’s so thin it will probably crack. How should I address this issue?
  9. That just sucks.. Hope there is a chance of salvaging and repairing some of it.
  10. Tonight I finished cleaning up the shape and forging the bevels. After that I quickly ground the edge all even and smooth. Then I did the hard part of bending the tang into a handle. It went quite well. after than I shut off the forge and let the blade cool down slowly. EDIT: here are some better pictures it’s a little bit small for my hands, by I think I did pretty dang good.
  11. I want a little bit of curve in the blade, but not where it currently is. I will try to fix it with a tree branch tonight.
  12. I started this blacksmiths knife from a little piece of old file. Took me about 45 minutes to draw out into a thinner longer piece, then another hour to forge into the blade shape, I attempted to forge in the bevels on this one. The edge is thinner than the spine so I think it worked. It doesn’t look like much, but I think this is the best forged work I’ve ever done. This evening I have to finish drawing out the tang and Been it into a handle. It also has a very nice looking taper down the spine. Just from looking at the forged piece is there any critique you can give? For this k
  13. finished forging to shape last night, I need to straighten it out a bit.
  14. I got some forging time in this evening before the snow/hail mix started. Kept working on this little kiridashi style knife. I’m going to draw out the tang another inch or so and then work on Forging a story towards the tip. I don’t want to go any profile grinding on it, and a minimal amount filing on it.
  15. Experimented with higher psi, 15-20 psi seems to do the trick, I was able to knock in the edge on a kiridashi I’m forging before the wind started picking up and the rain started. Thanks for all the help folks, I’ll be back when I have more questions.
  16. I didn’t increase it a lot, maybe 5 Psi to 7 or 8. but I’ll try again today and if the sputtering starts again I’ll double the pressure and see what happens, I’ll also unscrew the burner and make sure nothing is clogging it up.
  17. Alright thanks, I lit the forge again tonight but within about 20 minutes turned it off again. I guess I’m just paranoid but watching blue flames pop out the air holes in the burner is giving me one heck of a scare. There was no breeze at all tonight, and when the sputtering flames happened again I increased the pressure a little but and it started happening more. Just to make sure (because I’m paranoid) this is in no way dangerous right? As in the fire won’t push back into the hose and blow up the propane tank. Sorry to bother, I’m just a little bit less than comfortable around burning gas.
  18. Alright thanks, is it in any way dangerous when the wind does that?
  19. I had it refilled yesterday evening, and I was running about 5ish psi Weather was low 50s. But there was a breeze, and it would make an odd sound when ever there was even a tiny little bit. That’s what I’m guessing is the issue.
  20. So I had it running for about 15 minutes, it works very well and it heats steel very quickly. But it started making a little fluttering sound and little bursts of fire would come out of the forge, and it looked like the fire was fluttering inside the burner. Is that normal? other than that, this forge is going to be a game changer!
  21. Thanks, after dinner I’ll go light it up for the first time and play with it a bit.
  22. Oh I forgot to ask, the regulator I have is a 1-30 psi I think, what amount of gas do I want to be using? Less gas equals for more oxidation right?
  23. I drilled out the hole in the forge for the burner. I should be getting this thing running tonight. Thanks for the help everyone
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