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  1. Afternoon folks, I’ve got a problem. I am not progressing in my skills as a blacksmith or bladesmith, I feel like my lack of knowledge about operating my tooling is holding me back. I just don’t really know what I’m doing anymore. I need a mentor, someone to help me a little bit with the the more advanced aspects of forging. This forum has helped me a huge amount and owe you all a big thanks. Do any of you know of a smith in the treasure valley Idaho area that May be willing to help me out a little bit? I feel like I’m just growing more bad habits with forging rather than actually worki
  2. I might wet the paper a little bit with windex, I don't know if that actually does anything though. How do I get the paper off the stone once its worn out if i use spray adhesive?
  3. Ill be buying some adhesive sandpaper soon, we are going to see if this works. Doe anyone know if there is any adhesive rhynowet sandpaper?
  4. The one thing is, I have to get sandpaper starting at like 600 grit, that may be too thick and make a convex edge this might be a little bi more challenging than I thought. Those micron papers are super high grit. I have 200 and a 600 grit stone, I’m thinking I would have to get 220-400, then use the 600 stone and then progress up the grits from 800-2000 and then micron paste and lapping film. And if I have way to much extra time I’ll try to get it up to that 60,000 grit that was mentioned... would my idea work? I think it will take a lot of trial and error, but it may be worth
  5. You have no idea how much you just helped me, thank you so much.
  6. I’m interested if you guys use belts to sharpen your blades or not, I can’t sharpen on stones for my life, so I use the wicked edge sharpening system, but the stones are expensive and I can’t afford the higher grits, so I was thinking maybe I can set the edge/secondary bevel or what ever you call it with my wicked edge and then progress up the grits with belts? Maybe a stupid question to follow, why do you start low grit with belts and go up, when you can just start at 1000 and take a little bit more time to do it? I can’t afford many belts, so if I could just buy a few 800-2000 belts to shar
  7. No more progress made on this one yet, I’ll get around to heat treating it..again... it next week. It’s my birthday tomorrow and tonight I’m preparing steaks for the grill, I’ve got some Dry aged ribeyes and my first ever Wagyu NY strip steak. Thats not exactly knife related but I’m sure the steak lovers on here will appreciate it
  8. Some weird stuff going on in this blade, I don’t know if I will be able to explain it. Before the last re heat treat, I didn’t not sand off the etched Hamon. Now it’s still showing up on the blade, what’s going on here?? I ground off one side of the Hamon, and re etched it, now the current Hamon shows up, but the old one also shows up on the areas of the blade where I didn’t grind very deep. In the pictures you can see the areas where the previous etched Hamon is showing up. On the areas that where ground down the most, the new Hamon is showing up and ye old one is gone. I don’t know what t
  9. Heat treat take 3 is a success. I’ve been running the file along the entire edge constantly and I cannot detect any softness. If this Hamon touches the edge again I will most definitely whack it with a sledge hammer. And probably with great joy Let’s hope not though!!!
  10. I’ve been quenching it deep, but the Hamon only shows up close to the edge. I may not be heating the spine up enough.
  11. Well right now I’m about ready to snap this blade in half. File tested it one more time and etched it to see the Hamon, and the last half inch or so of the tip is dead soft. I don’t think I heated the tip up enough, I was moving the blade through a hot spot and must have not heated the tip up enough. At this point is it is it even worth it to re heat treat it again? Or am I just ruining the grain of the steel? EDIT this was gonna be one killer Hamon too.
  12. I went out and looked at my pipe i use for heat treating, and now I know why the forge was throwing so many sparks... I melted a good chunk off the bottom of it. Im pretty sure this thing is ready to fall apart.
  13. So I’ve tried this out twice now, it works amazingly. But one thing I’m not super excited about is that I think the melted salt has some sort of reaction with the steel and it gives it a little bit of pitting on the surface. Here are some pictures. In both the times I’ve done this I’ve gotten the same texture on the surface of the steel. This time there is less pitting because I used less salt. Any idea why this is happening? I will definitely keep using this salt trick though. Is this just me over heating the blade or something to do with the salt?
  14. Yep, edge quenched it. Can’t see the colors very well but there is somewhat of a line between the hard/soft steels.
  15. And re hardened, i normalized it once just to make sure it was absolutely soft before another quench, and only for a second or two I was able to see recalescence. I think this is the best heat treat I’ve ever done, the blade skates a file when I’m pushing hard into it.
  16. Thanks for the info. Once I figure out what what all of this means I’ll hopefully get this burner.
  17. More hook forging practice. I burned it multiple times so it looks a little bit ruff. I’m going to try and forge a more complicated hook next time. I am by no means getting better at forging what I want to forge, but I’m getting very good hammer control and am doing really well forging clean even tapers. I really wish I could find someone around me that could teach me some more advanced blacksmith work. Once you get out of the realm of basic hooks and leafs I’ve got no idea what I’m doing..
  18. Im thinking about getting a Black beauty burner from anvil fire for my paint can forge and eventually a bigger forge. Is the black beauty the cheapest option available to buy? I cant find a list for all the things you need to finish the burner, i am probably not looking hard enough. After shipping the total cost is about 65$ How much would I have to further spend to get it working? I know I should probably make one for the experience but I don't trust myself to make something that is hooked up to and burns propane.
  19. Just got this thing softened, I heated it up till it was past blue fire a few minutes. File indicates that it’s very very soft.
  20. Darn it I was hoping that wasn’t but going to be said.. the file still skates super easy where the hamon is. But I guess I’ll just reheat treat. I didn’t want to have to do that, this is one of those things that always ruins blades for me. I’ll have to file the edge back a bit because with all the sanding I’m doing it’s getting close to zero at the edge. Thanks for the help folks.
  21. Alright, now that I know this is a hamon and not the light playing with the blade, how do I bring it out and make it look pretty? I was going to do a 600 grit satin finish on it, but thats probably not high enough grit to make the hamon look nice and clean. And as always, please keep it simple...and hopefully cheap
  22. That’s a Hamon alright it grazes the edge just a bit but it doesn’t seem and softer than the rest of the blade. That’s a lot more activity than I thought I’d see in just an edge quench EDIT here’s a better picture
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