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  1. Here's an example of quilted maple from a box I made as a gift.
  2. Back in the late '50s, I used to watch my grandfather sharpen hand saws. He used a saw set to set the teeth. This was after filing the teeth if I remember correctly. The last thing he did was to take a sewing needle, place it in the set of the teeth, tilt the saw, and watch the needle as it slid down the length of the saw. If it jumped out, he knew at least one tooth wasn't set correctly
  3. I figured it would be expensive, but that's a bit much. OK - it's waaay beyond my price range...
  4. I did not see a price, but I immediately thought of you knife makers when I saw the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8q3DZB_l6M&t=2s
  5. Someone just posted on a local board that they have 7 of these tanks. They are located near Richmond VA. I might be able to snag one , but I don't want to store it too long. Let me know...
  6. I don't know if this will help, but I have had tennis elbow several times, and currently have golfer's elbow. It's the same problem, but on the opposite side of the elbow as tennis elbow. Physical therapy helps, and that will give you the proper exercises to help keep it at bay. You will have to change the way you work so that improper motions don't keep you from healing, and I do exercises as often as I think about it, (3 or 4 times some days as well as missing some days). It also helps me if I do an exercise or two before and after doing something I know I shouldn't do. Ice packs at least at the end of the day help, but several times a day is better. Good luck.
  7. Japanese Chef Knife has a ton you can look at. The traditional wa handles all seem to be straight, and the majority of the Western style handles also seem to be straight too, but some of the fancier knives have different angles.
  8. I would say top notch work, but that seems inadequate...
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