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  1. Ok so I figured out the Photo hosting, this is slag I'm pretty sure.
  2. It is a bit glassy looking, and has that texture, I think like Alan suggested it's coming from some of the clay that ended up crumbling in my fire pot. I'm trying to get some pictures up, it's just greifing me now. I saw someone suggest a Dark box or something in another thread I'll probably fashion one of these so I don't have to run all the way to the shed... or maybe I'll just move a bit closer that way. As far as the cat sand I think I was using that same product, I'm probably going to clean it out and sift my ashes out and patch the areas with wetted wood ash and see how that works out. H
  3. Hmm good to know, then what ever is I try to get a picture of it too for verification. Would the ashes melt together? The rebar I was using stayed solid, except for the end that broke off but that was after the thick globules of brown stuff started sticking to everything.
  4. There was scale on the metal I was heating, but the slag I'm thinking many people call it clinker, I've heard it called dragon poop, haha and after today I can see why. But that's what I was asking about. For a blower I am just using an old hair dryer, it's possible it could just be blowing too much I was often piling charcoal on there. As far as the lighting I took some heated pieces over to the shed to see if there was a noticeable difference, and it did seem to be much brighter of shades in the shadow as opposed to the open light. I know in the sunlight the brightest the steel got looked li
  5. Well I fired up the forge this morning and attempted to make some tongs. Unfortunately I failed in that regard but, learned from the whole experiance. If I had something to drift my punch through I may have came out with half, but that's for next time. So all of this has left me with some questions, being that there was a lot of slag, this is due to the silicate in the charcoal correct? And not the clay? How can I diminish this if at all? And when I went to remove the slag it pulled out some rather large chunks of my clay lining, what would cause this? Oh and is it accurate to say that the co
  6. Well, clayed it yesterday and patched some cracks today. So hopefully it will cure quickly. Thanks for all of the advice.
  7. Ok thanks that's actually really insightful. I got a bunch of bentonite cat sand the other day so tomorrow or Thursday I will probably clay it. What dimensions are your forge btw? Does it heat the whole pan of coal? I'm just looking to avoid as much dead space as I can reasonably.
  8. Hey, thanks for the quick replies. Ok did more digging on the forum and Google in general. My soon to be forge is currently the remnants of an old propane grill, probably made of 18g or 20g steel, maybe even aluminum. It's a bottom blast design, I was basing it off of. Most of the threads and information I've gotten into suggest a fire pot being about 6- 10 inches deep, and as far as width I suppose it is really just relative to the work in question, but I'm thinking it would be more difficult to keep the coals hot if i use a very wide fire pot with a central bottom blast as opposed to a syste
  9. Hello everyone. This is my first post on the forum, and had two questions about charcoal forge in genreal. I have completed 80% of my forge build so far and have decided on a clay/ ash mix for insulation. My first question is what minimun thickness of insulation should I apply at the bottom of my firepot? And the second, how deep of a fire pot would you recomend? also any recommendations on width/ size would also be helpful. Thank you, I love projects and am already having a blast, can't wait to start hammering some metal.
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