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  1. Ok, sounds good, thank you, I'm going to assume you doubled it or so, correct, it looks a lot thicker than just one layer? I wish I could find stuff cheap, here in my part of Florida everything is hard to come by, have to order almost everything on-line. Thank you, Bob
  2. Jeremy, did you use 1" or 2" thick Nutec max wool hps, and what size is that Freon tank? Thank you, Bob
  3. I want that commercial break, but for some reason when I put "so you want to make a knife" in the search, it doesn't find it. Vern; could you please send me a link? Thank you very much! Bob
  4. OK, now that I have a list of suppliers, what would you masterminds, or at least much smarter than myself, recommend I start with (1075, 1080,1084, 1095 or something else?) I will be doing material removal for at least the first few, so all I have to do it the hard part of heat treating.... Thank you Gentlemen (can I use that term here?) for everything!!!! Bob
  5. Thank you so very much!!!!!!! Hey all you guys are great, and have given me a lot of information... But I foresee a problem coming... I ask a lot of questions, and I feel you may get tired of me.... Again, THANK YOU, Bob
  6. Thank you SIR!!! Any input good or bad I more than welcome! I will look into them. Bob
  7. OK, sorry about this guys... Maybe this should be in a new post. But can anyone tell me where I can get some of the easier steel, like 1075, 1080, 1084, 1095, around the Melbourne Florida area, Maybe even Orlando although that is about 50 miles away from me. Yes I'm new please tell me if I'm doing something wrong, or anything... I have a thick skin. Thank everyone!!! Bob
  8. Thank you Sir!, but that is a long way from me....
  9. Well I have searched all over the "South East FABA" web site, but I guess, in my case, I can not find out how to contact anyone local, it is more than likely me not knowing what I'm doing. But if there is anyone that can help I would really like it. Sorry to be such a pain in the ASCII..... Bob
  10. Please I want to thank all. I'm new but I learn fast. Thank you! Bob
  11. GREAT!!!! I will do that! Just to let you know I am going to be taking a class "Beginning Blacksmithing" with Kirk Sullens 11 March. Thank you very much! Bob
  12. Hello; Yes I'm new at this fire stuff. What I'm looking for is someone in the Melbourne FL area that does any bladesmithing work. That I maybe able to get a few pointers from. I'm not sure this is the place to ask this, and if not please just say so. I'm not looking for a lot just maybe to watch and answer a few questions.... well maybe a lot of questions. Thank everyone very very much! Bob
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