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  1. Propane tank forge

    Hey everyone giving a quick update, after talking with Wayne Coe and discussing some problem areas and improvements I need to make, my forge will have to be put on the back burner for now, I need to get some more materials to finish off the project. Plistix, Kast o lite and other items, I will give an update when I get to the next stage. thanks for the help and input at this time!!
  2. Propane tank forge

    Ok cool deal. Thank you
  3. Propane tank forge

    Awesome. That’s definitely good to hear that he try’s his best to fit everything in one box WIP- got it. Thanks guys!!
  4. Propane tank forge

    Thank ya thank ya. I think I might shoot him a email this weekend with some questions. I’m glad to hear that multiple members have used his products, and have had good results. When u say “fumed silica” what is this? I’ve seen ppl use the food color method on YouTube, but I can’t remember what the concoction was. And WIP?
  5. Propane tank forge

    Awesome that’s good to hear!! Thank u for the reply
  6. Propane tank forge

    Good deal. Thank you
  7. Propane tank forge

    Thank you, did you line your forge with his coating? How did it turn out?
  8. Propane tank forge

    Here is a short vid of the “as of now” forge https://youtu.be/sA8Xlt0CS3k
  9. Propane tank forge

    Hey everyone I started this a couple months ago and have been working with it on and off since then and coming to a close i started out with a 40lb propane tank, cut one end open with a cut off wheel, then plasma cut a square opening on each end of the tank. And cut out 2 round holes for the burners. next I made a frame from angle iron to hold 2 large hard fire bricks. Cut 2 pieces of tubing, drilled and tapped 4 1/4-20 holes to hold the burners in place. i have lined the inside with Kaowool and tacked welder screws to hold the wool in place as I formed it to the inside of the tank. i will be using high temp cement (2700 degree) to put over top of the wool. Understanding that there is quite a time for curing this will have to be a patient waiting game for me. I went this route because of the price difference from using a glaze and/or satanite. From reading other members posts, I will try the light bulb technique to help curing. Please give me some input on this, at the moment I still have time for changes or improvements, cementing will follow soon. thanks everyone
  10. Damascus Hunter WIP

    Nice work man!!!
  11. Fixed blade from a Saw mill blade

    makes sense.
  12. Fixed blade from a Saw mill blade

    Also thank you Alan and Jerrod!!
  13. Fixed blade from a Saw mill blade

    This is the explanation I need!! I will try this soon, I did several file tests chops on wood and carved with the blade tonight. I used a flat mill bastard and a double cut knife file, the flat file skated across it and the double cut bit into it. So why would a flat file skate across it? Obviously the double cut will cut more but seemed to skate “somewhat”. When chopping and carving the edge seemed to hold up good. I guess I won’t really know what this steel is until the testing. thank you Vern
  14. Fixed blade from a Saw mill blade

    Is 4140 a bad steel choice for knives? I don’t kno... I kno it’s a chromoly steel, but haven’t heard of a blade being made from that.
  15. Fixed blade from a Saw mill blade

    I will do a couple tests on it this weekend to check hardness, I checked with a file after tempering and it seemed to skate some but still bit into it a little . So you may be right with not being a high carbon steel.