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  1. Not only will it cut meat, but also the wood to cook it...
  2. Thanks again @steven smith. And thanks @Alan Longmire. I don't have a way to heat treat, but if I make enough blades to warrant the cost, I may get into it. So I will be sending everything out for heat treating for the foreseeable future. Is there anything I need to do prior to sending blades out to be heat treated?
  3. Thanks @steven smith . I plead ignorance - why would it warp?
  4. I've been hanging around here for almost two years, (I think), absorbing knowledge while working in my wood shop. All my "need to do projects" are now done, so I'm gonna take another stab at making some knives. I'm not ruling out forging blades, but with problems with both shoulders and arthritis in my right hand, forging may just be a dream. I started with a kiridashi for the shop and it took me three tries to come up with something acceptable. Next up will be a hunter skinner and then probably a kitchen knife. I'm just getting practice now, but if I get some good blades, I'll s
  5. There is a site called japanesenaturalstones.com . I'm pretty sure they carry them. The site has a good rep on a kitchen knife forum...
  6. Thanks Paul. I'm going to send the blades out for heat treating. I don't have any way to do it myself, and I'm not going to buy an oven unless I really enjoy making knives, and learn enough here to have confidence that I can do it properly. Alpha mailed the steel in a Priority Mail flat rate box, so I decided to get the ss for making gifts since there was no additional shipping cost. I like carbon steels, but I don't think the majority of people I know want to take care of a knife that will rust.
  7. Thanx. I just had my mind set on files. As a woodworker, I have tons of sandpaper and lots of small cutoffs from wood projects.
  8. Thanks - I did not see that and don't think the actual composition would mean much to me at this point. Maybe in the future...
  9. I have finished all the woodworking projects I had to get done for Christmas and thought I'd start on a knife, but decided on a double edged kiridashi first. I will use it in the shop and I thought it would be simple. As you can see, I have it roughed out, but I am stuck with how to work on the area between the head and the body and could use suggestions on what shape that area should take. My hands were workin' faster than my brain... Total length is 6" and it's shaped so the butt will fin it the palm of my hand. Here are the files I have: Old Nicholson 6" bastard cut Pferd
  10. I'm caught up on my woodworking projects and am going to try my hand at some stock removal knives. I don't know if I'll ever be able to forge because of problems with both shoulders and mild arthritis in both hands. Anyway, I'm decided on a kiridashi for my next project. I can use that in my shop. I just received my first order of AEB-L and some 1084 from Alpha Knife supply, (best price I found when shipping was included). There was a label on one end of each piece identifying what it was and their Alpha's stock number, etc. On the other end was what steel it was along with three
  11. adblock plus is your friend, and it's free... https://adblockplus.org/ I didn't see any adds.
  12. Anvil starts at 1:13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wO7EQusBVGE
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