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  1. Ethan, that would be awesome. Thank you. Wayne, the PDF of the wave burner was what I've been looking for, thank you.
  2. Daniel W, thank you for the great advice. Richard, at first it will be decorative work for an iron fence I'm building around my property, followed by some decorative / functional kitchen equipment for my wife. Knives and axes will be in there too.
  3. Ethan, thank you for the picture and the information. I've started roaming Home Depot and Princess Auto for the burner parts. Kreg, mostly stouts and dark ales, until my liver said "No more ... please..."
  4. Thank you Joel and Kreg. Kreg, when I would brew beer, one of my neighbors would take pictures. I'm guessing he thought it was a still and want "proof" in case something blew up. I would offer him a drink but he would skitter away. Never phoned the coppers on me though. Joe.
  5. Vern, thank you. I've already picked one of those up on sale. Its only a 110V, but it should do fine to do as you suggested. Ethan, thank you. I was going to use one of my old stainless kegs to build the forge, but I think it'll be too thin and wobbly for the body. I have a 30lbs propane tank that I'll convert. What burner set up did you use? Joe.
  6. P Jones, thank you for input and the link.
  7. Thanks Conner. Do you have any plans you are working from?
  8. Vern, thank you for the information and your thoughts. I'll read all that you have suggested and post back any questions. D. Giangi, thank you for the clarifying the long and short of it. Joe.
  9. Just starting to build my smithy and I need some advice. I recently abandoned my previous hobby of home brewing and after selling some of my equipment, I would like some experienced direction on where to spend wisely. I’ve managed to find a few anvils, make an anvil stand and purchased a decent MIG welder. So now I’m looking for a forge and possibly a belt grinder? - Forges Would it make sense to purchase a professionally built gas forge? If so, what would be a worthwhile investment? I’m located in British Columbia, Canada and its not something that is locally availab
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