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  1. I did the same grinder from Dan over at DCKnives, his OSG build was a great design and as mentioned the files he posted are free(best kind). I’m still in progress of finishing up everything, motor,VFD , platen and mounting the wheels.
  2. The a actual jack is $90 with coupon from HF, tubing is going to vary. If you have a local scrap yard or a welding/sheet metal shop nearby you can check with them. Otherwise from a metal distributor it’s prob guna be $100 or so for a full length stick of it.
  3. I used 2” x 2” x 1/4” wall for mine
  4. Mine as of now just slides in, I feel a set screw of some kind would be best. If u did a pin, u have the potential that it may/can get bound some how and won’t be able to remove the pin.
  5. I’ve been following this topic for a couple weeks and I’m the final stages of mine. I need to get some Grade 8 bolts and make brackets to hold the dies in place and to be removable. Thanks to Thunder and everyone’s input and ideas!!
  6. Looking good man, can’t wait to see the final finished knife.
  7. Awesome Charles, thank you for that link!!!
  8. I will check into this soon, I took a metallurgy class in school/college it at the time I wasn’t into make blades as much. ( should have paid attention though) We went over the odd ball numbers and equations that didn’t make any sense then, but that class was a generic coarse of what metallurgy is and why it’s needed with metals, but didn’t get into the details of specific steels like 1095,1055,5160 15N20. thank you Justin
  9. Vern thank you, I will definitely use your advice as well as Justin and others with my next blade I make, I haven’t done a normalizing cycle on any knife that I recall, so hearing this is a good thing.
  10. No no your good man, this is what I wanted to kno. I took the advice from Vern to do this test to see how it would react and I’m actually glad that it broke, to me that means I can temper it like I did my knife. But the grain structure is what I’m curious about, a finer grain means it’s harder right? And large grain is not as hard ? This was just a test with this. There was no tempering just a quench in water and veggie oil. I was concerned that this was going to be an alloy steel such 4140, which was explained to me earlier in the post. Justin , thank you for the respo
  11. Ok guys, I finally took the time to do a heat treat test on this blade material. I heated up both scrap pcs and quenched one in vegetable oil and one in water. Both pieces broke in half. Take a look at the grain structure. Top pic is in vegetable oil second is in water Third is a side by side Let me kno what ya think
  12. Nice job man!! I like that blade a lot. What steel did you use for this? The forged finish really appeals to my eyes, along with the blade style itself, Great job
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