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  1. I didn’t increase it a lot, maybe 5 Psi to 7 or 8. but I’ll try again today and if the sputtering starts again I’ll double the pressure and see what happens, I’ll also unscrew the burner and make sure nothing is clogging it up.
  2. Alright thanks, I lit the forge again tonight but within about 20 minutes turned it off again. I guess I’m just paranoid but watching blue flames pop out the air holes in the burner is giving me one heck of a scare. There was no breeze at all tonight, and when the sputtering flames happened again I increased the pressure a little but and it started happening more. Just to make sure (because I’m paranoid) this is in no way dangerous right? As in the fire won’t push back into the hose and blow up the propane tank. Sorry to bother, I’m just a little bit less than comfortable around burning gas.
  3. Alright thanks, is it in any way dangerous when the wind does that?
  4. I had it refilled yesterday evening, and I was running about 5ish psi Weather was low 50s. But there was a breeze, and it would make an odd sound when ever there was even a tiny little bit. That’s what I’m guessing is the issue.
  5. So I had it running for about 15 minutes, it works very well and it heats steel very quickly. But it started making a little fluttering sound and little bursts of fire would come out of the forge, and it looked like the fire was fluttering inside the burner. Is that normal? other than that, this forge is going to be a game changer!
  6. Thanks, after dinner I’ll go light it up for the first time and play with it a bit.
  7. Oh I forgot to ask, the regulator I have is a 1-30 psi I think, what amount of gas do I want to be using? Less gas equals for more oxidation right?
  8. I drilled out the hole in the forge for the burner. I should be getting this thing running tonight. Thanks for the help everyone
  9. Thanks for the info, anyone have an idea of how I can mount this to the forge? I have no option to weld. Also how far should the burner be in the forge?
  10. That’s cheaper than the satanite, and kast o lite is what I originally wanted, looks like I’ll be ordering some of that this week! Thanks all. Quick question for the gas forge users, What do I need to do to make the propane tank not blow up? I had a bad first experience with gas forges, the burner I bought was not well made (apparently it was already fully assembled) but that didn’t stop the fact that fire was spitting out of all the fittings. What precautions should I take to ensure that I stay safe and not die.
  11. What you can see in the forge is the second layer of wool, the first one has full contact on the walls the entire way around the tank. I Have a second layer over the top of it and then a third on the floor. Probably over kill but I had lots of wool to use.
  12. There’s a brick on the floor of the forge, but I’ll make it thicker around the low walls. Thanks.
  13. So I just checked and apparently I’m out of satanite, and I checked on the price of kast o lite and I currently can’t afford it, so looks like I can only get a little bit of satanite, how much will 2 pounds of satanite spread? I think I will be fine with 2 but I’ll just check here first.
  14. Okay thanks. Is it okay to use the forge without a coating on the wool? I would use it outside and there is usually a little breeze so I would think that any particles from the wool would just blow away.
  15. Ive got the forge lined with wool, it took my a while but its in there. I used satanite to coat the first forge i made, but it cracks really easy and its not very durable, I would like to coat it in something that will last a while longer than satanite, what should I use?
  16. Thanks all, I think this propane forge i'm making will help out a ton, I wont burn things as much and i can heat steel up where i want it to be hot. And i wont keep burning the thin tips off of knives with tapers in them
  17. This just arrived at my doorstep today, from @Jeremy Blohm at this point I don’t know what I can say to thank you for all your generosity over the past year. I will be putting it to very good use.
  18. I personally prefer a flaming paper airplane
  19. How should I go about putting the wool into the helium tank? I don't want to cut a massive hole into it because a big opening will let a lot of heat out. I'm going to cut the valve off now.
  20. Thanks for the info, I won’t cut the burner hole in I until I have it,. as to the doors, I was just going to cut a rectangular hole in both sides for doors, and then use fire bricks to cover it when I’m heating something up. Hopefully that will work to keep enough heat for forge welding in it. I want to keep everything as simple as possible, putting the burner together will be complicated enough.
  21. Thanks all, yep I’ve got plenty of Kaowool and satanite, probably enough wool for 2 layers, and some cast-able refractory to line the bottom with to protect the wool from flux. I’ll put it together tomorrow. The black beauty burner gets to welding heat right? I’m really hoping to do some wrapped tomahawks and a froe. Also, I don’t know how big of a hole to cut in the tank for the opening, and should I cut a vent In the back as well? I’m not doing anything huge right now so I don’t think a hole in the back is necessary. I think shooting it may be an option though, we will see
  22. So I’m going to change from a paint can to a small helium tank, the paint can is just too small, but this helium tank should work very well. I opened up the valve to let all the gas out, and it’s been open for a few weeks. How should I go about cutting into it? I don’t think the angle grinder is a good idea because the sparks will light up any gas that hasn’t got out yet.
  23. I follow all of your work on Instagram, this is definitely one of the coolest you guys have made. Great work
  24. I got to do some forging tonight, but it just led to further frustration of not being able to forge anything the way I want it to look like. Burned a bunch of stuff and melted some.
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