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  1. Here’s a much bette pic. I’d say that’s a Hamon, looks pretty cool too. It’s coming out a lot better than it was earlier today.
  2. I’m actually wondering the same thing, I’m going to Josh Smiths big sky conference this year. I don’t know what the environment is like so I’m a little hesitant, I’ll follow this one for the info.
  3. Alright thanks Alan, I’ll do that when I get home.
  4. And we’ve got a Hamon! I popped it into the ferric for a few minutes to see if there was anything, it’s very subtle but it’s definitely there, gonna take a lot of work to bring it out I assume... At this point I think you all can guess that there is going to be an endless stream of questions about to happen. I’ll get pictures In here soon. EDIT you probably can’t see it very well, but if I’m guessing correctly that’s a Hamon right?
  5. I can make a handle broach out of it, not a bad idea. I’ve been needing one anyway.
  6. Would pictures of the blades help? All I know for sure is that they are extremely old.
  7. The the correct heat treat is definitely not gonna be happening until I get a kiln. Ill quench a few test pieces and see what happens though. Might as well experiment a little bit. Thanks for the advice.
  8. I have some old power hacksaw blades that I’ve been told are well over 80 years old, and I’ve also been told they could possibly be M2 high speed steel, I don’t know what that is or what the heat treat is like for it, all I know is that it can harden up to 64-67 Rockwell, and that sounds like some strong stuff, so I was wondering if one of the Metallurgy geniuses could give me some info on heat treating it? Its probably a really difficult heat treat but I might as well ask.Thanks.
  9. That’s a really good looking knife, I would never think it’s only your second... that handle shape is different than anything I’ve seen, but I think it’s cool. Great work.
  10. It’s just the light making it look like that, it’s very flat. I’ve got a lot more sanding to do anyway. It it’s a deep gouge. I’ve learned my lesson on that one so I know what to not do next time. I’m happy it’s not a critical failure! Ill pull out the angle grinder and make a fuller In the tang, it’s gonna need some weight taken off
  11. Well... this is just annoying. Why do I keep trying to make things go faster with the grinder!!! At least it’s just aesthetic and it won’t effect the performance. I’ll buff the plunge lines so that I blend the slip on the grinder with the plunge, so it doesn’t look as ugly.
  12. Tempered and pin holes drilled. I’ll move onto handsanding later this afternoon. I drilled some extra holes for weight loss too.
  13. I forgot what the recommended tempering time is, I had it in the oven at 400 last night for an 1 hour and 15 minutes, and I just put in in for it’s second cycle. I’m thinking maybe 4 hours?
  14. I haven't got a torch, so I will wrap up the blade in a wet cloth and continue to keep it wet while putting the tang into the forge thats really my only option. That will also allow me to straighten the warp in the tang.
  15. I probably will, can’t afford any carbide bits right now so that’s my best option.
  16. I might have quenched the entire thing too quickly... now that I think about it I was using a headlight so it might have looked totally cooled down but was still somewhat red. Oh well, we will figure out soon.
  17. My hand drill is not quite powerful enough to drill through even annealed steel, but I only edge quenched it so it should be some what soft. I hope..
  18. And we have quench success! Skated a file super easy. I think I may have gotten a Hamon, but I’m not sure. Gonna pop it into the over at 400.
  19. Im still waiting to get the pin holes drilled, right now the only access I have to a drill press is someone who lives across the road and he wont be in town until Saturday.. Time to hurry up and wait i guess. I might go ahead and heat treat it, I need to get some carbide bits though. is this what Im looking for? https://www.homedepot.com/p/Bosch-1-4-in-Carbide-Tipped-Drill-Bit-for-Drilling-Natural-Stone-Granite-Slate-Ceramic-and-Glass-Tiles-NS300/301426417
  20. A nice subtle Hamon representing a stream flowing off that mountain in springtime. Just another idea
  21. Very cool! Im going for a "spring camping out in the mountains" theme. Breaking down Fatwood to light a fire and carving a spoon while the birds are chirping and the river rushing by... So naturally a small carving axe wood fit that well. Im guessing its fine if I make a hatchet right? As long as its a blade and fits the seasons theme I would assume its fine.
  22. We are already into February so why don’t we start this week? We can let it go till September or early November. Just a thought
  23. Alright thanks Alan, I’ll try to plug it up with dirt and as best I can.
  24. Sadly my pipe is not closed at one end.. I usually try my best to block up the end with coal though. Im going to try that melted table salt idea Joshua posted to try and heat treat correctly. I think he mentioned W2 to qualify for that. Of course I will try to spot decalescence, but I haven't had much luck.
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