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  1. RonB

    Not Exactly a Knife...

    Very nice work. If you are going to be doing inlays on a regular basis, http://www.constantines.com has a large selection of veneers as well as other supplies.
  2. RonB


    I just singed up for a local beginner's stock removal course. He evidently offers the one day course once a month, and the first availability was in March. There are people out there who want to learn. Whether it's one and done I can't say, but there is a market in my area - central VA. To assuage your doubts, come clean up front: I've only been doing this for X time. There are lots of ways to make knives, and this is how I do it. Point them here, and provide a list of resources such as materials , equipment, and how to books and videos. Try one class and see how it goes - ya might or might now want to do more. The class I'm taking is $150 for a one day class. That includes materials and lunch. If you have four students, you should clear enough to make it worth your time. Here is a link to the guy teaching the class I am taking: http://www.joinordieknives.com/
  3. RonB

    I found a beginner's class.

    I signed up for the class, but couldn't get in until March. Hopefully the shop will be operational by then.
  4. RonB

    I found a beginner's class.

    Thanx Zeb and Gerald. At 71 and with both shoulder and elbow problems, I don't think I will be able to do much hammerin'. So, even though I'd love to get into forging, for the time being, I will have to be satisfied with some stock removal. Who knows, since the class is in the same building with the blacksmith group, I may change my mind, (and I did see that they were in the same building). There is also the "problem" of getting my woodworking shop set up, and there is still lots of work to do - including taking out part of a wall, (non-loadbearing), redoing part of the electrical, resurfacing the concrete floor, and moving all the equipment into the shop...
  5. I may have mentioned this before, but I'm finally getting to set up my shop. We have a 24' X 36" house on the back of our property that is finally empty at the same time I am ready to turn it into a shop. One of the things I wanted to do is get some shop lights. Searching on the internet, I found some with the lumens I want and the correct color temperature for finishing furniture. They were US made and $140 each - I needed six. I kept looking. Finally I found some Chinese made lights that were six for $40 and bought them. I can't speak to their longevity, but they are exactly what I wanted. Here is a link: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07C772B48/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I thought some here might be interested.
  6. I live just outside Richmond VA and found someone in Richmond who is offering a stock removal class for beginners. The business name is Join or Die Knives and is run by Brent Stubblefield. Is he a member here, or does anyone know of him? I see this class as my first chance to see someone making a knife in person, and I will get to make a blade. Does anyone have any advice?
  7. 35 years ago we bought just under 2 acres of wooded land and my Dad and I built a 24' X 36' house on the back with the intent of eventually turning it into a shop. We did build the "real" house about 30 years ago, but life, (and work), got in the way. So now I am turning the building into a shop. It's mostly for woodworking, but I want to start making knives too. The hot water heater is in a bad place and I need to either move it or get rid of it. Getting rid of it would be the simplest, but moving it is an option too. What say you? And thanx!
  8. I wish I could "like" that hawk more than once.
  9. RonB

    A small joke.

    Thanx Joshua.
  10. RonB

    A small joke.

    I couldn't find a forum for this, so since I'm a beginner, I put it here: Got a dog from the blacksmith down the road.When I took him home the other day he made a bolt for the door.
  11. RonB


    Great lookin' knife.
  12. When I tried to load this site today, I received a msg stating this site is unsafe because the security certificate has expired. Thought you should know...
  13. RonB

    5" petty in 1095

    That's a real beauty.
  14. RonB

    Drop Point

    This is a beauty.
  15. RonB

    A big upcoming project

    Top notch!