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  1. Do you quench in a vertical or horizontal tank? Hunting knives size, 2.5-8 blades. I think I read on have to lay the knife in a pan of sand when tempering in the oven, True or false? flat or on edge? Do you do both your temper cycles then cerakote the knife? Do you cerakote cure in the oven for the two hour at 250 degree F or one hour at 300 degree F thanks for the help
  2. Grinder question

    OK shows what I know. Not a lot. LOL It's the VFD that can take 220 single phase and convert to 220 3 phase or 110 single phase and convert to 220 3 phase. So both motors I am looking at are about the same. The difference is in the VFD.
  3. Grinder question

    https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopping/Catalog/Motors/AC_Motors_-_General_Purpose_and_Inverter_Duty_(0.25_-_300HP)/AC_Motors,_General_Purpose-z-PE_Rolled_Steel,_IronHorse_0.33-3.0HP/3-Phase_Motors,_56C_(0.33_-_3HP)_TE,_Footed_Rigid/MTRP-002-3BD36 https://www.amazon.com/KB-Electronics-KBAC-27D-Enclosure-Frequency/dp/B01AOCLIEU/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1509736278&sr=8-1&keywords=kbac-27d&dpID=51kkONqfvSL&preST=_SX342_QL70_&dpSrc=srch&linkCode=sl1&tag=dcomecustkn02-20&linkId=d2f97102bc3909123a77baa224ac4793 So I was doing some reading on D Comeau Custom Knives. Like above, Thanks P Jones. He says this set up could be run 110 or 220. When I click the link I only see 208-230/460 VAC. Before I spend is this going to be ok? Or I could just go the 110 rout he listed for the 1.5HP motor. Of course it says the same thing about that motor as well. I think I ll just call them tomorrow.
  4. Grinder question

    Thank you so much for the info. I have been spending lots of time reading. But that leads me to more question. Do you like the LED display? Is is a knob only style better? Currently I can do either 110 or 220 in my shop. So is the bigger motor better? Is 1HP enough or is 1.5 better? Now on some 1.5 motors they and go both ways. Looks like not to much price difference between the 1 and 1.5 motors. Looks like a bigger jump in price with the VFDs. The sealed VFDs are kinda pricey. But looks like I can get the OBM, VFD, motor, and small wheel attachment for the cost of the KMG 3 speed machine. I ll just add the big wheel later. Also some guys are saying that they wear a groove in the platen. They put a peace of glass on th eplaten to prevent this. What's your thought on this? I have not wear a grove in my home made grinder so ....
  5. Grinder question

    http://dealerselectric.com/Package-NAT1-5-18-56-and-L510-202-H1-U.asp http://dealerselectric.com/Package-E837-and-L510-202-H1-U.asp http://dealerselectric.com/1-and-half-HP-3600-RPM-230-Volts-Input-Package.asp http://dealerselectric.com/Package-PA4N1-5-4-SRPLS-and-DRIVE-T205.asp http://dealerselectric.com/Package-Y522-and-DRIVE-T205.asp http://dealerselectric.com/Package-T46002-and-DRIVE-T205.asp I have been looking at electric motor. I must say this is about as confusion as picking out belts . LOL I like the first one. Which one do you like? Or should I spend more and get a Leeson motor? Again thanks for the help.
  6. Grinder question

    Yes sir OBM poor typing and poor proof reading lol I had it in my head that the KMG was the only way to go. I am not a pro and I may never be. I strongly leaning towards the OBM grinder.
  7. Grinder question

    2 quick questions. Where is a good place to buy steel? OMB or KMG grinder? kmg is more money. Is it worth it?
  8. Grinder question

    OK one more question before I am off to bed. Not sure why this popped in my head but when you epoxy your handle scales on do you peen the pins too or just trust the epoxy to work?
  9. Grinder question

    Looks like 1084 is what I need to get. Any way I need some belts new oil and now some steel. The wife is not going to like this LOL
  10. Grinder question

    Thank you for sharing. I ll look into the oil. I built a quench tank out of 4x4 tubing. I think I might have made it to big. LOL I am starting to look at steel. I used files to learn on and experiment with. I was thinking 01 steel would be good to start with. Is that a good place to start? thanks again for the heads up. I am currently working on 2 knives and will get the oil changed out ASAP.
  11. Grinder question

    OK the OBM grinder is looking pretty good. Do you guys run yours 110 or 220? thanks
  12. Grinder question

    I have a forge I bought on ebay. I bring the knife to temp. Where it is non magnetic. I quench in oil. Motor oil. I have a regular oven and I go 1 hour at 400 degrees for an hour and let cool then another hour at 400. I did not come up with this myself. I watch a lot of youtube videos. I hope this method is ok.
  13. Grinder question

    Here is a picture of the last knife I made. I made it out of a rasp. The sheath is my first one I made form kydex. So lots of work to do and lots to learn.
  14. Grinder question

    I have not sold any knives yet. I will try in the future. I kinda want to just buy one. This is a hobby for me know. I have a homemade grinder and it's good but has limitations. no tracking wheel and only a platen. Nothing removable. I don't really want to spend the money on the KMG but I have been down the get me by road before. That has cost me more in the long run. LOL I am not sure the lighter duty one on ebay are the way to go. Maybe they would be. The look to do everything the kmg will do. I would not say I am a knife make. Maybe a guy how makes knives in his spare time. LOL I have sold a few guns to pay for the grinder. So the pain has already been felt.
  15. Grinder question

    So I am sure this has been asked before. Build or buy a belt grinder? I was looking very seriously at the KMG 3 speed 2x72 machine. I was also looking at some attachments on ebay. tool arm and small wheel attachment. ect I think by the time I buy quality components buying one wont be that much more money. I have a homemade 2x72 currently. I have made several knives. I would like to upgrade my grinder per say. I have out grown it. Any advice would be great. thanks